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Submission + - An OSS Solution to the Cold Boot Attack (

linuxrocks123 writes: "I am a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I wanted to keep this secret until I published this paper (it's just a tech report right now), but it got rejected once and I want people to be able to use this as soon as possible.

I've solved the cold boot attack, discussed here back when the original paper on it was published. There have been some other attempts at solving this, but as far as I can tell, mine is the only one currently available with actual working code, OSS or otherwise. It comes with a small performance price (read the paper), but I've been using this on my machines for months and I really haven't noticed a significant slowdown in system performance. Get the code and paper here. Instructions for using the code here."

Comment Not just a tech demo... (Score 5, Informative) 49

Hi, I'm dtzWill--the developer who ported quake over.
This is not just a tech demo (well opengl, for now, is) but quake is/very/ playable!
Much effort has gone into making this more playable over the last two days or so-- the beta seemed to hit news sites, that was back when I was fighting things like the compiler breaking my code on anything other than -O0.
See the wiki for almost latest information.
Note that instructions to try out the latest before I release are on the wiki.
Finally, a release is probably going to be made tonight so those that own a pre... beexcited!

Comment Re:The Achilles heel of this... (Score 1) 394

It's the driver problem. I can't get printers, scanners, etc. to work with linux in a consistent manner. I think such issues will shoot this down.

Maybe, maybe not.

The linux portion running as the hypervisor will work just as well as linux normally does, with respect to drivers and whatnot. You're right that this doesn't magically make that situation better, and this may be a problem.

However, the guest OS which is probably the primary OS you are running (depending on which of the many use cases suggested in the posts here, hypervisor being a backup/quick boot type thing) will be able to access devices the host doesn't have drivers for. More clearly said there's no reason you can't pass through pci/usb/etc devices straight to the guest OS and let their drivers make use of them (this exists in current VM technology: VMware, KVM, Xen). The key point here is that while the Linux drivers will be as good/bad/same as ever in the slim hypervisor (and may limit that functionality somewhat)--the overall functionality of the system with regards to the guest OS vs the guest OS running in a VM will be less effected by this than you might think.

It's the difference between your ipod not working and your ipod not working just in the hypervisor.

And throw on Intel-VT or AMD-V (as it looks like they have) and this should be pretty exciting.

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