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Comment Re:So now we need warning labels on jobs??? (Score 1) 467

Uber never struck me as intending to be someone's full time 40 - 60 hour working job. The early (innocent) model to me seemed more as the post above stated -- "Got extra time?" then yeah, put that idling car to work. But then people viewed it as a potential for a full-time job when it never really seemed to have the foundation to be such a thing. That said, I fully acknowledge that there was an aggressive ad campaign showing how much people could make driving for Uber Black etc. But I think it's a similar thing with AirBnb -- the original "model" as I saw it, was a forum for people to rent out a room BnB STYLE. Where you wake up, and have breakfast with the owners of a property in a far off land before you go off and do a tourism thing or play a gig. But then it's descended into a glorified lodging site to a profitable ends for many. I think that's part of the issue with the whole gig-economy. Lack of controls around this mean there will be people that try to profit from a model that wasn't quite intended to be used in such a way, and then those that try and squeeze wages out of a job that doesn't really have that much fruit to bear (that again, are hit with the marketing campaigns that also seem to fall outside of any control mechanism).

Submission + - Old DOS games inspires visual artist's work (wordpress.com)

farrellj writes: For all you old DOS Gaming fans!

Here is what the artist has to say about the micro-paintings:
"The 90s were the golden age of graphic adventures for LucasArts, Westwood Studios, Sierra and many more. These were games written by playful geeks for geeks – entertainment for the emergent technocracy that was daring, quirky and intelligent.

To commemorate early PC gaming heroes and heroines, I’ve created this series of tiny paintings of some of my favourite DOS games."

Check it out here:

Comment Re:Lightning ear buds provided, not an adapter? (Score 1) 274

I totally see them making the $39.95 3.5mm adapter, at least to soften the "blow" in the immediate -- especially when you consider their unit cost on it would probably be less than $1. Don't forget about the $59.99 adapter that will let you charge and have 3.5mm headphones plugged in simultaneously.

Comment Push for new Bluetooth? (Score 1) 274

I'm not thrilled with the loss of the 3.5mm jack -- especially with the thought that other manufacturers could follow suit in the next few generations. Even with annoying dongles on the horizon, I don't see the analog hole ever being entirely plugged. Maybe this will start the push for a better (standardized) Bluetooth protocol? Perhaps one that can actually support lossless audio? I'm sure this would take a number of years before it becomes a standard and widely implemented enough ...

Submission + - Ashley-Madison hack claims first victims (www.cbc.ca)

wired_parrot writes: Toronto police are reporting that 2 unconfirmed suicides have been linked to the data breach. This follows pleas from other users of the site for the hackers to not release the data before it was exposed- an anonymous gay Reddit user from Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is illegal, pleaded for the data to be kept private: "I am about to be killed, tortured, or exiled," he wrote. "And I did nothing". And when The Intercept published a piece condemning the puritanical glee over the data dump, one user whocommented on the article said she's been "a long term member" of the site because her spouse's medical condition has affected their intimate life. Her spouse knows she's engaged with other Ashley Madison members, she says, but now fears she will likely lose friends and have to find a new job now that her association with the site is out there.

Submission + - NASA Mars rover drills hole into mountain (ziddu.com)

ziddudotcom writes: The Curiosity rover has reportedly drilled a complete hole in first such feat on the Martian rocks since May. The robot has been used as a power tool to take out a sample from a pale slab.

This is at a location that is termed Pahrump Hills. This latest move gives scientists a look into the type of sediments, which lies ahead.

The Nasa rover is currently moving nearby the foothills of Mount Sharp, a 5km peak close to the centre of Mars' Gale Crater.

Submission + - 2015 Corvette Valet Mode Recorder illegal in some states (corvetteblogger.com)

innocent_white_lamb writes: The 2015 Corvette has a Valet Mode that records audio and video when someone other than the owner is driving the car. Activating the Valet Mode allows you to record front-facing video as well as capture audio from within the car so you can help keep your Corvette safe when itâ(TM)s in the hands of others.

Well it turns out that recording audio from within the car may be considered a felony in some states that require notice and consent to individuals that they are being recorded and now GM is sending notices out to dealerships and customers alerting them to this fact as well as promising a future update to the PDR system.

Submission + - China is keen to send its own mission to Mars in the wake of India's Mangalyaan (examiner.com)

MarkWhittington writes: The recent arrival into Mars orbit of both NASA’s MAVEN and India’s Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Mission has not escaped the notice of China, according to a Thursday story in Xinhua. The achievement of its Asian rival has especially proven galling to the Chinese. China has yet to successfully send a space probe beyond the moon. The development has elicited calls in Beijing to accelerate China’s Mars program.

China currently plans to send a rover to Mars in 2020 and, perhaps, do a Mars sample return mission in 2030. However, it feels that India, which China regards as its rival in an Asian space race, has stolen a march and has left the Chinese behind. China is now keen to try to play catchup with its own Mars mission.

One of the hold ups for a Chinese interplanetary exploration program is the delays surrounding the development of the Long March 5 rocket, which will be roughly the equivalent of the America Delta IV in its capabilities. The Chinese launch vehicle has slipped to at least 2015 because of the technological challenges it faces. The Long March 5 is also needed to launch the 20 ton modules of the Chinese space station, currently planned for later this decade.

Submission + - Intel Putting 3D Scanners in Consumer Tablets Next Year, Phones to Follow (gizmag.com) 1

Zothecula writes: Intel has been working on a 3D scanner small enough to fit in the bezel of even the thinnest tablets. The company aims to have the technology in tablets from 2015, with CEO Brian Krzanich telling the crowd at MakerCon in New York on Thursday that he hopes to put the technology in phones as well.

Submission + - Intel shows off Skylake, its next 14nm chip (pcpro.co.uk) 1

nk497 writes: Intel has shown off a working version of its Skylake chip — the successor to the recently arrived Broadwell, which was a dieshrink to the 14nm process. Skylake will be a new architecture and also be produced via the 14nm process. Intel said at IDF that chips will arrive in the second half of 2015, and hit volume production by the end of that year.

Submission + - Bitcoin Kiosks coming to five Canadian cities (www.cbc.ca)

dreamstateseven writes: Canadian Bitcoin enthusiasts will be able to exchange Canadian cash for the digital currency through a kiosk that's similar to an ATM. Bitcoiniacs says it has ordered five Bitcoin kiosks from a Las Vegas-based company called RoboCoin and intends to roll them out across Canada in the coming months, with the first machine expected to land in Vancouver in early October.

The kiosks allow users to select how much money they would like to spend, insert cash into the machine and then scan a QR code on their phone to transfer the Bitcoins to their wallet.

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