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The Courts

Submission + - Judge postpones webcast in BMG Music v. Tenenbaum (

drummerboybac writes: From the Boston Globe
The nation's first free live public webcast of a federal court hearing — one concerning a lawsuit by the US recording industry against a Boston University graduate student accused of downloading music illegally — has been postponed for a month.

Gertner denied the RIAA's request for a permanent stay but said in a ruling late Tuesday that postponing the hearing until Feb. 24 "will allow the First Circuit an opportunity to fully consider the petition before it."


Submission + - Wii to have Pay to Play? (

drummerboybac writes: "It sounds like Nintendo's free online service may not be so free after all. This is coming from
"During a Game Developers Conference session called "Planning the Wii Menu" today, Nintendo's Takashi Aoyama announced a new Pay to Play program. This will be a new version of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (NWFC). Aoyama explained that NWFC will remain a free service, but forthcoming experiences will require users to pay a fee to enjoy. These services will fall under the new NWFC: Pay to Play program. Games that utilize the new service will feature a logo similar to the one used for NWFC but is orange and reads Pay to Play at the bottom."

Could this be a precursor to a possible Nintendo MMO?"

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