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Submission + - Was the Ron Paul botnet attack a dirty trick? (computerworld.com)

Streakist writes: "There's a big controversy regarding Republican Ron Paul's huge online following. Some sites are claiming his followers are nothing but a bunch of botnets. But the facts remain, botnets don't donate $5.2 million in the 3rd quarter and botnets didn't cause his book sales to recently skyrocket. Also botnets can't account for the phone in text polls and online surveys he wins. It is now believed by some, that the people who don't want Ron Paul to win the primary used the botnet attacks to get rid of his popular youtube videos. As you probably know Youtube will remove any videos associated with spam."

Journal Journal: When swapping computers ... 3

There's a text file I've been slowly building up (various versions through the years), the current version of which is below, to help me move smoothly from one computer to another. I see flaws in it, but I find it a helpful guide.

I ought to create a script to quickly install via apt at least my favorite handful of apps, but haven't done this yet.


Computer Switch Guide for Tim

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