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Submission + - Malware That Fakes Bank Login Screens Found In Google Ads (

tedlistens writes: For years, security firms have warned of keystroke logging malware that surreptitiously steals usernames and passwords on desktop and laptop computers. In the past year, a similar threat has begun to emerge on mobile devices: So-called overlay malware that impersonates login pages from popular apps and websites as users launch the apps, enticing them to enter their credentials to banking, social networking, and other services, which are then sent on to attackers.

Such malware has even found its way onto Google's AdSense network, according to a report on Monday from Kaspersky Lab. The weapon would automatically download when users visited certain Russian news sites, without requiring users to click on the malicious advertisements. It then prompts users for administrative rights, which makes it harder for antivirus software or the user to remove it, and proceeds to steal credentials through fake login screens, and by intercepting, deleting, and sending text messages. The Kaspersky researchers call it "a gratuitous act of violence against Android users."

Comment What a joke... (Score 1) 113

I know they have to start somewhere, but electric cars still suck ass when it comes to range and convenience.

I can get in my 8000lb truck and drive 600+ miles before needing to refuel... and I can stop at nearly any fuel station to fill her up with 30+ gallons in 2-3 minutes(diesel pumps tend to be MUCH faster than gas pumps).

Then there is the problem of towing and hauling, with the technology available in the near future I can't see any way for an electric vehicle to be even remotely as capable as one that runs on dead dinosaurs.

I might be open to a heavy duty hybrid truck, or even a diesel electric setup like what we have on trains... but unless they drastically improve battery technology purely electric vehicles will only ever fill a niche market. And quite frankly, by the time they improve batteries to the point where they might be able to compete the oil companies will probably be manufacturing hydrocarbons from water and waste CO2 and selling it at the pump because batteries will likely never have the same power density as hydrocarbon based fuels.

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