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Submission + - Malicious app in Android market ( 1

dumbnose writes: It appears that a fraudulant app that attempts to steal bank information has made it to the Android app store.
From the alert:
NOTICE: Users of mobile devices with Android software may have noticed several applications available for download in the Android Marketplace. If you see any applications provided by the user Droid09, please do not download these applications.
Android applications provided by Droid09 are fraudulent.
Please remove any applications by Droid09 from your mobile device and contact your mobile provider to evaluate whether any other applications or information stored on your mobile device have been compromised.

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Malicious app in Android market

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  • This is simply a sign of the popularity of the Android market already. We just need to implement a system of public evaluation and non-anonymous submissions of apps. Privacy for using and surfing I support, but I want to know who I am paying if I purchase, or a review for free apps by people I trust

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