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Submission + - Google's Motorola Fires 20% Of Its Workforce (

drinkydoh writes: Just mere months after Google acquired Motorola Mobility have they laid off 20% of its workforce. A third of the job cuts comes from its US operations, following an earlier restructuring process when Google fired 40% of Motorola Mobility's vice presidents. The company's CEO, Dennis Woodside, says the shift is towards moving away from wide array of different phones and just concentrate on a few cellphone models.

Submission + - Google No Longer Promoting Google+ Results (

drinkydoh writes: Around one year ago Google introduced their Facebook competitor. Since then the social network has gained some use but it looks like Google is starting to give up. Google has not announced any new updates to Google+ and in fact they've now stopped promoting the social network on their search results. The search giant has demoted Google+ search results among the other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The news also comes after European competition authorities started investigation against Google.

Submission + - Windows 8 Is Ready (

drinkydoh writes: In an announcement today, Microsoft has finally said that Windows 8 is now complete. Microsoft has begun delivering RTM versions to manufacturers and the general availability of the tablets and computers using Windows 8 will be on October 26th. "Microsoft's final milestone concludes almost two years of development for its new Metro inspired Windows 8 software and marks the beginning of the release phase. Microsoft says MSDN and TechNet customers will be able to download it from August 15th. Windows Store will go live on August 15th. Developers will be able to access the final tools and submission process for Metro style apps at the Windows Dev Center later this month".

Submission + - EA Origin Hits 21 Million Users (

drinkydoh writes: EA has reported that Origin has officially hit 21 million users. 9 million of this includes mobile members. This means a dramatic increase from numbers given in May, when the company reported Origin having 11 million members. EA stated recently it had 12 million downloads and supports 50 publishing partners catalogs and 57 independent developers.

Submission + - FCC Approves $22.5 Million Fine For Google (

drinkydoh writes: FCC and Google have approved an $22.5 million fine for Google's part in circumventing Safari users' cookie privacy settings, and now FCC has voted to approve the fine. Official announcement will follow in a few days, but Google has refused to comment on the issue. The privacy violation occurred from a discovery that Google found a way and was deliberately circumventing Safari's option to block third party cookies from advertising networks. These cookies allowed Google to uniquely track users between different web sites and was mostly used to display advertisement for products and services the user had previously searched for or visited. One example being searching for help to personal diseases where after the user would see such ads across the internet.

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