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Comment Meh... (Score 2) 130

Apple will simply assert that they were copied, do their best to prove it... and if they lose they just appeal after having a back room meeting with somebody that matters advising China that they are more than happy to take their production elsewhere if somebody doesn't step in and make this little problem go away.

Comment Ya... Who? (Score 1) 61

Are you telling me that those losers are actually still around? Talk about some epic strugglers... Yahoo has been trying to claw their way out of a grave(which they dug themselves) for nearly as long as they've been around.

I wish they would stop fighting it and just die already... it's embarrassing seeing this once proud company fighting death like this... struggling for every last breath... kind of like AOL... poor bastards.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 2) 124

Last I checked(it's been 15+ years) voice calls are 56kbps over a 64k channel(the extra was for signalling I believe) and data is 64kbps. Modem calls count as voice.

Back in the day when telcos starting doing more voip internally on their networks and I was still working for an ISP we noticed that our users were getting unusually slow connections and a lot of dropped calls.

After a few calls to our rep at PacBell she got to the bottom of it... according to her and a manager she brought on the live they were "upgrading" they network to carry more voice traffic by using voip and compressing the audio to save $$$... sometimes their equipment didn't recognize the call being made as coming from a modem and so would compress the audio and screw with the connections.

Turns out that there was an easy way around it. The compression was only happening on local calls when dialing 7 digits, so we had our users dial 10 digits and their connections were fine again.

I have no idea if that little trick still works or not, though I imagine if they *are* still compressing the calls trying to save bandwidth that their detection of modem/fax signals has been fixed... or at least I would hope.

Anywho... seems I'm rambling a bit... guess I'll stop now. ;-)

Comment So what. (Score 4, Insightful) 124

EVERY call made in the US today is processed by "computers", long gone are the days when you had old style analog switches and rotary phones.

Since every call made is already processed in one way or another by a computer this has set a precedent over the past several decades that gives the FCC the legal power they need to enforce these rules.

Comment Re: Now I won't feel guilty about using Adblock (Score 1) 394

Adblock is fine once you change the default settings, and the element hiding helper is nice too...

uBlock on the otherhand, while effective, blows chunks when trying to block things when you have to write your own filters in it. I hate having to use something like firebug to try and figure out the name/path of the object to block especially on large complex pages.

Adblock lets you click and filter... I'll switch back to uBlock if they ever get a proper point and click helper for putting together the filters.

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