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Comment Re:It's recognizing where video is going. (Score 1) 481

and they could have done all of this under the Netflix name. They will always have the ability to have a small DVD business because there are large parts of america that have no broadband or crappy at best(i know hard to believe) this wont change in the next 5 years. Also when content is limited on streaming I loved the flexibility of getting it on DVD from one site, also when I go to europe I cant use the netflix streaming but at least I can take a DVD with me or rip some to put on the hard drive of my computer.

Submission + - Eve Online and $60 microtransactions? ( 2

BeanBagKing writes: CCP Games, who develops the popular MMO Eve Online seems to have stirred several hornets nests at once during a major expansion. First was their idea of micro transactions, on item costing $60 by itself. Second was a leaked memo (linked below) detailing future plans for more micro transactions, ones that would give players a clear advantage. This has players on the forums outraged, there is even a forum post dedicated to articles from gaming magazines, sites, and blogs that show CCP in a bad light.

Comment Re:Anyone who asks this question should not be in (Score 1) 450

With any modern management system why would you ever go to the client, 99% of it is done remotely. I manage 10,000 desktops in 100 locations globally without leaving my desk using Altiris, SCCM or LANDESK type system. Service packs, patches, etc no issue all done with check boxes and occasional notification emails and a little bit of local testing/ limited production testing. You still need a hard disk on most VDI clients, ram is dirt cheap. OS upgrades are almost a non issue as well. We can deploy a desktop in 40 different languages in about an hour. We tried to look at VDI and with our good management system we currently have in place we could see zero cost savings if anything in some ways they would go up. In most companies 50% or more of your users are on laptops travel heavily and we KNOW internet connections suck in most of their locations VDI makes sense in some places but not most. The only places we could somewhat justify it were in our plants and kiosks. For everywhere else there is a good systems management software. It has its place but everytime we talk to someone about VDI we get the secret little nod that it wouldnt save us money. If you dont have a good management system it may help your business immensely but if you do its really really hard to find that cost savings they promise.

Comment Re:Encapsulating IE6 (Score 1) 470

Exactly everyone keeps forgetting it a full XP VM, your going to need AV and client management suites on it at a minimum which have a cost associated not to mention the extra manpower etc of maintaining the essentially several hundred more PCs. We are probably going a hybrid citrix and software virtualization route as we have found a few web apps that dont seem to want to run even on a virtual ie6 but others that seem to work fine.

Comment Re:One does not... (Score 3, Interesting) 576

Yet in the US this happens all the time. People are forced to be in unions they dont want to be in and pay extremely high dues and receive nothing in return. My wife was forced at two different jobs to join the Union at one she made 9 dollars an hour the other 12. After dues taxes healthcare etc she made less than minimum wage and when she did need the Union due to a crappy boss they didnt do crap to help her. The unions in the US only exist now to serve themselves they once had their time but now many are openly rebelling against them as their demands are part of why all the jobs are leaving for china, mexico, and others.

Comment Re:Small Shop (Score 1) 414

Depends on your shop and requirements. I had 200+ PCs and Macs. 6 Physical servers several more virtual, 2 AD domains, used altiris for most of the PC management and imaging and we did it with 2 part time people. In our case it was an education environment and 160 of the machines were lab machines so they were essentially identical.

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