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Journal Journal: new computer economics

Well, since I got this job, even though I have a big new responsability (my 7 month old daughter, Serena), I've found that I'm making enough money to be able to afford nice stuff: luxury foods at upscale grocery stores, new pants and shirts that don't come from the sale rack, all the books, CDs and DVDs I can eat from Amazon, and a brand-spanking-new MacBook laptop from the Apple store. I'm not trying to brag, however: I'm actually quite interested in why I thought, for so many years, that it

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Journal Journal: 2008 Midterm Elections

I have only this to say: I could not be happier in a year not divisible by four.

Comment Re:Why the IAFC is against the change (Score 1) 898

blibbler wrote
I am sure that there are some countries who do put images of centuries old rulers on the back of their coins, but it isn't Canada.

You, sir (or madame) are a teller of tall tails: we don't put images of centuries old rulers on the backs of our coinage (or paper money): we put them on the fonts of the money, where they belong!
Desktops (Apple)

Journal Journal: Darth Steve and the Macs with Evil Inside (R)

I've been feeling pretty bummed since Steve Jobs announced, earlier this week, that Apple would be moving from PowerPC to Intel x86 CPUs. I'm not sure why I'm so upset, or even if I should be upset. Part of me is sad because I genuinely believe (even in the face of little or no empiricle evidence) in the superiority of RISC architectures, or, possibly, in the obvious (again, without empiricle evidence) inferiority of Intel architectures. The rest of me, however, knows that, so long as

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Journal Journal: home from Turkey, finally

We got back from our trip to Istanbul last night (Thursday, 26 May 2005) after an unexpected stay in Frankfurt Germany. We appear to have planned our vacation to conincide with two important soccer games also being held in istanbul, one derby match between Galatasaray and Fenerbache the day after we arrived (19 May), and the other championship match between Liverpool and Milan the day we left (25 May).

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Journal Journal: Visiting Turkey

Lina and I are finally going to visit my friend Ozan in Istanbus, Turkey. We've been planning to do this ever since Ozan went back to Turkey two years ago. Unfortunately, we'll only be there for six days (actually, only five days, since about one day will be eaten up in air travel) so we won't get to see much of the country: just Istanbul itself. While this is disappointing, I'm not too upset about it, since the main reason to go to Turkey, for any length of time is to see Ozan again.

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Journal Journal: Melancholy

I've been in a deep funk for the last four months: At the end of August one of our cats (Prudence) died suddenly, then there was the 'election' and my ongoing (and increasing) dissatisfaction with my job. I just can't seem to pull it together, so I tend to do neurotic web-surfing late at night. Tonight, I tried to look up some old, old friends. In the process I stumbled across the alumni page for my highschool.


Journal Journal: checkpointed files

Just some thoughts on an abstract checkpointed file library:

The interest in checkpointing comes from the desire to preserve a known good state of an actively read or written file in the face of unpredictable system failure. We would like to be able to resume processing from the last known good point.

It seems that we only really need a small set of operations to support checkpointed files:

First, we need routines to open and close a checkpointed file:


Journal Journal: The Unhelpfull Linux Support Community

Ok, either the state of support in the Linux community has gotten a lot worse in recent years, or I've gotten a lot grumpier. Since I was pretty grumpy to begin with, I'll have to lay the blame at the feet of the Linux community.

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Journal Journal: The Creeping Horror, The Song out of Time

We are beset by a multitudinous terror. They have arisen from the long sleep to reclaim the world we, mistakenly, call our own. The stride a century as if it were a week. Their long, slow march treading patiently back into dark prehistory and forward to the unknowable future. A crawling horror with a million legs, lofted on chitonous wings. Their red eyes peering from every corner and crease, from the sky above our heads and the ground below our feet.

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Journal Journal: Apropos of google-hacking

I was a bit peeved today to find out that a google search for my name didn't turn up my web-page. It turns out, at least in part, that the problem was in the search. I searched for the string "Jeffrey Dutky", because that's what I call myself, but it appears that I wrote my page using the name "Jeff Dutky" because that's what I'm usually called by others. The search using


Journal Journal: Building a 'new' Linux box

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine gave me an old Athlon CPU chip he had lying around. It's nothing exciting (800MHz K7, 200MHz FSB), by objective standards, but when you compare to what I'm using as my current Linux desktop (350MHz K6), it doesn't look half bad.

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