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Comment Re:"ay, Vinnie, pop a cap on 'im" (Score 1) 180

I left AT&T back in 2011 when they instituted the caps. I'm much happier with my current ISP which doesn't have any caps, doesn't monitor/filter/throttle and allows home users to run servers.

That's great for you... Until your current ISP follows the rest of the pack in a couple of years and does the same. What are you going to do then?

Comment Re:Microsoft has too much power (Score 2) 376

The only way to fix this is to migrate to other platforms like Mac/Linux/etc.

Yeah... Because Apple has a GREAT record for giving a fuck about anyone who is on older hardware (3-4 years) that can't comfortably run their OS. I'm referring to OSX and the abortion that they called Mavericks (10.9) and how thoroughly fucked my 3 year old (2010) Macbook Pro was after installing it. I could have opted to not install but to do so would have meant no security updates because my hardware was dead in the eyes of Apple. So there i sat with an OS that was "more secure" despite my battery life was 1/2 after updating and turning off all of the eye candy. I guess "more secure" = 1/2 as much time to get hosed by something!

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