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Comment Battery drain - how to prevent it (Score 3, Interesting) 544

I use a Google Nexus, almost equivalent to the Desire, and I can recognize the battery drain. However, after a few weeks, the phone easily holds a day - probably because "moderate; use" is really "let's see what this device can do; use".

Also, some apps are written badly and consume a lot of power when in the background. If you are experimenting a lot with your phone, chances are big that you have installed one of these. There are two solutions:

1) Uninstall the bad apps.

2) Use a tool, like task killer, which can kill the bad apps when the screen turns off.

Additionally, if you are always online, and have enabled wifi, it will consume power. Quick solution: put a wifi on/off widget on your front screen, and keep wifi off under normal use.

Comment Untrue story - Denmark did not pick ODF (Score 2, Informative) 198

This slashdot story has the same headline as many Danish stories, but the decision did not exclude OOXML, and did not specifically pick ODF. However, the criterias that were decided upon, currently only fits ODF in the minds of most people, but Jasper Bojsen fra Microsoft also thinks that Microsoft OOXML complies with the criterias.

So basically, ODF is in, OOXML may be in, too.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone to have custom Youtube app (

Rebelgecko writes: It turns out the iPhone's mystery app is a custom Youtube viewer. The iPhone will play Youtube's videos using the H.264 codec for higher quality. From the look of it it will take advantage of the iPhone's screen design and touch capabilities much more than watching videos in the iPhone's version of Safari would. The videos can be streamed via a Wi-Fi connection or the EDGE network. Starting today the AppleTV will also play Youtube videos.

Submission + - France: Surrender Your Blackberries!

grcumb writes: "Le Monde has published a story claiming that French defence officials have asked all senior functionaries in the French government to stop using Blackberries wireless mobile devices. Fears that the US-based mail servers supporting the service could lead to systematic eavesdropping by US intelligence agencies led to the drastic move. From the AP story:

"It's not a question of trust," Mr. Lasbordes told The Associated Press. "We are friends with the Americans, the Anglo-Saxons, but it's economic war."

Research In Motion, makers of the Blackberry device, claim they couldn't read the emails even if they wanted to: "No one, including RIM, has the ability to view the content of any data communication sent using the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution,"

Apparently, nobody at RIM has ever worked at the NSA."

Submission + - Looks like a (useful) Google Bug

agnel.kurian writes: "A colleague of mine tried searching Google for "C". It turns out that Google automatically assumes that this is an XML entity and so searches for the letter "C". Is this a bug? (It is quite useful. They should refine it.)"

Submission + - How Uses, Not Innovations, Drive Human Technology

Strudelkugel writes: The NewYorker magazine has book review describing our common misunderstanding of the value of technology and its ultimate use: "The way we think about technology tends to elide the older things, even though the texture of our lives would be unrecognizable without them. And when we do consider technology in historical terms we customarily see it as a driving force of progress: every so often, it seems, an innovation — the steam engine, electricity, computers — brings a new age into being. In "The Shock of the Old: Technology and Global History Since 1900", by David Edgerton, a well-known British historian of modern military and industrial technology, offers a vigorous assault on this narrative. He thinks that traditional ways of understanding technology, technological change, and the role of technology in our lives, have been severely distorted by what he calls "the innovation-centric account" of technology." This is also the first /. topic I know of that is linked to the NewYorker magazine!
The Courts

Submission + - Canadian Politicians Demand DMCA

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist is reporting that a Canadian parliamentary committee has demanded that the government establish a Canadian DMCA. The demand, which comes in a study on counterfeiting and piracy released on Wednesday night, recommends ratification of the WIPO Internet treaties, increasing damage awards for copyright infringement, create new offences for selling modification devices, and encourage prosecutors to seek jail time for piracy violations.

Submission + - Primordial Black Holes

TropicalCoder writes: "Hawking first pointed out in 1971 that gravitationally collapsed objects, formed in the early Universe, could have accumulated at the center of a star like the Sun. At the dawn of the 21st century a principally new scenario of primordial structure formation was proposed in the models of hot Universe. These models predict phase transition in the inflation stage period and the domain walls formation. The wall collapse in the post-inflation epoch results in the formation of microscopic primordial black hole (PHB) clusters. The total mass of PBH amounts to 1% of the contemporary baryonic distribution.

If primordial low-mass black holes (PBH) exist in the Universe, than many stars and planetary bodies appear to be infected by them (pdf). This is also true in regard to the Sun and likely Jupiter and Saturn. These microscopic objects are comparable to the hydrogen atom in size. Perhaps there are even microscopic black holes buzzing inside the earth..

Unlike a solid body, a black hole would suffer very little friction in passing through the stellar material. So it passes practically unobstructed through the body of a star, as through a vacuum. In such a case the black hole may be in an orbit deep inside star, over billion years, until it is brought to rest at its center. Not a single primordial black hole, but more likely, a swarm of them orbit freely inside the planets. One can envision even a planet with the primordial black hole acting as the self-sufficient source of heating, which may explain excess heat radiated from Jupiter. Such a planet does not need the central sun for the maintenance of animal life on its surface. This may last eons. The singular source of energy cannot be exhausted and cannot die out. One may expect some observable signatures of this feature in the Universe. Observations of the Hawking radiation from the globular clusters can provide next observational signature of PBHs. It is also theorized that the new Large Hadron Collider might be capable of creating microscopic black holes through the collision of particles at relativistic velocities."

Submission + - Portable Solar Charger (

DigInfo News writes: "Soleitec has developed their portable solar charger that can provide power for all your portable devices. The cell has an internal battery so it can store charge, a non-reflective coated to increase power output and an energy conversion efficiency of 21.5 percent. Soleitec is planning on distributing this product world wide and their new prototype is smaller but provides more power and comes with a retractable cord and belt clip so it travels easily."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - ZFS in plain English: "ultimate filesystem" (

SlinkySausage writes: "Unless you're the editor of Filesystem Weekly, it's likely that you might have been having trouble figuring out what all the hype over Sun's ZFS file system — to be supported by Mac OS X 10.5 and now in Linux as a FUSE module — is all about.'s Ashton Mills has taken the jargon and translated it into plain English."

Submission + - PC stores in china don't stock Genuine XP/Vista (

William A. Tomb writes: "Well has anyone else tried to buy a brand name pc in china that has Genuine XP/Vista? I was looking at Lenovo. An for the life of me I could not buy one at the computer store (Park/Complex) that had a Genuine operating system. After wasting several hours I gave up and ordered one off Lenovo's china website. I think Sony had the real version but sometime the vendors copy it to several other machines. I was just trying to do the right and moral thing and that made me wait 10 days for a new PC."

Submission + - Surrounding Yourself With a Healthy Workplace (

noahgift writes: "This is an article about dealing with a hostile workplace and finding a healthy one, from the eyes of a developer: ourself-with-healthy.html

Work and, programming in particular, is a creative endeavour, much like painting or composing music. "....Your inventing something". If your afraid and uncomfortable at work you won't be inventing much!"

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