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Comment Re:Enough! (Score 1) 141

It's a goddam computer!

Actually you're wrong. It's not the computer's fault. It's just doing what that thing between the keyboard and the chair told it to do. You need to train people how to not open email attachments. I'm frankly shocked idiots continue to fall for this shit.

In my opinion, you actually have to be actively STUPID to find yourself a virus or ransomware. They don't just leap into your computer magically, people open malicious stuff, they're stupid. ACTIVELY stupid.

This is like burglary when there are no locks on the doors.

No it's not at all like that. It's leaving your door wide open and leaving the key for anyone to pick up. Educate end-users, period. Show them how the door and lock works.

Comment Am I reading this right? (Score 4, Insightful) 176

From TFA:

According to Apple, some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit Multi-Touch issues after "being dropped multiple times on a hard surface," causing damage to the device. Under its repair program, Apple will fix affected iPhone 6 Plus devices for a service price of $149.


Third-party repair outlets speculated that the issue could be linked to the same structural design flaw that caused the major "Bendgate" controversy, and Apple's suggestion that it is caused by repeated physical damage seems to confirm that.

So, basically, they're saying it's physical damage, as in, people who stick their phone in their back pocket and sit on it, and/or drop it a lot?

I'm not sure what to think, is that a design flaw, or user error?

One thing I think I can conclude is Apple isn't admitting flaw here, cuz if they were, the repair would be free.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 48

Of course there are. Chrome is the new above-board "virus" being shoved on everyone as unwanted bundle-ware along with anything they download, then making itself the default browser (worked so great for IE, right?). Then once it's on there, it arrogantly thinks that "OH I HEAR YOU WANT TO RUN CHROME, OK I'M GOING TO TAKE OVER YOUR COMPUTER ALL TO MYSELF", spawns a dozen processes or so and proceeds to suck up all available RAM and CPU

YMMV on Chrome. I use it on everything and I've never had a problem. Well, ok, it does make my shitty laptop's GPU go bonkers once in a while, but, that's all the trouble I've had with it.

As for it taking over my computer... hardly. Seems to go away just fine when I close it.

The only thing I'm giving you is MAYBE it runs kinda crappy on older systems (it is a bit demanding.)

Now one thing I do on my computers, that I guess a fair number of other people DO NOT DO, is I close my browser every time I'm done looking at a page. I don't open 920384019321 tabs, so Chrome gets shut down completely and restarted again when I wanna browse the web some more. Chrome could be memory leaky, I dunno, my usage doesn't reveal that flaw, if it exists.

Comment Re:Necessary (Score 1) 2837

The House, Senate and Presidency are all in Republican hands, thanks to the votes of people inhabiting cities and towns of the USA which have been in decline for decades due to a lethal combination of unhindered free trade, advancing technology, and outsourcing of labour.

Emphasis mine. And it's the real demon in the closet none of us wants to face. The rise of technology and the automation that is coming with it. Americans aren't just losing jobs to free trade and outsourcing, a lot of jobs are being lost to computers themselves. Hell just yesterday I went to the movie theater. Instead of a cashier behind a counter, I interacted with a large touch screen to purchase my tickets and as I did so I turned to my partner and said, "This used to be someone's job." Not anymore. Not even Trump will slow the rising tide of technology displacing humans.

The repubs certainly have their mandate and power to make a lot of changes. But they better tread carefully. Obama had this same position in 2008, and he only got 2 years to be 'effective', after that, it was gridlock in Washington for 6 years. The repubs could find themselves in the same position in 2 years if they're aren't extremely careful. Americans are pissed off right now, and it won't take a whole heck of a lot for the electorate to take away what they've handed the repubs. The punishment for letting down the segment of the population that got repubs into power will be terrible if they feel cheated.

This was a very tight election. In my eyes, it's only exposed just how deeply we Americans are divided now. It was very interesting to see the election results as they were broken down by counties in each state, and in every state, it was the same show. Big population centers voted for Democrats, and rural areas voted for Republicans. I think we as Americans, need to take a look at this divide and find a way to come together, before that divide becomes so wide, it leads to something ... terrible.

Comment Re:Sorry NO (Score 3, Interesting) 179

Germany can not sue because the German government itself is criminally negligent because they can block it if they want to. Hence for Germany to sue Facebook, Germany must also sue itself.

You must be one those people who thinks gun manufacturers are liable when someone shoots someone else with a gun they made.

Do you also think car manufacturers should be liable for automobile accidents?

What about refrigerators? Is it the manufacturers fault when your food spoils? No wait, it must be the electric company's fault for not supplying enough power.

This broken logic has no place here.

Comment Is it really so bad? (Score 1) 322

Windows 10, so far, has only pestered me, via notifications, to try Office 365 for free. I think it drops a notification once a week or two? I dunno, I just clear it and get on with my life. Is this really bad? I don't think so. Would no advertising be better? Of course.

A bit excessive on the anger over a stupid notification that goes into your notification taskbar icon periodically.

Bottom line for me: It's not intrusive enough for me to be bothered or care.

Comment Re:The choice (Score 0) 220

I use a Samsung Galaxy S7. I don't think ANY of your options are reasons for the majority of consumers. They care about price, features and interacting with their friends with another smaller (but highly lucrative target group) caring about fashion and trend. The people that give a shit about the proprietry/open source/walled garden etc stuff is so insignificant that I don't think either side intentionally targets them.

Why is this the general consensus here? This is a tech site, these are the things I thought the audience of this site would be interested in. I don't give a fly f what those muggles think.

Comment Re:Selling at a loss (Score 1) 220

Samsung was the only Android handheld manufacturer making any actual profit (not a loss or breaking even), and the billions upon billions of dollars of costs for the Note 7 issues have wiped out years worth of profit for the things. That means that at this point, Apple is the only company actually making any significant profit in the industry.

So, is it really so bad to only have 12% of the market when you're the only ones making any money?

Hmm. I imagine Google is making $$$ hand over fist off advertising revenue, with such a huge install base. Handset manufacturers must be choosing to deploy at a loss if they're losing money on this deal. And who's fault is that? Not Google or Android.

Comment Re:The choice (Score 2) 220

Of course it is. Since you neglected to mention the many Android deficiencies of which security is the worst.

Android is just Windows redux. How does that feel?

Considering that I've been using Windows for over twenty years, it feels pretty good thank you very much.

Security isn't just about your device(s) and software being "perfect." We're humans, we don't do anything perfect. Security is about also being knowledgeable about whatever you're using and being aware of its vulnerabilities if any are known, and knowing how to properly mitigate that risk, and most important, recognizing when something is out of place.

That's probably why I don't ever have security issues with Windows, nor Android. I frankly don't even understand how people can be so stupid as to install crap on their device(s) and get suckered into visiting malicious websites. I suppose I take my experience a little bit for granted.

Comment Re:Key word: Stolen (Score 1) 454

If Trump wins,

Seriously, if Trump wins, do you really think he's gunna stick to it? Once he sees he can't just bully and bluster his way to get shit done in our political system, I bet money he resigns and let's Pence deal with it. Even if he doesn't publicly resign, behind the curtails, Pence will be running this show. Trump has no clue how to work in government.

Like I said, I don't care. If Trump wins, it'll definitely be as entertaining as this entire election as been.

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