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Comment So why don't we try something else... (Score 4, Interesting) 2044

The whole insurance industry for healthcare is based on a flawed premise that normal care need insurance.

Here's the car analogy... if our cars were done like healthcare:
  1. Gas would cost 10$/gal at the pump for cash/credit.
  2. You would pay 25$ for every time you fueled up and your car insurance company would actually pay them 3.75$/gal for the gas
  3. You would pay 150$/month for this "wonderfully cheaper gas"
  4. Ohh... and if you need roadside assistance you have to pay for the first 5 fully before the insurance company starts picking up the tab.

So let's go back to why health insurance is flawed. Normal healthy individuals may make 3 (annual plus 2 cold/flu) trips to the doctor in a year. I pay 218$ per month for insurance through my employer (not counting the portion they pay). This means that I am effectively paying 872$ per trip to my doctor... ok... lets let that sink in... even if you count a nurse, doctor and receptionist out front splitting it and them only seeing 3 patients per hour (rough cases might take that long) we are still talking they would be making 1.74 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR EACH! Now if you have any friends that are medical professionals I bet you know that there are VERY few that are making that much per year... especially receptionists :)

Now the argument is that "well this money helps balance out all the catastrophic claims"... fine then why are we using insurance for non-catastrophic claims? I have home owners insurance in case a tornado takes my house out but I don't run my water-softener salt or home improvement projects through the insurance company.

Why when it comes to health insurance do we loose the common sense that the more people that touch the money the more we have to pay for the same service.

Leave insurance for catastrophic claims and lets get rid of the day-to-day shenanigans. This should quell a lot of the issues in the industry and make it so that people could pay for what they need instead of padding peoples pockets for day-to-day necessities.

Comment Re:I live in the southwest US (Score 1) 487

2 words... "frost line"
Especially in the colder latitudes where you have to build foundations to 42+ inches to get below the frost line it costs very little to add another 4 feet of cement and a poured floor. In ranch style homes this doubles your available square footage and gives you someplace nice for storage and all your mechanical crud to live.

If the soil is good and you don't have a high water table you can easily keep them dry and finish them. Other than the comforts like windows with a view it gives you a huge bump in finished space for very little cost.

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