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Comment Re:Better solution (Score 1) 424

copper based transports have attenuation issues and cannot always acheive those speeds. ADSL has to be within 2000ft to sync at 24mb x 1mb. You're looking at in most cases to get to that speed. How about forcing telephone ISPs to not require a $30/mo phone line in order to get service? SHDSL in real world applications caps out at about 8Mx8M per pair and the equipment cost considerably more. VDSL and VDSL2 promise better speeds but only if your copper run is within 2000ft. Most small to mid size cities usually have 10k ft of copper to their furthest points from their COs.

Comment don't read too much into it (Score 2) 424

I know there will be a lot of back and forth as to denying access to the poor, etc. This is more about making it harder for ISPs to get the money than it is for poor people to get internet service. The system was being abused, severely. As an ISP myself, I have seen other ISPs abuse the lifeline system by putting wireless into nursing homes on the back of a single broadband connection (not even their broadband because they are an ISP in name only, they have no real gear) but collecting the $10/mo off every single patient in the nursing homes, including those not using the internet because they are in a coma. If that wasn't enough they also were profiting off lifeline by providing 'phone service' to every resident as well and collecting that money when they only pulled in a single T-1 to the facility and oversubscribed those ports 20:1. So $400/mo for the ATT voice T-1 with 24 DS0 channels, and $120/mo for a TWC broadband connection. ~300 residents for phone and internet.that they dont even maintain the equipment for. It is disgusting to know that all of our tax hikes are bankrolling his shit. His entire company is a fake company on paper with 4 employees and he's done this with over a dozen nursing homes. The nursing homes sign off on it because they share in the profits (by way of getting free internet/phone service for the business side of things as a byproduct).

Comment Re:Good! (Score -1, Troll) 146

OK I hate spammers about as much as anybody else. But consider that the most corrupt politician and former secretary of state is guilty of:

-transmitting classified documents in plain text over the internet, and not just "to people that had clearance" but also to her fucking horse-toothed inbred looking daughter who had zero clearance to see those documents.
-ordered subordinates to remove classified headers from email in order to circumvent legal restrictions of sensitive email before sending it over internet
--ordered a botched CIA op in Benghazi that resulted in the death of 3 cia operatives, and covered it up by throwing the nearest jew under the bus and blaming his anti-islam video, and subsequently got him arrested and jailed to cover up said crimes
-got busted in the anthony weiner sex scandal and was found to have used clinton foundation funds to traffic underage women to the virgin islands to be used as sex slaves for saudi royalty to secure more foundation donations...
-Colluding with the DNC to STEAL the primary election from Bernie Sanders
-Collude with the news media to get debate questions leaked to her so she doesnt look like the fucktard that she really is on live TV

and the bitch still has not seen a fucking day of jail???

and yet this guy is facing 20yrs for being an annoying asshole. Yes he needs to be assraped and made to never want to spam again... but that can be done in 6mos time.

Comment Re:Preparations for the Purge? (Score 1) 341

and you were where the last 16 years? When all this power and control was being accumulated? Did you not take notice that Facebook and Google got more oval office visits to the whitehouse by not a margin, but an EXPONENTIAL one? Where were you then complaining of all this potential abuse of power? I tried to warn everyone. I still do. NOBODY, not the Dems, not the Reps, NOBODY should be allowed to wield this power. But every single time the tables turn and the other party gets back in, they set out to acquire MORE power instead of using their power to dismantle it forever. If you think this shit is bad, wait till the dems eventually get back in again. They STILL wont dismantle it or undue any power grab. They will continue to use, expand, and suppress.

Comment Re:Investigative Tactics (Score 1) 341

nope, they even had commercials that said shit like 'key phrases like small government is code for racism and sexism' So they're all for big government 'oversight' and now they are surprised at what they got.

Any government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take away everything you have. Gerald Ford could not have said it better.

Comment Re:This is my surprised face (Score 1) 341

IF you think masks and face paint deter modern facial recognition, you are sadly mistaken. Thanks to the close work of Facebook and the NSA, they are nearing 80% success with bone structure, just the eyes, head sizes etc. And I am fairly sure that most of these idiots wearing masks post their dumbasses on facebook all the time. Hell they probably have pictures of them putting on those masks that very day in their accounts. That crap might have worked 20 years ago, but that ship has sailed. Given that they probably have the pings of every cellphone that registered to the nearest tower, I'd say that took them from 80% to probably 100%. Think they were smart enough to leave their phones at home? I seriously doubt it.

Comment Re:Agent provocateurs (Score 1) 341

Ignore that idiot, he's always posting AC because hes a coward, just like the title claims. He obviously isn't old enough to have actually lived through the cold war. Why the obummer administration was trying to start a new one up was beyond me. This shit we're fighting now.... all the damn jihadi's... where does he think they came from? The CIA started that shit in Afghanistan back in the 70s. The CIA trained Osama Bin Laden to be a 'freedom fighter'. All the guerrilla tactics we face now all boil down to the mistake of arming terrorist to overthrow a regime. So we do it again in Syria and Libya and what do we get? ISIS. Its time to stop arming and training people that will probably stab us in the back.

Comment Re:So now under Trump... (Score 1) 341

This is because for the last 10 years our schools have been setting an example of appeasement. We taught these snowflakes that if they whine and bitch they will _always_ get their way. Too bad they didn't have parents who felt it important to give them a hard dose of reality. Instead mommy and daddy just bought their way out of trouble.

Comment Re: Why link your name to Armenian genocide anyhow (Score 1) 341

this seems speculatory at best. All we know is what someone claimed they voted. Voting is still anonymous. I could be latino and claim to vote for hillary, all the while voting for trump in hopes he stops the import of more people competing in my field of work. If that were true I sure as hell would not tell anyone.

Comment Re:So now under Trump... (Score 1) 341

You do know that the NDAA bill that Obummer tried to ram through congress was going to give the government EXACTLY that power. Under mere accusation of terrorism they can black bag you and hold you indefinitely without access to a judge thereby violating your 5th and 6th amendment rights. Be thankful a bunch of libertarians fought like hell to kill that. FWIW the rhino's like McCain and sHillary were all for this bill.

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