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Comment Re:Disable the interface (Score 1) 140

Or if you're going through the effort to remove it, you might just unhook the tiny little connectors that connect the antennas to it.

Frankly, this is probably the only way to be sure. Newer laptops I'm not sure about, but many older ones, the wifi mini-board is easily accessable. Less than 5 minutes to pop it in or out.

Alternatively, if you trust Windows.. airplane mode perhaps?

Comment Re:NTFS (Score 1) 475

One more thing, DO NOT USE TAR, ZIP, OR PAR files! They add a point of failure. You will not find a un-rar program in 20 years, because you used the coolest, best thing out right now that turns out not to be supported past the 2029 update.

Can't agree with this. tar hasn't been changed in what, 30 years? 40 years? Zip format also hasn't seen any significant changes in a few decades either. These formats are probably pretty safe, especially tar. Just be careful of which compression algorithms you use, use old common ones if you're worried about future accessability.

And additional thing I do with large repositories of data is make sure to put any relevant 'readers' on the drive with all the data: A copy of a popular archiver, source code to tar, etc.

I use TrueCrypt too, and to ensure I never am without a copy, I am sure to copy it's installers and source code to everything. Hell, even my phone and dashcam sdcards have a copy of TrueCrypt, just in case.

Comment Extended Ask Slashdot: Best portable FS? (Score 1) 475

I like this slashdot question. But I'd like to expand it. Because like the OP, I have a couple terabytes of crap I'd prefer not to lose. I currently employ a manual mirroring of the drive to an offline drive of equal size and store that drive away from my computers.

My problem is portability though. Currently, both my drives (the online and offline copy) use NTFS for the filesystem. I choose NTFS because I want the drive to be accessable from both Linux and Windows machines. Like for example, I like to take the drive with me when I travel so I can watch my videos whereever I go should I get bored.

So my expanded question is: Which filesystem is the best for data retention and portability across Windows and Linux?

As an additional, if anyone wants to bite, how come there are no decent third party file system drivers for Windows? It seems like long past due for some good third-party filesystem drivers to be out there and usable.

ps. Never experienced any form of bit rot on standard spinner HDDs. Only time I've ever had issues with data loss on media is with recordable CDs and DVDs which I've long since stopped using for any purpose due to their proven unreliability. USB flash drives are also similarly unreliable as long term storage. I've multiple times gone to use a USB flash drive and discovered it's blank or scrambled and unusable.

Comment Moot (Score 1) 319

It's really moot anyway, what little net neutrality rules we had were barely being enforced, rather obviously.

Prepare yourselves for the tiered internet!

Since the Government basically wants to disengage from the issue, guess we as consumers will have to vote with our wallets. Let's hope sanity prevails, against all odds.

Submission + - Windows 10 Cloud leaked, confirming it's existence

duke_cheetah2003 writes: From Digital Trends:

Oh boy. Critics, developers, and customers who oppose Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform initiative are likely now gathering their pitchforks and torches, as a recent leak seemingly confirms that Windows 10 Cloud does indeed exist. Even more, the unannounced operating system is locked to the Windows Store, preventing users from installing traditional (Win32) desktop programs.

Original article here: Pretty disturbing stuff, locks down Windows to only run Microsoft Store approved apps.

Comment Re:This is apalling (Score 2) 168

They could at least zip up the archives and post them to the torrents for posterity. On the basis of killing off the comments, in my estimation, they've cut out a huge reason for me to visit their site.

Agree with this 100%. Definitely should leave the forums intact, with write permission turned off, for at least a year or two, then possibly an archive after that, that users can download. It would definitely be a shame if much useful information was needlessly deleted.

Maybe someone can whip up a forum scraper and siphon off the entire forum into an archive before the 2 weeks are up.

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