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Comment Re:win10 is a problem, and so is the goog (Score 1) 144

However, Google collects far more info about you, and it's very hard to avoid that even if you try

Yes, it is very difficult to not use Chrome and use a different browser with all Analytics turned off. Don't like Gmail then don't use it. Change your search engine to DuckDuckGo for example. Even if you do use Google software and services you don't have to log in to Google which limits their data collection and profiling of you considerably.

MS is bad, absolutely. So is the Goog - worse, in my opinion.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, however, it is very easy to prevent Google from collecting data on you since you don't need to use their applications or their products, you can even limit what they can get easily and you don't have to be very technical to do that. Microsoft, unlike Google, has made their data collection a feature of their operating system and the only way to be 100% certain that Microsft can't collect information on you is to run a different primary operating system.

I have a fairly locked down Windows 10 in a virtual machine on my Linux desktop and as a test, I can suspend all network access except for the usual handshaking between my wireless card and my router. When I start up my Windows 10 virtual machine the network analyser goes wild and guess who owns the machines my virtual machine is talking to and I have not even logged in yet.

Sure Google may be bad for collecting your browsing habits which can easily be blocked but Microsoft collects so much more data (including keylogging) that this practice actually makes Google look positively angelic.

Comment Re:So many shared (dynamic?) libraries (Score 2) 112

You assume much. By "factory" I meant this []. I don't believe it contains any adware, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

At least with a Linux, BSD or Slackware distribution the chance you will get adware is very small. If you don't mind compiling everything from source then Slackware is fine, however, I actually prefer Fedora (currently 24) which I would not recommend for novices at least not on the first day a new distribution is released. Sure I could get sources and I am quite capable of compiling from source but I don't have the time or inclination to do so.

Unless you are totally paranoid you do have to trust your preferred operating system, however, I think I would rather trust an operating system like BSD, Linux or Slackware before I would trust a commercial operating system like Microsoft Windows which if you have installed Windows 10 from ISO has by default all features turned on and some of those features are highly intrusive.

I do know that most Linux applications do install into more than one directory, and some of the pieces have really weird names.

By weird names do you mean like /usr (short for user) or /bin, /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin (directory or folder for binary executable files) as an example? Most of these names harken from Unix naming conventions and are very logical. As for Linux (Slackware and BSD are similar) appropriate pieces of software are install into logical directories such a "man" for manuals, "bin" for binaries, "lib" for libraries and so on. You could if you like install private software under a directory tree or in any area you have write access to.

Comment Re:Commenting to undo moderations (Score 1) 112

The New York State Attorney General is soliciting reports from consumers who had any kind of damages. Other state AGs might be sniffing around too. Microsoft's recent $10,000 loss is hopefully just the beginning.

So Microsoft gets sued for a few billion dollars. The lawyers get the lion's share while the plaintiffs get the scraps and Microsoft get ten's or even hundreds of billions of dollars in advertising revenue. A win-win scenario for everyone.

Comment Re:Google (Score 1) 112

Yeah much more worried about what that peeping tom google does with my data.

Here's the solution it's pretty easy, don't use Google such as Chrome or Gmail.

It's a lot more difficult when the operating system is actually spying on you but in reality, the solution is fairly easy as well. Do I need to spell it out for you?

Comment Re:So many shared (dynamic?) libraries (Score 1) 112

I just run a personalized live system now. Boots factory fresh every time.

You mean factory fresh that has a whole pile of adware which most PC's appear to have when purchased brand new.

But with Microsoft, and Linux to an extent, they take a shotgun to your drive and then fill in the holes, splattering the application all over the place.

Microsoft Windows yes but I have never seen major Linux distributions do that.

If you really do need to run Windows 10, you must enjoy those gold plated chains, then it is very simple to get the ISO from Microsoft and go through the customized install, it is a real eyeopener. Even if you have just purchased a new PC which came with Windows 10 it is still a good idea to completely install from ISO which will remove all rubbish-ware although you may have some difficulty with the operating system phoning home (for your own good of course).

Of course, if you have a corporate PC then just use if for corporate and not private use since you don't really know who may be monitoring besides Microsoft and we all know that they would not betray our trust.

Comment Re:But it's okay because GOOGLE reads your email! (Score 2) 112

And how would he activate it? Which serial number should he use?

No problem. Do you see that sticker on your PC with the name Microsoft on it, you can use that code to activate your fresh Windows 10 installation providing that sticker was for Windows 7, 8 (you did upgrade to 8.1 didn't you?) and 8.1.

Of course, you do have to agree to the EULA as well as inputting your legitimate activation code and then you will be sent, free of charge a magnificent set of gold plated chains with the promise that Microsoft will discreetly spy on you to provide a better slave (err! user) experience.

Comment Re:It may be as fast as Chrome . . . (Score 1) 105

but is it faster or more efficient than Edge? I mean, spartan is the render engine to beat nowadays. MicroSoft said so.

(*waits for angry mob with torches and pitchforks*)

Microsoft does have a very good PR department that can convince the gullible plebian that anything they do is for the good of their users. Sort of like the Inquisitors of old, except now they are protecting the god fearing mob (er! users) from those open source magicians who are trying to lead the faithful away from the Microsoft light..

Here is a simple test anyone can perform. Got to this site and just run their simple html5 test in the web browser of your choice. Yes even "Edge" if you are so inclined.

Ok now you have done your test click on the "compare" button and add some other browsers if you have not already run the test on them) such as "Chrome", "Firefox", "Edge", "Opera" ... etc. You should notice that Chrome get the best score with 492 compared with Edge's 473, however, that does not tell the whole picture.

Now comes the fun part: Click on "Difference" and then take a look at what codec's which browser supports such as WebM, WebP, Ogg, Video and Audio codecs. It soon becomes clear that Microsoft is going to support "proprietary codecs" at the expense of open formats while most other browsers are supporting open formats. I wonder why that is?

Comment Re:Warning: Windows 10 is draining your battery (Score 1) 370

Same experience here but on Macbook Pro 2015. OX 10.11 approx 9 hours, Windows 10 approx 8.5 hours, Ubuntu 16.04 approx 5.5 hours.

I know slashdot is full of anti microsoft types but the mis-information in the comments is stupid. Im not sure if the posters genuinely believe what they post but are utterly clueless or if its just denial.

Got a desktop which runs Linux (ie. no battery except for motherboard) so I don't care.

Got a laptop which runs Linux and most of the time I have it plugged into the mains so again, I don't care. Even hibernate works fine so battery life is a non-event for me.

Comment Re:"Google works better with Chrome" (Score 2) 370

Google doesn't have a monopoly on the desktop... hasn't been convicted of illegally using that monopoly to give a market advantage vs competitors including their browser. That would be apples to apples if Microsoft were advertising Edge on bing. Yet again, Microsoft is up to their old tricks. Sleezily shoving windows 10 down the throats of users and now slimy tricks to get people to install their new browser.

Well to be fair, if you install Windows 10 or even upgrade to Windows 10 you do get the Edge browser by default. To get other web browsers if you did a fresh install (not sure about an upgrade) you actually have to use the Edge browser to get them.

What I don't like about Windows 10 is by default all "settings" are turned on and while it is fairly easy to turn off the more intrusive settings you do have to edit the registry to lock down the OS even further. This is fine if you do have some technical knowledge or use third party software that you trust but most people have no idea how to secure Windows 10 and I think Microsoft likes it this way.

Even if you lock down Widows 10 it still likes to phone home. I have Windows 10 in a virtual machine and on startup before I even log in, it actually goes out and talks to some machines and, you guessed it these machines are owned by Microsoft ( WireShark is great for detecting things like this). Needless to say, my Windows 10 virtual machine is hardly ever run and just remains a curiosity for me.

Again being fair, Windows 10 appears to be a very functional OS and it is possible to turn off most of the intrusive settings, however, if I compare it against my Fedora 24 plasma spin which I can customise to what I like and want it is rather pedestrian.

Comment Re:I prefer an external power supply, (Score 1) 107

or some sort of take at a hybrid internal/external like Nintendo pulled with the 64.

Since, with the exception of the X-Box One or course, the power supply was one of the most likely things to fail (somewhere behind optical drives) making that an external device just makes sense.

Designing an internal power supply is not that complicated although in Microsoft's case it seems to be, but they may have finally solved it with the XB1-S. I can understand having a power brick for very slim devices such as some laptops where an internal power supply would radically change the form factor, but the XB1 is huge while the PS4 is quite small and that has an internal power supply. In fact all the commercial Playstations had an internal power supply.

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