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Comment Facebook wants to tell me what they think is true (Score 2) 115

I just want Facebook to show me stuff, not tell me what they think is true.

I already fight the FB Android app:

- Most Recent is always, ALWAYS populated with hundreds of items, despite my reading every damned one of them 2 hours ago.

- I can Like item after item, and 15 minutes later scroll back through the list and MOST are actually NOT marked 'Like' by me. Huh?

- I can read Most Recent and refresh, and the order changes. Every damned time.

- I can delete all the app data, reinstall, and get the same crap. Hundreds of items unread, when I did in fact read them.

- Recommended For Me includes crap I've been rejecting for a few years now.

The Facebook Android app royally stinks. Facebook has been manipulating my feed for years. I should trust them to fact-check? No, on several counts. Never.

Comment T-Mobile since 2006 (Score 1) 205

We celebrated the new year by ditching Cingular and getting those awful Blackberry 7105t phones with unlimited voice/data/text.

I'm still grandfathered into that plan, which isn;t always the cheapest, but it is NEVER data capped for me, NEVER limited in any way for video playback, NEVER limited for streaming of any sort.I have never had an overage in now 11 years and 3 months, ever.

Now the complaints...

At my previous office location, the cafeteria suffered from being located too close to an old GPRS tower that TMO leased, and I had to sit by the windows to get 3G service. They could not solve it, the leased tower solved voice problems and the owner was raking in $ without further effort.

Moved to my current office location 3 years ago, and here the lunch time demand is so great that I usually cannot get data service. Fortunately I like the lunch spots that give me WiFi. My Blu R1 HD may not be getting Band 12, but I don;t care to diagnose it further until my new phone next month. TMO will not build out further here, so it may be solved with Band 12/66 (TMO is leaving some Band 12 sites for Band 66, which is wack), though spectrum is changing for TMO so fast they can't keep up with phones, SDR can't come soon enough.

My vacation spot was without service for 10 years until TMO finally got Band 12 there, which they bailed on for Band 66 this past fall. At least the resort WiFi got fixed.

TMO does have odd dead spots, but not as many as Sprint. Mostly long stretches of highway through 'wilderness'.

But on the positive side:

Great customer service. Even when they can't solve the problem, they are at least pleasant and honest.

They follow through when they say they will. I've logged several 3rd level calls, and got engineers calling back explaining. Once even a roaming problem turned out to be a config problem with my phone, and they helped me set it right.

I have no intention of changing service, though right now I'm paying a bit more than I like with a 3rd line and extra phone on EIP. But it's too close to what VZW would gouge me for, and no one else can match it without exposing me to random plan changes.

Comment Re:Like what? (Score 1) 287

According to the NHTSAM, deaths per traffic mile in the US have not increased appreciably in the past 10 years. All that texting is either not deadly, or suppressing further decreases in fatalities, which is unsupportable with the current data.

But year-to-year variability is so great it's hard to judge short-term trends, which is what so many try to use to blame smartphone use for deaths.

And try to get a clear picture of trends on non-fatal accidents. That data is not well broken out for the casual investigator.

It's been my experience that lack of readily available data often means the data isn't it isn't useful for propaganda.

Comment So the maths (Score 1, Insightful) 307

seem to indicate that Louisiana is losing 3300 acres a year to the Gulf. about 5 square miles.

Plaquemines Parish is about 780 square miles, so if all loss were in Plaquemines, it would be losing about 0.6% per year land mass. Of course the loss is spread amongst 9 or more parishes, probably 10x the area total, the loss then becoming more like 0.06% per year.

This, my friends, is a Democrat emergency.

Mind you, this is an emergency to any family who used to live on land claimed by the Gulf, but not many do, as they are wise to the ways of water, and build differently there than elsewhere. I've played nine-ball in the Bayou. It's different there, mostly in good ways. But the Governor is certainly working this for all it is worth.

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