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Journal Journal: Back to Slashdot 1

Well, after spending most of my social online time for the past year or so on Digg I've decided to come back to Slashdot (not that I ever left, I just haven't been spending much time here). Digg is becoming like Fark in a lot of ways and I left Fark a while ago because I couldn't stand the puerile comments and mostly useless stories (plus rabid anti-religion, anti-Conservative, anti-Republican stories and comments). Digg is much like that with such unbalanced stories and comments that it's not really possible to have intelligent conversations. At least Slashdot is pretty balanced and certainly more intelligent than Digg. If I saw a story on Digg that I wanted good commentary on I would come to Slashdot to see if the story was on here because the commentary would be so much better. Anyway, I'm back now. I've even cut off Digg cold turkey. I feel like a recovering addict (not that I really know but how I imagine it would be) who is finally coming out of the misty void into the light.

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