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Comment Re:Penultimate arrogance (Score 1) 67

They're not even bothering to call their surveillance software by some other name to obfuscate it's actual purpose anymore, they're coming right out and telling you: We are watching and recording everything you say, do, and type, and are analyzing that data to predict your intentions. The only obfuscation left is saying it's for 'Bing', when it's also going to government agencies. It is clear now that anyone who actually tolerates this violation of their civil liberties and human rights just doesn't understand the implications of what is being done to them, and needs to have it explained to them, so they can be properly outraged. Microsoft needs to be dismantled, plain and simple.

Unfortunately when you mention or try to explain this to people they 1) Don't believe you. 2) Say "I don't have anything to hide". 3) Say "There is nothing I can do, so I will tolerate it".

There is a fourth option but most people find that too difficult to comprehend much less implement.

Comment Re:Poaching (Score 1) 118

I know ya'll in the tech industry love to poach employees from other companies... But REALLY Capcom!? Did you have to hire that guy from Sony !?!?

I have no idea why Capcom bothered, all they needed to do is get in the good books with Microsoft and all the information pertaining to a suspect user is theirs for the asking. You have read the Windows 10 EULA, haven't you?

Comment Re:This should be the death of Capcom (Score 5, Informative) 118

You mean, nobody is installing Sony software these days after the rootkit incident 2012? Right.

The Sony rootkit scandal was 2005 and was instigated by BMG who were in the process of being merged by Sony, consequently Sony took the blame. See the following for more details. Yes the root-kit was a stupid thing to do but you would think that people would also blame the operating system and virus protection software for allowing this to happen.

I do understand Capcom were trying to stop people from cheating but there are much more acceptable ways although the more you try to prevent someone from cheating the more you penalise the honest player. The bottom line is if someone is determined to cheat they will find a way and the only way to reduce this is "Don't play with cheats."

Comment Re:ironically (Score 1) 210

Which modern variant are you using that you have conflicts of this kind?

Well to be fair I did have a conflicting package in Fedora 24 (the only one I have ever had with this distribution) a few weeks ago and my options were 1) Update all other packages except the offending package. 2) Remove the offending package and reinstall at a later date. 3) Wait about two days for the issue to be fixed.

As least with Linux you have options so a two-day wait was not a big deal and also the package that I had the update issue with was one that I rarely used, but even so if I chose options "1" or "3" I could still use the full functionality of the package, it's not as if the conflicting package stopped working.

BTW. The AC comment was a troll since the did not appear to have a clue.

Comment Re:And how many lied... (Score 1) 177

Many would say "Windows 10 bricked this or that" when in reality it did no such thing and they are just cavemen who dislike change.

No, I can say it actually did brick the inlaw's machine.... Of course it was an old pile of garbage that was on it's last legs, but it sure stopped working when my mother in law accidently hit that "Install Windows 10" button after I told her not to.. Don't know if the disk drive, mother board or what couldn't take the strain of an install, but the hardware was toast when I went to re-install 7.

To be fair I did install Windows 10 in a virtual machine using a legitimate Windows 7 license and I did not have any problems installing it. It did take a little time to do the installation since I chose to customize and what an eye opener. All the settings were on by default and some were quite intrusive so I ended up turning all the settings off.

I had to do some searching on the web to find out how to lock down the operating system further and low and behold you have to hack the Registry which we all know is so easy for the average user to edit (sarcasm off). Even after that, I found that Windows 10 still likes to chat (Wireshark is your friend) to machines that are owned by Microsoft that may not even be in the same country as you. Yes I am aware of third party software that can help lock your Windows 10 machine down further although it is very doubtful that it can fully lock it down - this is sort of like what malware tries to do.

I think I gave up after that and have not switched on the Windows 10 virtual machine since and that was over two months ago. Honestly, I don't miss it.

Comment Re:sony loses (Score 1) 147

The sony console cant play 4k blurays. INSTANT PASS. and ive been ps since the ps2 (dvd). and the ps3 (bluray)

Ah! you must be a videophile who does not mind paying a premium for a 4K disk.

I purchased a PS3 day one and in that time I have rarely played a Bluray or even a DVD movie on it since I actually purchased the PS3 too, well play games on it. The odd movie (including 3D) was just icing on the cake. It also still works and I still play or should I say replay the odd game on it.

Fast forward to when I purchased a PS4. I have never played a Bluray movie on it I mainly use the Bluray player to load games otherwise I actually download them. If my wife wants to watch a movie or show she uses the Netflix app on my PS3.

My situation is not that much different to millions of people who don't have 4K TV's and really can't see the point of getting one just yet and even those who do have a 4K TV providing they have a reliable performing Internet, a good IPS plan and a content provider such as Netflix they are quite happy with streaming.

I am well aware that playing a 4K Bluray disk will be better than streaming, however most people are quite happy with streaming since they get their show/movie pretty much instantly. Also for the price of one 4K movie disk they can get (within reason) unlimited movies and shows for two to three months.

Will I get the PS4pro? Difficult to say but probably not since I am quite happy with my current setup although I the price is very attractive since it will be the same price the original PS4 was. If I upgrade my current 1080p IPS monitor to a 4K monitor (I need to do a bit of homework for this) then I will consider the PS4pro replacing my PS4 and my wife or son (most likely since he plays games, my wife does not) can have it.

Comment Re:"Debating"? (Score 1) 147

In those days though subtle variation in MHz actually made quite a noticeable difference in how the system performed, even noticeable to an average user - the differences MS/Sony are talking about have an impact but is more than subtle enough that few people can really even tell them apart.

HD vs 4K is almost never going to be noticeable for TV viewing: you have to be within 8 feet for a 65" screen, closer still for 55" or 42". However, for games it's different. People often sit closer for gaming than they do for TV viewing (filthy console peasants - they sit on the floor with their livestock), and text looks better in 4K.

You are quite right screen size, screen resolution and screen viewing distance are all integrated. Even if you are a Golden Haired PC gamer :-) you still have to consider the three "S" guideline when selecting a monitor. A good rule of thumb and this also applies to TV viewing. "If you can see the pixels you are sitting too close, either get you eyesight checked or if you don't have eye issues then you need a smaller screen or a higher resolution screen."

So getting 4K right is probably within the realm of what humans can distinguish. 8K OTOH - you basically have to be so close that the whole TV won't fit in your field of view (so maybe there's a point in 8K movie theater projectors, but not home use).

Actually, its allot more complex than that and I am definitely not going to give a lecture on it since there are many good sites that can do just that. Sometimes the best solution for a person who prefers gaming to watching a TV show or movie is to get a monitor for their console rather than argue with household members as to what they want to use the TV for.

With a monitor, you treat the console as if it is a PC with the added convenience of having your PC connected as well. Obviously, you do need a monitor with one or more HDMI ports so you can connect your console to it and an appropriate PC port. I actually use my monitor's second HDMI port and can toggle between PC and console in seconds.

Now comes the fun part of choosing your monitor and again rather than me rant there are plenty of web sites that can help and some that will confuse as well. Don't believe all the hype you should get what is best for you by being aware that screen size and minimum comfortable viewing distance (see Note) will dictate your screen resolution. Of course, there are other factors to consider as well such as refresh rate (in Hertz and the higher the better), HDR for 4K screens (you need HDR10 for PS4 and XB1) and latency which can be affected by HDR. Another rule is "don't buy cheap". It is sometimes well worth paying that little bit extra for quality but you can also waste money of features you don't need although monitors are not like TV's.

Note: When I say "minimum comfortable viewing distance" I am talking about the distance your face is from your screen. In the case of a PC (particularly when doing PC tasks) that may be from 30cm (1ft) to double that although for a console game you may wish to sit further back. This should be taken into account when selecting your screen size and eventual resolution.

Comment Re:Which RAID level? (Score 1) 470

From the ZDnet article:

To improve system performance, Lenovo is leading an industry trend of adopting RAID on the SSDs in certain product configurations.

Which RAID level works best with a single drive?

They could take a single disk and split it into multiple partitions and then RAID those partitions.

I actually saw this done over 20 years ago on a million dollar computing cluster. The customer was complaining about performance. I actually fixed the problem the same day but I did capture the previous performance information including the original disk layout and took it back to our high-level support staff. They broke down with laughter.

Comment Re:You Really Want To Go Down This Road MS?? (Score 1) 470

I too don't see a problem here. Most computers you by at best buy, ick best buy, are going to be windows machines. I you want a custom job to run linux do some research on the net and fine one designed to run linux and prebuilt with linux installed. Those now exist, this isn't 199x anymore. There are plenty of venders that will say, "you want linux, sure"

Not really. We just had an article on Dell (they also did this in 2010 as well) providing a Laptop with Linux on it for $150 USD extra when it would have been cheaper to just pay the Microsoft Tax and install your preferred Linux distribution on it. Most people who want Linux either know how to install it or know someone who will do it for them. For many home installations on laptops and desktops just entering your language, keyboard type and then choose the default disk layout is all you need to do.

With Linux Live distributions you can even take the basic system for a test drive to see if all hardware works. Obviously, it still pays to do your homework before choosing a Linux-compatible laptop or desktop, never rely on the sales rep.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 5, Insightful) 470

It's not just intentional sabatoge that can cause a lack of support. Newly release chipsets or other hardware often doesn't have initial Linux support. Sometimes it takes time for that to get incorporated into the kernel and make it's way up the pipeline. Moreover, each distro tends to incorporate new kernel changes at different paces, and it makes it hard to predict how soon support will arrive for new hardware.

I'm not sure if this is the case here. The story makes it sound like it was deliberate, which wouldn't be too surprising I guess, but it's hard to say.

In early December 2015 I built myself a Desktop using the latest Skylake Chipset (released 5th Aug 2015) and all I had to do was select "Other OS" and I installed Fedora 23 KDE spin without any problems. I did find an issue a short time later with my monitor which has two HDMI slots and DSUB slot. Basically, everything worked, however I also connected my PS4 to the spare HDMI port so I could switch between my PC and PS4 and this worked perfectly. Unfortunately switching back to the PC port dropped signal which required me to reset the PC.

The fix was for me to get the latest BIOS (the same day I found the problem) and this fixed the issue of toggling between PC and PS4 or my PS3 if I moved the HDMI cable across. I have been using this configuration ever since.

I can understand if graphics drivers are not available for a new graphics card but I would not be surprised if Microsoft is starting to pull tactics like what is mentioned in the article. Originally Microsoft wanted secure boot (to protect the users of course, cough! cough!) or UEFI. The problem with this is many major Linux distribution got UEFI certified as well which I would assume defeated the original purpose of having secure boot.

No, the issue is Microsoft is being Microsoft and nothing has changed.

Comment Re:Windows 10 is a virus according to your definit (Score 1) 259

After what you said and I have confirmed this on the web as well. I stand corrected, Windows 10 is not just Malware it also meets the criteria for a virus as well.

I have Windows 10 in a virtual machine (installed from ISO that I downloaded rom Microsoft) using a legitimate Windows 7 license. When I did the customize installation I was appalled at all the features which were by default turned on and you would get this if you did the so-called Quick Install. Another annoyance was the fact that you also have to fiddle with the Registry to further lock the OS down and even then it is almost impossible to stop the OS from talking to IP addresses that when you check are owned by Microsoft. I have not run Windows 10 since and that was over three months ago.

To be honest, I don't miss Windows anything since I have been running Linux (now Fedora 24 KDE spin) for well over seven years and although I do play computer games I am quite happy with my backwards compatible PS3 (it still works) and my PS4. Also, I have yet to find an MS Windows application that I can't find a Linux equivalent for.

Comment Re:Stoned (Score 1) 259

One of my computers is still infested with the "Windows 10" virus. My family won't let me put Linux on it only because some Steam games would go missing. I don't use the stupid thing, I go to the real workstation with Linux.

Windows 10 is not a virus, since the definition of a computer virus is "a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data." Windows 10 does not destroy or corrupt data unless Microsoft deems that it is for the user's own good.

If we look at the definition of malware which is " Malware , short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems, or display unwanted advertising". Now that sounds familiar.

Comment Re:Cool, and no 4K content (Score 1) 207

no PS4 will output a 4K game although the PS4pro will upscale

The PS4 Pro isn't just going to upscale. If the games are developed for native 4K then the Pro is "supposed" to have the capability to display them. That being said, Sony is not making it a requirement on developers. Some older games are only getting an upgrade to 1440p, some are just getting higher framerates at 1080p, some are getting other non-resolution enhancements, and some are not getting any upgrades at all.

Gamespot has a list tracking the titles that are getting an upgrade (or not).

In principle, I do agree but you do have to remember that commercial game development is a business so the developers target the platform that will give them the most return. In the case of the PS4 and PS4pro (out 10th Nov 2016) a developer would have to be arrogant or have a poor business sense to produce a game that would only run well on a PS4pro. What most developers would do is develop a PS4 game that would run well and allow for PS4pro enhancements.

I have played the Doom demo and while I am no fan of FPS games I actually enjoyed playing this game especially since it runs at 1080p and 60fps. What was important here was the 60fps part since you are moving very quickly and while the graphics are really nice you don't really have the time to enjoy the scenery.

I also play Bloodborne and while the framerate is supposed to be about 30fps on occasion you do get slowdown especially with multiple enemies on screen at once, however this game can be played at a much slower pace than Doom (except for encounters which normally have one to four enemies) and you can enjoy the scenery. Another game that is only 30fps is The Witcher 3 and IMHO it's the scenery that is more important as well as the story than the frame rate although like I have said before many dips in frame rate can be offputting although this does not happen that often in the TW3.

I won't deny having a solid frame rate is very important and preferably 60fps or higher or at the least a locked 30fps but you also have to consider your display device as well and then you have to consider refresh rates (in Hertz), screen resolution and latency it's all a question of integration.

Personally, I would like a larger 4K screen for my PC and PS4 setup. As a compromise, my wife gets the HDTV although if she is not using it I can move my PS4 and connect in less than a minute. What is interesting is I have an IPS monitor and the colors are incredibly vivid and it will display 1080p at 60ftps quite nicely so I am taking my time deciding on when I will get a 4K monitor. Actually, if I leave it too long (3 to 5 years) I may end up getting an 8K monitor instead and by that time the PS5 will be making its appearance.

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