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Comment Re:Something feels off about this. (Score 1) 540

If your business model doesn't pay people what they're worth, then you don't have a good enough business model. If your startup idea is compelling, people will work for less in exchange for equity.

Whoever pays the most should get the best workers. I don't understand why you would want it any other way. Isn't that the way it works for management?

Comment Generally awful (Score 4, Insightful) 435

3D is a generally awful experience for most people. It's disorienting, uncomfortable, and doesn't look good for about 99% of the events that took the effort to record in 3D. It was also insanely expensive for a gimmick. It's the same gimmick that has been recurring every 20 or 30 years since the 50s. It still doesn't look any better than it did when it was first introduced. And, as has already been mentioned, having to wear glasses to watch tv sucks. For those that already wear glasses it double sucks.

Comment already known (Score 1) 80

If you have access to someone's phone, and a legitimate reason to ask, the phone company can easily give you their identity based on the phone's MEID and SIM card information. If it's a burner phone, you can still get more information about how/where it was purchased in a much shorter time than any of this information will provide about the person.

Comment Won't do anything (Score 3, Informative) 107

This won't do anything. It's not like people are only using their phones to make an outgoing calls and then turning them off. People use smart phones to DO things. Whether that's accessing the internet or communicating with people via text or voice, the phone NEEDS radio signals to do that. "Man in the middle" systems exploit that for tracking. What Snowden and Huang are recommending isn't going to change that at all.

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 639

You keep telling yourself that. Even if a lawyer vetts it, that doesn't necessarily make it binding. Perhaps their lawyer advised them to sign it anyway, knowing that that particular clause was, in fact, not enforceable. Perhaps the lawyer didn't advise them anything of the sort because, at the time, it didn't matter to anyone. You don't know what you're talking about with respect to what they did or didn't understand in the contract.

I'll say it again, just because a contract is agreed to by both parties doesn't mean it's enforceable. Plenty of "legal" contracts get thrown out every day as non-binding or non-enforceable.

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 639

I can read. Just because you sign something you think is legal doesn't necessarily make it legal. There are hundreds of examples. Hell there was a recent slashdot article about people agreeing to give up their first born child in an EULA. Obviously that's not legally enforceable. If you think it is, you should do a lot more reading about the law.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

It may have changed over the years...

My mom was a cashier (Farmer Jack's in MI) when I was growing up. When the tills were balanced at the end of the day, shortages came out of the cashier's pay. Interestingly, overages didn't go in the employees favor.

The fact that it happened didn't make it legal. Just another form of thief, actually.

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