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Comment Incremental improvements... (Score 3, Insightful) 79

That's all they're making, not because they can't do better, rather there's not much profit in it... All of humanity is being held back by greed. If not for greed medical science would have already advanced our average life spans well into the triple digits with immortality just around the corner... but nooooooo..... we're all gonna die young because of a few greedy pricks.

Comment Re:TI-99/4A (Score 1) 857

Damn nice little machine, especially once you paired it with a corcomp 9900 micro-expansion system and a pair of half height dsdd floppy drives... of course if you had the big expansion box there were other options available like ram disks and hard disk controllers... though those weren't available until the 90s and weren't cheap or easy to come by.

I was even lucky enough to see one of the few TI-99/5 systems that made it into the wild... up upgraded I/O port on the back that replaced the tape drive port along with more memory and a faster processor made it a quick little machine... it's too bad they gave up and left the market.

Comment How? (Score 1) 101

How do people still lose data in a time when so many options available to limit or even prevent it... synchronous or asynchronous replication to off site storage, snapshots, raid 6... we have the technology available to make data loss nearly unheard of... it's relatively easy to plan and implement, and it works... and yet morons everywhere STILL manage to lose data...

Comment US labor shortage? (Score 2) 477

There is no such thing... we have plenty of people willing and able to work.

The biggest challenge we face is that we will need to train workers to take their places... this is because India has made skilled workers so cheap in the past couple of decades that US companies has little or no incentive to hire entry level folks here in the states and train them, and individuals saw little to no value in paying for this training themselves let alone spending years in school for a job that was already taken by some goon in another country.

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