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Comment Re:Dropbox (Score 1) 261

Thing is, you can take any file as a keyfile. Why not a certain version of a certain sourcefile of the Linux kernel for example? You're always going to be able to retrieve it without actually carrying it with you, but no one will find out. Another option is to use a personal photo from your camera. How will anyone ever know which one it is?

Comment Re:AMD isn't about performance anymore (Score 1) 271

I think going down to 8GB and putting that money towards the A6 is by far the best option. The 6530 smokes any Intel graphics, and be honest: the 6530 is even for nongamers much preffered over the HD2000. Casual games like the Sims3 will thank you for it, as well as gpu-assisted computer which is increasingly common.

Comment Re:Not a novelty (Score 1) 189

So what do you think of eBoostr? I've been thinking of expanding my (5400rpm) system with a 16/32GB SSD as some sort of cache. Readyboost has its downsides, but I understand that eBoostr makes the cache persistent. Apart from a few forum posts, I cant find any proper benchmarks of it from the big hardware sites.

Comment Re:Not a novelty (Score 1) 189

I agree it makes for sense for an operating system (filesystem perhaps) to do this job. Unfortunately, Windows does not do it. Readyboost is merely an extra space for Superfetch to cache files, but this isnt persistent over reboots. So every time I boot, I have to retrain the cache, which is about as undesirable as a filesystem cache could be. If not sure if software like eBoostr solves this, but if anyone has a Windows alternative, much obliged.

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