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Submission + - New Medical Research Article Format Created: Integrates Print & Video

docinthemachine writes: "Medical Journal Fertility and Sterility and its publisher Elsevier have just announced a new multimedia article format integrating video and traditional print research which is also being adopted by other medical research journals.

Online video and traditional print were previously two separate and unrelated worlds in scientific research. The new mechanism allows videos to be cited the same way as a traditional print article and seamlessly unifies online multimedia content and print journals. Researchers can watch footage of innovations and techniques while still being able to find this information through traditional medical print sources.

The new media initiative uniquely allows an article to exist simultaneously online and in the traditional journal and enables videos to be citable publications. An open access link is embedded in the article appearing in PubMed and the Journal's table of contents. Video articles undergo full peer review

"For the last 200 years, medical publishing remained unchanged. Our solution accommodates non-print work through fully integrated multimedia and has bridged the gap separating the digital and traditional medical literature” says Dr. Steven Palter, the Video and New Media Editor of Fertility and Sterility who developed the concept and spearheaded the project.

Full details are at"
United Kingdom

Submission + - UK goes for gold in open access (

scibri writes: A report commissioned by the UK government has recommended that the country jump straight to "gold" open access: making all scientific papers open access from the start, with authors paying publishers up-front to make their work free to read.

But some advocates of the quicker, and cheaper, option, putting papers in open repositories a few months after publication (green open access) say the report's enthusiasm for gold shows that the authors are more concerned with protecting the profits of the publishing industry than promoting greater access to publicly funded research.


Submission + - Capitalists Who Fear Change (

bill_mcgonigle writes: "In his essay, Capitalists Who Fear Change, author Jeffrey Tucker takes on "wimps who don’t want to improve." From DMCA take-downs on 3D printing files to the constant refrain that every new form of music recording will "kill music", Mr. Tucker observes: "Through our long history of improvement, every upgrade and every shift from old to new inspired panic. The biggest panic typically comes from the producers themselves who resent the way the market process destabilizes their business model" and analyzes how the markets move the march of technology ever forward. He takes on patents, copyrights, tariffs, and protectionism of entrenched interests in general, with guarded optimism: "The promise of the future is nothing short of spectacular — provided that those who lack the imagination to see the potential here don’t get their way.""

Comment Re:new? (Score 1) 101

I performed the first Hd surgery in 2000 befoore we did this 4K project last month. The best surgical cameras we use tp perform the operation through a scope are only HD ---BUT there is no 1/3 inch HD surgical camera chip they are all upscaled 1/2 HD or worse. he red was an order of magnitude beyond anything I used before. The monitors referenced above are mainly used for radiology and microscopes never for endoscopic surgery

Submission + - Red Digital Stills/Motion Camera: 5K+ Res 150 FPS (

docinthemachine writes: Details just released on Red’s new DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) device poised to blow away both still and film worlds. They are already making an uber-cool 4K (4096x 2160) video camera used for Hollywood films. New series of cameras will be combo video and still but totally moodular so you can swap out any of its components (sensores, touch screen focus lens mounts brains, digitsal record modules etc). You can switch from a Hollywood Film camera to a hand held still to a ultrafast slo mo camera with same components. Resolution on video starts at 5K and will go up to 28K (28,000 X 9885) not to mention 150 fps. Prices start at $28K-- more than a Canon Rebel but about $200,000 less than anything with specs even remotely close.

Submission + - New Chip Tech Tests All Embryo Chromosomes in 12h (

docinthemachine writes: A prize paper I saw presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine describes a new chip based technology that aloows all 24 pairs of chromosomes (23+sex) in a 3 day old 8-cell embryo to be tested for genetic aneuploidy. Standard FISH methods can only test 9-11 chrosomes and cGH chips test all but take weeks limiting any clinical utility. This new array aGH method based on BAC arrays tests them all and gives a result in 12 hours. With error rates of less than 6% this has the potential to identify the age related causes of infertility and eliminate most early miscarriages due to abnormal embryos. A follow up study will apply the tech to unfertiized eggs.

Submission + - Surgeon Performs Wold's First Surgery in 4X HD (

docinthemachine writes: Research just presented at the 65th ASRM on 4K surgery. Using bleeding edge Hollywood 4K cameras coupled to laparoscopes surgery was performed in 4K or 4X the resolution of HD. Since laparoscopy is performed viewing on a video monitor this is a huge advancement of resolution and clarity for the surgeon. It only took a million dollars of projectors to show it to the audience.

Comment Re:Bullshit. No Top Academic Scientists Responded. (Score 1) 955

more of an issue than ritalin are eugaroics such as provigil. Already given out to pilots by the airforce it is being used with increasing frequency by students for exams, shift workers in factories and doctors on long duty schedules. I know of prominant physician researchers and academics who have iused it in situations of sleep deprivation. It allows one to function for extended periods without sleep without losing performance, it keeps mental acuity and raction times and recall stable (newer DARPA funded versions actually increase performance) and has no rebound effects.

Submission + - World's Highest Resolution HDTV Surgery Cam (

Steven F Palter, MD writes: "Review of the development and testing of the highest resolution surgical system ever created — which was used to capture footage showcased in the upcoming National Geographic HD special "Inside The Living Body". This is the first true HD (1080p) 1080 x 1920 progressive chip based system and this will be the first surgical procedure broadcast in HD. The surgery recording required the use of HD XDCAM for recording. This is also the first 16x9 surgical system. Use of this resolution of HD resulted in smotther images, higher color fidelity and increased resolution of fine details and disease. Details and photos at"

Submission + - World's Highest Resolution HDTV Surgial Camera (

docinthemachine writes: "The world's highest resolution HDTV surgical video camera system has been developed and used for laparoscopic surgery. This system is unique in having a native chip resolution of 1920 x 1080p and the first ever (for surgery) 16:9 aspect ratio. The enhanced resolution allows the surgeron to see finer details and pathology. Surgical skills are aided by the resolution and wider field of view as well. The enhanced shadows and tonal range also provides enhanced visual clues for depth perception while working in a 2D environment. This system will be featured in the world's first ever broadcast of surgery in high definition in an upcoming national Geographic HD special. Details of the system are at with details of a new medical HD XDCAm blu-ray disk based recording system used to capture the footage at"

Submission + - New Research: Embryo Adoption & Stem Cells

docinthemachine writes: " on/ When does human life begin and what is a human? Fertility specialists wrestle with this question every day as embryos are created, frozen, thawed, implanted, and discarded. Occasionally an embryo is even "adopted". Today I received the draft results of a US government Health and Human Services Research Project that I participated in on the potential for embryo adoption in the US. In 2002, the U.S. Congress authorized the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a public awareness campaign to educate Americans about the existence of frozen embryos available for adoption. How many are there, where are they stored, will patients give them for stem cell reseach nad how it relates to the partial birth abortion ban"

Submission + - Babies Without Men: Sperm From A Woman's Marrow

docinthemachine writes: "Full details at y-2/ Scientists report today on the ability to create sperm from bone marrow cells. Initially performed in men, the technique could potentially be performed in women and lead to a sperm cell made from a woman's body. You got it right- that cell could then fertilize an egg leading to the first female-female conception in human history. The researchers said they had already produced early sperm cells from bone-marrow tissue taken from men. They believe the findings show that it may be possible to restore fertility to men who cannot naturally produce their own sperm. But the results also raise the prospect of being able to take bone-marrow tissue from women and coaxing the stem cells within the female tissue to develop into sperm cells, said Professor Karim Nayernia of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. The Genetic Disaster That Could Result: Faulty Imprinting. There is a huge genetic time-bomb here. The genetic phenomenon called imprinting. This describes the situation where a particular gene is marked or imprinted with a tag that says if it came from the mother or father- and more importantly only one of the other is active."

Google Perks Are Great, But They All Mean Business 289

megazoid81 writes "While there have been complaints of late, Google was recently named the best place to work according to the widely read annual Forbes survey, in its first appearance on the list. The plethora of perks at Google does make you wonder though what kind of hours the company expects its employees to keep. In the context of Google's perks, a Knowledge@Wharton article explains that there are two kinds of workers: segmentors and integrators. Segmentors want to maintain a strict separation between work and home while integrators don't mind mixing the two. The piece posits that segmentors might actually mind too many perks at their workplace and find their commitment eroding. Does Google have a disproportionate number of integrators in its workforce? What kind of worker are you — segmentor or integrator?"

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