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User Journal

Journal Journal: Insight from Redshift-systems

Wow, just when I thought redshift-systems couldn't get any more closed minded, he writes this gem of brilliant wisdom in reply to an AC comment.

He proclaims that his people (Australians, further research proves) are so much more mature than every other nation on the face of the planet that they don't even have to worry about criminals owning guns, and two sentences later calls the AC a moron for even thinking of supporting gun ownership.

Is it too much to ask of you, coming from apparently the most mature country in the world, to not call someone names and refuse to listen to their point simply because their opinion differs from yours? I've read all of your gun-control posts, and they all have the same message: "I'm right, you're wrong, so you're not even worth reading"

The Media

Journal Journal: Fruitopia Song

Does anyone know what the song from the Fruitopia commercial is called or who it's by?

It's not by the Cocteau Twins, nor Kate Bush. Both have done songs for other Fruitopia commercials, but not this one. The song I am looking for has a Reggae-style vocal sample saying "Something to make ya feel good"


Journal Journal: Zop

Why am I writing here? I currently have Excellent karma and 200 posts. I am waiting for a story that is interesting, so that I can post to it. Anyone else notice the dearth of interesting stories on Slashdot of late?

I would also like to point out that I have a full house.

User Journal

Journal Journal: This is a pointless journal 3

I'm writing this journal entry not because I actually have anything in particular to write about, but rather I'm doing it to, you know, be a big shot with that "Last Journal Entry" link in other people's friends list.

The best reason, ne?

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