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Comment I needed something simple and (Score 2) 283

didn't have a lot of money. Bought a Thinkpad T420i off of ebay for $180 (came with 4 gb ram and a 160 ssd). Swapped the ssd for an extra 240 I had laying around and spent another ~$21 on another 4gb stick (this model only takes 8 gb).

Runs quite well. Linux Mint 18 (using cinnamon), customized the UI a little, usually run 2 workspaces with a VM in the 2nd one. It's actually more responsive than the pirate copy of Windows 8.1 the vendor included lol.

Comment As a Sanders supporter myself (Score 1) 1426

He should have run as an independent after getting fucked by the DNC Hillary machine. Or started a new party Roosevelt style. Both the big 2 parties are run by corrupt as fuck sociopaths and supported by legions of get-rich morons under the pyramid scheme.

Lobbyists + Military Industrial Complex = Completely hopeless situation.

Do you know how many military people voted Trump for their pay checks and pensions? I'm guessing quite a few.

Oliver Stone has a good True American History series on either Netlfix or Amazon video forget which but I was transfixed with it all morning. He does a good job of disassembling American mythology surrounding our own past. Maybe he'll do one for the present.

Comment The pendulum swings (Score 1) 395

it's just lopsided to the right nearly always. Even our "left" is mostly right. Obama was Bush in black face for the most part, yea he did some good things, and he did some really really bad things.

I was hoping that Trump would be so hated by his own party nothing would happen but I have to say nearly every subsequent headline sounds like a legacy of pain - raping the FCC that was finally doing the right thing is just the newest set of overwhelming stupid washing over the US.

Democrats are as much for blame for putting up someone nearly as hated. Trump has the lowest likeability of *ANY* president elect in history. Read about it on I'm tired.

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