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Comment Re:Complex issue (Score 1) 102

I'm no stomach specialist, but to my knowledge GERD is caused by mechanical malfunction of the LES. This sphincter is not designed to close for 100%. Some reflux is physiologic. Some patients are extremely sensitive for this reflux and develop symptoms.

So maybe it is more the local reaction to the small amount of acid than the volume of acid content.
Much debate concerning the pathophysiology to my knowledge.

Also the enormous difference worldwide in the incidence. Most likely caused by diet and posture. It is not that the Romans complained that 25% of the adult population suffered from heartburn. (excluding those Bachus worshipers).

Comment Complex issue (Score 3, Informative) 102

It is unwise to immediately and completely change ones medications or prescription habits just based on one study. These large observational multivariate studies are always hindered by bias, though trying hard to compensate for them.

On the other hand, these kind of findings should not be ignored.

Proton pump inhibitors are already known for a long time to cause trouble. The article already mentions several, like the bacteria get a change of growing in the changed environment of the stomach, a defensive barrier is removed, certain vitamins and drugs need the acidity to get absorbed etc etc. Kidney issues are also not news. Other weird side effects, like I'll never forget a patient with an extreme hypomagnesia, like 0.10 mmol/l or so. She did not feel well.

But not forget the number of patients who have gained significant quality of life and the reduction of severe gastric bleeding. Remember the time where Bilroth gastrectomies were as common as cholecystectomies. The two week maximum advise for the over the counter drugs is because of the risk of patients masking a serious condition like malignancies.

But there is no denying that most people at some point start their PPI for some discomfort, and continue to swallow them for the rest of their lives. (Ideal drug for pharmaceutical companies.) The majority should just quit them, change their food habits and posture and get on with their lives.

The use of these drugs should be reserved for those who really need them. Right now it is prescribed more or less as a luxury drug

Submission + - First working prototype for home heat battery (

dr.Flake writes: An European collaboration of scientist has developed a working prototype of a heat battery. Similar to photo-electric panels capturing electricity and storing this energy in batteries, this system captures solar heat and stores this energy via a chemical reaction in salt batteries based on hydration/dehydration of the patented mixture. This is different from molten salt batteries developed prior to this, where home owners logically were reluctant to install.

Comment Had to google it (Score 2, Funny) 88

Whats up with those dumb editors on slashdot. Can't they just explain what this stuff is??
Not everybody around here just happens to know what this "Flash" is (catchy name BTW)

According to wikipedia it is some type of programming language mostly used for animations and online games.
Apparently it was quickly abused by millions of hackers and douchy advertising lowlifes so it quickly became obsolete for a large part of western civilization.

Good to see all those bright people sticking with their dream to make something great and still updating this old stuff.

Comment Missed opportunity (Score 1) 170

Best would have been to feed the phisher wrong information and observe the results. You need to see where the information goes beyond this moron. Getting him slapped for it is of minor importance. Could have used the news article from the FBI with the enclosed malware to trace the real IP's

Standard Intelligence Agencies practice i would say.


Submission + - iPhone 6 Users Sue Apple Over 'Touch Disease' Defect (

itwbennett writes: A group of iPhone users claim Apple has refused to fix a defect in its iPhone 6 and 6s phones that causes displays to die, and the frustrated customers took legal action in California this week. 'The complaints started to appear more than a year ago, but they went mostly unnoticed until iFixit, a site that "tears down" devices to see what makes them tick, interviewed repair technicians who have repeatedly seen the problem,' writes's Bill Snyder. 'Just days after touch disease — as named by iFixit — made news in the blogosphere, Apple was hit with a related lawsuit, and the attorneys who filed it plan to make it a class action suit.'

Submission + - EU orders Ireland to recoup up to €13bn in unpaid taxes from Apple

Bryan O'Donoghue writes: Ireland has been ordered to recoup up to €13 billion from US tech company Apple in unpaid taxes in a landmark ruling by the European Commission.
The EU’s powerful competition arm said on Tuesday that Apple had been given selective treatment by Ireland through two tax rulings granted to the company in 1991 and 2007.

Comment I'm getting old. (Score 5, Insightful) 145

What amazes me most, but is probably because i'm getting old is:

looking at the announcement, it seems like the SATA drive is just an obligatory part of the line-up. Its all M.2 and PCIe.

Sure, SATA is getting old quickly and starts to become the bottleneck, but the way this is going, motherboards will soon have some SATA port somewhere for the occasional DVD / old spinning drive, and M.2 for the rest. Did i just recently buy my last SATA drives to fill up my NAS? I'm not planning on buying more for the next couple of years.

Man, i remember buying my first ATA drive. And i was late to the party, it already was a stunning 20MB (imagine how many WP files were needed to fill that sucker up to the rim). And man, that thing was fast as lightning! ;-)

Submission + - Lenovo Fails To Perform Planned Spark SSD Demo

An anonymous reader writes: Lenovo, the Chinese PC giant, planned to unveil its long-anticipated Project Spark solid state drive for data center use. However, it backed out of the demonstration at the last minute, citing a ‘reassessment of the risk’ involved with completing a demonstration of the technology so far from the 2017 mid-year release date. Project Spark represents Lenovo’s initial entry into the highly competitive SSD market. A demonstration was planned at the Flash Memory Summit in California but was cancelled on the same day. The prototype SSD, approximately the size of a memory stick, is believed to have between 6 and 8TB of storage space. Lenovo is currently researching linking multiple Project Spark cards onto a single board, which could provide storage capacity of more than 48TB.

Submission + - 60 people killed and many more injured in terrorist attack in Nice, France (

An anonymous reader writes: A truck slowly drove towards a crowd, accelerated and then hit people on the famous Promenade des Anglais shortly after celebratory fireworks had ended. July 14th is a national holiday in remembrance of the attack on the Bastille which started the French Revolution. The truck reportedly drove more than a mile before the driver was shot and the truck stopped.

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