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Comment Re:Secure by name (Score 1) 94

Role-based administration and privilege separation. Linux still sucks in this area. With windows you get a security token that gives you permission to do just what you need, on Linux you need to suid yourself to root to do just about anything, which allows you to do absolutely everything. The massive whitelist that is selinux is a backwards way of implementing security.

I suggest you read up on what sudo is capable off. You can easily setup sudo via its configuration file (/etc/sudoers) that will allow users that require elevated privileges (eg. Database and Web Administrators) to do their work without needing root access.

Unix has had Access Control Lists from early late 1980 going into the early 1990's. Linux got ACL's also in the early 1990's.

As for SELinux. I would be nice if you had a program that could understand "intent" but it is far easier to know what is required (eg files, directories and ports) and how to treat them rather than try to guess what to do about things you don't know about. In other words, what you don't know about you don't allow.

Comment Re:Surely not the only solution. (Score 1) 419

A useful site that may give you alternative to proprietary software is here but you have to keep in mind that the software that you get may not be a compleat "drop in " replacement for Microsoft Windows-centric software and you may have to do some learning depending on how complex your original software was.

As for hardware well you should always do your homework as to what is Linux compatible although as far as most modern PC's that should not be an issue but there are always exceptions. Actually, why do you need a sound card since Ryzen and Kaby Lake require different motherboards which should come with a decent sound system? My Z170 motherboard which is compatible with Skylake and Kaby Lake has a 7.1 sound system.

If you are an avid PC gamer and crave the latest Microsoft-centric games then basically you are stuck with MS Windows. Of course, there is compatibility software like Wine although you can always use a virtual machine with a version of MS Windows you trust cough! I get around this by having an original FAT PS3 and a PS4.

Comment Re:Oh great. (Score 1) 40

Just when I was planning to slack off work this morning and play Horizon Zero Dawn, along comes an update and I'm going to have to watch a progress bar crawl across the screen instead.

Wow, you must have a really unusual PS4 because mine just downloads in the background even when i am playing a game. When I am finished playing I do have the choice of installing when I want (sort of like my Linux updates) which then takes about five minutes with two reboots (Linux takes one reboot if you have a kernel update). Oh, the humanity.

Are you sure you have a PS4? and if you do are you sure you know how to use it properly?

Comment Re:Google Play Store and exFAT (Score 1) 169

You appear to be under the impression that Android is free software, and therefore, the royalty for putting Android on a device is zero. AOSP is free software, but Google Play Store and Google Play Services are not. Furthermore, makers of Android devices with a microSD slot that supports SDXC have to pay an exFAT patent royalty to Microsoft.

Some Android devices use ext4 (over six years ago) as the internal file system thereby avoiding the exFAT royalty.

As for removable SD cards, they normally come preformatted with FAT or exFAT which Android can read and write to which in turn avoids the exFAT royalty. Actually, the PS3 and PS4 also do this as well otherwise if they could format external devices with exFAT or NTFS they would have to pay Microsoft a royalty.

Comment Re:Tax Incentives (Score 3, Insightful) 172

Wind generators have a finite lifespan usually in the 20 year range upon which time they need to either be replaced or refurbished in addition to ongoing maintenance, things with moving parts breakdown!

What you said is very true but that also applies to all power generating and distribution infrastructure. When considering power generation and distribution you have to consider the overall cost/benefits. In some places wind, hydro, coal, gas, nuclear, solar arrays etc are more viable long term or even short term solutions.

All energy generating plants require distribution infrastructure be it above ground or underground and there are pros and cons with each, likewise with the energy generation plant themselves. One size does not suit all so it is always best to pick the one that is best suited for the geographics area although you also have to consider politics as well.

Comment Re:The ignorance is astounding (Score 2) 70

Nobody in the US has ever been sued or charged for downloading. The media organizations have lied and called prosecuting a bittorrent uploader "a downloader" while prosecuting solely for the act of uploading. This is a deliberate lie to convince people that downloading is illegal, when it isn't. The proof of this is the fact that nobody ever has been prosecuted or persecuted solely for downloading.

How would someone upload on bittorrent if they've not downloaded first?

The way a torrent works is that the leech ( the person doing the download) in turn actually becomes a seeder ( a person doing the upload).

As an example say you decide to download a movie via torrent. You first find out via a torrent website what movie you are looking for and the torrent site will assign you tracking sites (may only be one) which in turn give your torrent program information that allows you to connect to a computer or computers that are serving that movie (these computers are called "seeders"). At this stage, your torrent program that is downloading that movie is called a "leech".

Once your torrent program has downloaded a pre-defined "chunk" (eg. 256kB, 512kB, 1MB, 8MB) of the particular file then your torrent program will make that "chunk" available to any request to upload to another site or "leech" so effectively after the first "chunk" your torrent program effectively becomes a "seeder" or uploader. Of course, the torrent program will continue to "leech" all new chunks until completion and depending on your torrent configuration it will become a full seeder until you stop it or if configured times out or reaches an upload threshold.

For more information you could try here .

Comment Re:I wouldn't touch Google Chrome on Linux (Score 1) 92

Chrome runs under the user id it was started from.

... and then proceeds by invoking a set-uid binary (that it conveniently set up at installation time) to become root:

# ls -ld /usr/lib/chromium/chrome-sandbox -rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 14664 Jan 30 18:39 /usr/lib/chromium/chrome-sandbox

On my machine (Fedora 25):
> ls -ld /usr/lib/chromium/chrome-sandbox
ls: cannot access '/usr/lib/chromium/chrome-sandbox': No such file or directory

I do run Chrome, Firefox, Konqueror and QupZilla. I can run any browser I want except IE unless I am stupid enough to run a virtual machine with Microsoft Windows although to be fair Windows 10 does not run IE but it only pays attention to the "hosts" file when it suits itself to do so.

Comment Re:Gartner "analysts" (Score 2) 91

M$ is pretty much killing itself in the consumer market and is rapidly reaching the point of no return and perhaps even crossed over.

Windows (all versions): 85% and stable
OS X: 11%
Linux: 1.5%
Misc (possibly mis-ID as desktop): 2.5%

Not sure where you got those figures. Linux Desktop Market share is now at 2.27%. Not huge but definitely increasing.

One third of the 85% above is now using Win10. Half the gamers on Steam now run Win10. With Ryzen and Kaby Lake there is no Win7 support. Sorry to disappoint you, but even as people are holding on to Win7 there zero evidence of any migration away. When push comes to shove I imagine most will begrudgingly upgrade like they did with WinXP.

Again I will refer you to the URL. Windows 10 is approx 25.3% with Windows 7 approximately 47.2% and surprisingly Windows XP at 9.17%. Even Windows 8.1 is at 6.9% so that tells you how popular Windows 10 is, although as people throw away their old windows machines and purchase new ones then Windows 10 market share will increase.

In the motherboard BIOS there is an option for "Other OS" and I initially installed Fedora 24 (now 25) on the Z170 (takes Sky Lake) without any problems so I don't forsee any issues with the motherboards for Ryzen (when it comes out) or Kaby Lake which has the same LGA 1151 socket as Sky lake and will run on Z170, H170, B150 and H110 series motherboards . It will be possible to install Windows 7 (if you can get a legitimate version or do you pirate it?) under the Other OS feature but like you have said it will not be supported by Microsoft.

As far as PC games go, Microsoft Windows dominates although if you go to Steam and look at the number of games available for Linux and SteamOS there are over 5,000 and some are AAA. Good luck finding the time to play them all.

The majority of people will not upgrade to Windows 10 unless Microsoft use the same tactics when they made the OS a free upgrade if you had a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or Widows 8.1. If you wish to upgrade now you have to pay for Windows 10 and most people will not do that unless they replace their PC which in the majority of cases the new PC will come with Windows 10 as the default OS.

Comment Re:What kind of story... (Score 1) 183

This is the kind of news people are forced to resort to, when corporations like M$ a lying pieces of shite. Lie, lie, lie, it's all they do, they are disgusting. Now they biggest lie of all, they have the right to install software on the computer that you bought, that you paud of the OS, against you will, against your rights, what a crock of shite. Basically screw M$ and it blatantly corrupt theft of user rights, it is the biggest abuse of the public by any corporation in history and being backed up by a corrupt US government.

No company has the right to force anything from you, not your energy, not you equipment, not your time, not your bandwidth and not your life (they do not own it and have no right to sell information about it). They are truly done as a corporation, something to be actively opposed and shut down.

I can understand "lock in" if you have a work PC since the company you work for dictates what type of PC you get as well as the operating system and applications you run on it. Obviously, if you are a senior Engineer then you can tell management to take a flying leap providing you can get your work done. Not many people have that luxury or power.

If you own the PC then you are quite correct you still have the right to decide on what operating system you put on it as well as the applications you run on it. If you have locked yourself into a proprietary operating system and applications then you have only yourself to blame.

Comment Re:I feel that lone sysadmin's pain (Score 1) 356

Or use a GUI that moves stuff to a recycle bin first. :-) It's saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

May I ask what if you are required to do housekeeping on a corporate server that does not have a GUI?

Answer: In the case of a corporate server whether it is classified as production, development or test, you raise a change request and get it signed off before you do anything.

If you own the machine and are not answerable to anyone then any mistakes on your part will hopefully be a good lesson for you.

Comment They seem to have forgotten one important thing (Score 2) 94

The gravity on Mars s 38% less than Earth.

Of course, you still have to take into account weightlessness on the trip to Mars but I think the iInternational Space Station has that covered. Considering that once you leave Earth magnetic field you are going to get allot of radiation from the sun so you need protection there. When you get to Mars the only safe place is underground or in radiation proof pressurized housing since the atmospheric pressure on Mars is about 0.6% of Earth 's at sea level.

A better test would be to go back to the moon and run your tests there and it would be a lot safer for the prospective astronauts but that does not have the "wow" factor.

Comment Opera Neon is only available Windows at the moment (Score 1) 78

The Opera web browser is multiplatform, however as I have stated in the subject heading Opera Neon is currently available for MS Widows and since I only run Linux I can't really evaluate it and I am not going to fire up a Windows 10 virtual machine just to evaluate it. I am intrigued enough to download it when it becomes available for Linux.

The split screen feature may be useful like what I find in KDE's Dolphin which is extremely customizable, but then again I can easily fire up Chrome, Konqueror, Firefox, QupZilla or any browsers that I wish to install and have them running side by side or even in different desktops if I wish.

One very important feature I do like with the above web browsers I mentioned is the fact that you can setup repository updating for them so when an update becomes available I can update at my convenience. I am not that sure with Opera and I don't like updates being installed behind my back.

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