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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 222

It reminds me of the joke where a guy gets sent to prison for life. The first night he's trying to sleep and in the darkness he hears someone shout, "Number 17!". The entire jail breaks out in peals of laughter. After a while, another voice shouts out, "Number 756!" followed by even more uproarious laughter.

After a while, the guy turns to his cell mate in the lower bunk and says, "What the hell is going on? Why are people laughing at these numbers?" His cell mate chuckles. "You know, we have all been in this prison for so long that we've told the same jokes over an over again because we used them all up. So we decided that to save time, we would number each one. Now all we have to do is say the number."

"That's unreal!" he exclaims in disbelief. He thinks for a while, "Hey, can I try that? What's a really funny one?"

His cell mate thinks for a while, then says, "Oh, hey try this one. Number 367. Gets them every time."

So the newbie stands up and shouts "Number 367!" Silence. He tries it again, "Number 367!" Silence again.

"Hey, what's up?! I thought you said this joke was funny?" he demands, exasperated and a bit embarrassed.

"It's not the joke you're telling that's not funny, man," His cell mate replies, "it's the way you're telling it!"

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