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Comment No. (Score 1) 771

I have a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones with mic, and as nice as they sound, the lag they introduce is unacceptable. Especially when it's been a few mins and it has to wake the bluetooth connection, it can take a quarter to a half second before I hear something that would have already been played if it were on the built-in speaker or on wired headphones.

When watching video, it makes a big difference, it feels like something is wrong with the file. When using it for voice communication, it makes a small but annoying difference.

It's not just my headphones either, I've tried others. BT headphones (and most likely speakers) suck for anything time-sensitive.

Comment Re:Wrong way to go about it? (Score 1) 250

No. We are better than the NSA (low standard to rise to, but still). I know that was a joke but.. it's possible that non-feds might be caught up in this and it would really suck to be kicked out of defcon on the slightest suspicion. There needs to be some kind of test - something a fed would never do but a regular attendee would be glad to.. there are options.

Comment Re:Where should we start? (Score 3, Insightful) 786

Anti-Trust is a joke in this country, and a sad one at that.
Actually, I should say Anti-Trust was a joke back when we had it.
Now we have Too Big To Fail.

With the incentives in place now, we are well on our way to having One Big Company, invulnerable to laws it doesn't bother to follow even though it wrote them all, and paid for all the votes.

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