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Comment Google hates privacy (Score 5, Interesting) 153

I'm not surprised to see Google as the main supporter of CISPA. They have a long track record of privacy violations and lessening privacy of internet users. They are, like we all know, worlds largest advertising house.

Google has also been heavily pushing it's real-name policy. They are trying to convert YouTube users to using their real names instead of nicknames. They want to (but don't succeed) have people use their social network Google+, and they want to link everyones searches directly to the real names. Hell, have you noticed how Google's advertisements on other sites like Slashdot change based on what you've been recently searching on Google.

The Internet as we know it is coming to an end. Everyone sees this but doesn't act. They just let Google steal all of their privacy. Google and CISPA must be stopped and it's your only time to act!

Comment Google never went away (Score 0, Offtopic) 78

Back in the time ad companies like DoubleClick existed on a broad swath of Web sites, so they were in a unique position to get a 30,000 foot view of your Web surfing habits. All they had to do was drop a cookie file on your hard drive. Whenever you visited a site containing a DoubleClick ad, it checked your hard drive for that cookie, and added that web site and any information associated with it to its profile of you.

But Doubleclick couldn’t actually identify you personally; it identified your browser, which could be used by anyone in your household. And (after a lot of pressure from privacy wonks who were also not your mother) it and other ad companies like it offered you the opportunity to opt out of being tracked, though it never really worked all that well.

Fast forward ten years. Doubleclick is now owned by Google. So-called “behavioral marketing” is all the rage in Net advertising. People are now sharing information about themselves on social networks like it’s going out of style. And companies like Rapleaf and Google are there vacuuming it all up and spitting it out to advertisers – supposedly anonymously, though now we know better.

Comment US vs. Russia & China (Score 3, Insightful) 116

These artificial limitations on what and with who US companies can work with are just creating a wall between US and other countries. The nations that mainly benefit from this are Russia and China and they can do a lot of business and even military research together. Not only that but Russia and China have always been good friends, even after soviet russia fell down.

Therefore, both Russia and China wins and US loses.

Comment Surveillance (Score 5, Interesting) 212

The mass surveillance and mass interception that is occurring to all of us now who use the internet is also a mass transfer of power from individuals into extremely sophisticated state and private intelligence organizations and their cronies like Google. The Pentagon is maintaining a line that WikiLeaks inherently, as an institution that tells military and government whistleblowers to step forward with information, is a crime. They allege we are criminal, moving forward. Now, the new interpretation of the Espionage Act that the Pentagon is trying to hammer in to the legal system, and which the Department of Justice is complicit in, would mean the end of national security journalism in the United States.

Submission + - Google's Motorola Fires 20% Of Its Workforce (

drinkydoh writes: Just mere months after Google acquired Motorola Mobility have they laid off 20% of its workforce. A third of the job cuts comes from its US operations, following an earlier restructuring process when Google fired 40% of Motorola Mobility's vice presidents. The company's CEO, Dennis Woodside, says the shift is towards moving away from wide array of different phones and just concentrate on a few cellphone models.

Submission + - Google No Longer Promoting Google+ Results (

drinkydoh writes: Around one year ago Google introduced their Facebook competitor. Since then the social network has gained some use but it looks like Google is starting to give up. Google has not announced any new updates to Google+ and in fact they've now stopped promoting the social network on their search results. The search giant has demoted Google+ search results among the other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The news also comes after European competition authorities started investigation against Google.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 0) 165

Not really. Everyone has a certain self-interest in things that, well, interest them. That Mueller was acting as consultant for Oracle should not come as a big surprise - he's good with tech and therefore has certain opinions too.

I don't really understand why Slashdot has got the hate towards him.

Comment Re:Is that a man or a woman? (Score 3, Interesting) 559

That's true. Theravada Buddhism agrees that there are more than two genders. SEA is area with prominently open approach to ladyboys (transponders) and people who do not want to be the gender they were born with.

However, you must also understand that some (most? I'm not that clear on the subject) don't believe to be women. They don't believe to be men either. They believe they're 'third' gender.

And they should have the right to be.

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