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Comment Re:Now, I know that correlation != causation, but. (Score 4, Interesting) 187

I had two different iPhones over two years. I experienced dropped calls all the time. It was awful. I hated AT&T. During this time, I even moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and still had the same poor experience. I was ready to leave AT&T. I had friends on AT&T that didn't have iPhones and they said they had a good experience with AT&T. So, I decided to get a new phone. I got a Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7. Now, my experience is really good. The network seems fast and reliable. No more dropped call issues. I can't speak for everybody. But, this is my experience. I wish I had changed phones sooner. It would've saved me tons of aggravation.

Comment Re:Not exactly what a sandbox is for, actually (Score 0) 91

The biggest difference between Linux Kernel development and Windows OS development is that the former treats all bugs as important, while the latter tries to classify some of them us not important, even when they are known to make the system less secure. It is this difference, and not some imaginary idea that crackers only target Windows systems, that accounts for the much higher failure rate of Windows vs. Linux in the malware susceptibility domain.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Windows kernel. AFAIK, there are zero known vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel as of today. So, I guess you are trying to compare the Linux kernel with the entire Windows operating system. How does that comparison make any sense?

Submission + - Google Charges Nexus One ETF on top of Carrier one (

dumbnose writes: Oh boy – queue up the backlash. Your parents always told you to read the fine print and the Nexus One Terms Of Sale reveal a troubling detail that we can’t quite figure out. If you buy a subsidized Nexus One through your carrier and cancel your account you not only have to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF) to your carrier but ALSO have to pay GOOGLE an ETF that automatically charges your credit card the remainder of full price of the phone.

Submission + - Malicious app in Android market ( 1

dumbnose writes: It appears that a fraudulant app that attempts to steal bank information has made it to the Android app store.
From the alert:
NOTICE: Users of mobile devices with Android software may have noticed several applications available for download in the Android Marketplace. If you see any applications provided by the user Droid09, please do not download these applications.
Android applications provided by Droid09 are fraudulent.
Please remove any applications by Droid09 from your mobile device and contact your mobile provider to evaluate whether any other applications or information stored on your mobile device have been compromised.


Submission + - If we all used computers to watch TV... (

MarcoF writes: Here in Italy there is a lot of noise these days about the switch from analog to digital TV, which is... the same old, dumb, trashy thing, just digital. Last week I used a real declaration of an Italian Minister and the answer from a journalist (see the Fine Article) as an example of what could happen if everybody, not just geeks, stopped to bother about digital TV decoders in and by themselves, and started to hook them to computers instead of TVs. Is what I suggest in that article (software used to check from home what politician say, in real time from official sources!) already happening somewhere, on a scale large enough to have already made a difference? I would also like to see mockups like the one I included in the article, made from real TV shows from other countries. to prove how general the suggestion is.

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