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Comment Re:Hit Job on Google? (Score 3, Interesting) 292

No, News Corp has been doing this for years. The reason is Murdoch thinks Google and Google News specifically is killing the news industry, and that the iPad will save it (or at least he thought that a few years ago). It's pure inter-corporate warfare being played out through manipulation of public opinion. The WSJ in particular are experts at it.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 540

Software development can be a high skilled job but entry level skills can be obtained in months, which is not coincidentally, how much training time seems to be involved with learning to be a long haul truck driver in the USA (I see quotes of about two months of full time study for the formal exam around the internet so maybe call that three months when employer training time is included). Three months of full time study isn't going to make you a well paid programmer but that's plenty of time to learn basic web development skills, and another two or three after that with a good course will get someone writing basic CRUD business web apps if they want to. Of course, it's the start of the journey, but now think how many clueless developers you've encountered who are earning good money.

Can the software development world absorb millions of new developers? Sure, it has done in the past, think dotcom boom. Trucking won't disappear over night, nor will taxi drivers, if only because of limited capacity to upgrade vehicle fleets even assuming the technology becomes perfect (which it isn't), and not all drivers will become software developers.

Comment Re:Ataturk would be spinning in his grave (Score 2) 99

Well, Ataturk tried to forcibly reform Turkey into a western style country through a dictatorship. He was always in favour of democracy ... in the future, knowing full well that he hadn't built any real support amongst the people for his plan but betting that over time the culture would change. Seems like he lost that bet.

Comment Re:Nope. Will still use the Nexus 5 and wait. (Score 1) 197

"- I want wireless charging option."

yeah, me too. I have a great wireless charger in my car. I drop in my phone and drive. It is just so convenient. I don't know why they dropped the wireless charging feature. Looks like I'll be keeping my Nexus 5 a for another year or two.

Comment Re:Or the actual reason(s) (Score 1) 761

I actually have a set of bluetooth ear phones (Jaybird X2) that I really like. They connect perfectly, sound great and have an 8 hour battery life. They're much easier to use than wired connection since I can carry my phone in a bum-bag while running or leave on the counter when cooking stuff in the kitchen. It's a much better experience.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 2) 323

"Just because Malthus wasn't right in his lifetime, that doesn't make him wrong. Malthus died in 1834: that's really not that long ago."

Malthus observed a historical phenomena that kept the population of Earth more-or-less constant since the agricultral revolution which in its time increased the population of the Earth by 2-3 orders of magnitude. Since the Industrial revolution and the era of economic growth all such predictions have been dramatically WRONG. Every time time humans appear to run up against a resource limitation, we've found ways around it. The most recent has been crude oil. Who talks about Peak-Oil now?

Our main problem now is that Fossil fuels are too cheap to give up without a global carbon tax.

Comment Re:If Water is Scarce (Score 1) 323

I just ran the numbers of Melbourne's Desalination plant (http://www.melbournewater.com.au/desalination). As far as I can tell, taking account of the interest on the capital, it costs around $4.67 AUD per 1000 L of water. (http://www.kimwells.com.au/deception-on-water-desalination-costs/)

If you neglect the capital cost, it's $0.66 AUD per 1000 L of water.

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