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Comment Re:Podcasts are too much like Advertisements (Score 1) 268

Short Form Blogs and YouTube aren't very practical while doing other things, as you have to be looking at them. I think of podcasts as something you listen to while doing something else, like driving, shoveling snow, mowing the lawn (so you can tell people to get off of it later), and so on.

Comment Still an improvement (Score 1) 209

Even if these packages are bundled like cable, and have the same dvr/commercial/linear programming schedule setup, they are still a major upgrade over cable.

The reason: BYOD

Vue/Sling/DirecTVNOW all functionally enable a customer to bring their own hardware. with 3 TV's in my house, almost half of my cable/internet bill is spent getting the FiOS media server with the extra streaming boxes to allow cable TV to all 3 sets. With Vue, I can use my own Playstation/Roku/Fire TV to control it, and dont have to keep paying 50+ a month in equipment rental fees. If PS Vue gets Viacom channels back, I'm in all likelyhood dropping FiOS cable and switching.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 33

And this is supposed to be a good thing?

Yes it is. They are under zero obligation to do any of this, since they didn't buy Pebble the company, just some of the IP they held. They have also stated that the apps will be updated to reduce their dependence on external servers so the watches may last longer than that.

Is it as good as having them continue the Pebble brand? No.

Is it better then the app disappearing from the app store and the watches all bricking? Absolutely.

Comment Re:Bork (Score 1) 281

If Apple's ~210 Billion in cash reserves it to be believed, it seems more plausible that Apple could make a bid for controlling interest of Microsoft, given Microsoft's current market cap of ~434B (as of June 30th). Though I somewhat struggle as to what they would actually want out of that deal, besides Office and the Azure infrastructure.

Comment Re: Simplicity? (Score 1) 269

I believe a lot less contactless credit cards in the US currently, nor are the cards I use offered as a contactless option. As such, the convenience is really twofold for me 1. Backup payment method. If I don't have my wallet, I can still pay for things. Handy for the once in a while I forget it, but more handy if I'm out for a run and want to buy a drink or something. 2. One handed operation. Since all I need to do is put my thumb on the fingerprint reader and hold my phone by the contactless reader instead of needing to open my wallet to swipe a card, it's far easier to do while trying to keep my 4yo out of the candy in the checkout line with my other hand. Mind you these may both apply to Google Wallet as well, but I haven't used it so I can't say. Honestly, if Apple pay does nothing more than encourage the proliferation of contactless readers, I think both Apple and Android fans win.

Comment Re: Seems good to me. (Score 1) 146

But in the scenario I'm talking about, it's during their workday, so it's not off hour work. PST, EST, GMT, and IST can pretty much set it up so that the outgoing shift overlaps a few hours with the incoming shift. Gives you 24 hour coverage, but keeps your support from working late at night, when people are less effective and more prone to mistakes.

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