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Comment Great news everyone! I have a patent on everything (Score 1) 92

... the only way to reconcile free speech with copyright's ability to restrict who may utter certain words and expressions is fair use and other exemptions to copyright, which means that laws that don't take fair use into account fail to pass constitutional muster."

Why would you even need to do that? I don't recall copyright having an amendment. Don't Constitutional rights trump pretty much everything else, period? Remind me when this happened exactly? Copyright/patents are a short term monopoly IN EXCHANGE for sharing creative works and discoveries with society. That means that you have to explain everything completely. If you don't like that, you can always just keep your creations & inventions private. (Coke's formula is a trade secret for example).

Comment Finally, a use for that tinfoil hat I wear..... (Score 0) 106

Take the damned battery out! Hasn't anybody seen NCIS!

power off device completely. Remove battery (if possible). Remove tinfoil hat and wrap phone. That should pretty much solve the problem unless I am missing something, and it gets that goofy tinfoil hat off your head so people stop looking at you strangely.

Comment DRM is teh moar baddest.... (Score 2, Informative) 61

Interestingly, this is yet another reason to never buy DRM controlled music. Not only do you have to worry about all the usual problems with DRM schemes, you also have to pay attention to EULAs. Does the company have the right (not just the ability) to alter your content? In what ways? Have they modified the terms of the EULA since you signed up for it? NEVER BUY DRM CRIPPLED MUSIC, PEOPLE!

I am beginning to wonder if the Gun Nuts have the right, I am not in any way worried about the government becoming corrupt and needing to be overthrown. I ain't scared of the government. I am worried about the lawyers needing to be overthrown...

Comment MacBook (Score 1) 325

MacBook air 13" Early 2015. External monitor 20"Dell 2011 pivoting. The laptopm monitor is used as a dashboard of sorts. (Activity monitor, terminal, Transmission, System Preferences, alternate browser...)

Main browser Firefox with uBlock, PrivacyBadger, NoSquint, VideoDownloadHelper, and https everywhere.

Alternate browser Chrome, with only chromecast plugins

Main productivity suite office365 (used and still have LibreOffice, but my current work needs full office compatibility, especial powerpoint).

Thunderbird ONLY to sabe email in elm format fso I can put as attachements in other emails.

Steam (of course).

seldomly used Bootcamp with Windows 10, for Project, visio, and some windows only games.

So far so standard. The intersting part is the NAS/san Synology DS1515+ . For a pure storage point of view, a drobo would have been better, but the Sylology is certified for the most importan hypervisors, and has iSCSI san capability. And in my current line of work (instructor for Huaweis Storage/Server/Clouds) being able to practice in your own lab is with this is important

Comment Run faster on the treadmill (Score 1) 89

Think this is stupid? Read this bit and think very carefully about it:

Create an autonomous A.I. system that can "hunt for security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to attack a computer, create a fix that patches that vulnerability and distribute that patch -- all without any human interference.

Yahoo Tech notes that it takes an average of 312 days before security vulnerabilities are discovered -- and 24 days to patch it. "if all goes well, the CGC could mean a future where you don't have to worry about viruses or hackers attacking your computer, smartphone or your other connected devices.

Suppose you can write a learning system that grows and adapts to find new vulnerabilities and create fixes for them. That very same system can also be used to find and exploit vulnerabilities at a much faster rate too. Criminal organizations and hostile states will have a new arrow in their quiver to attack with. I suspect that if you build such a system (very hard but doable in theory) you will have the same arms race between black hats and white hats that you have now, it will just be faster paced.

Comment Oh China... (Score 2) 173

What I don't get about the rant...

Oh, there are numerous flaws with this line of thinking. Why would the US & Japan, both of who poses advanced spy satellite technology need to get video game data to try to collect info on military bases? You think that they don't already have that info?

Moreover, why would we want to attack a country with a huge population, and massive standing land army? Isn't there some sort of old saying about land wars in Asia? I thought our plan was to just seduce them with freedom and material goods and let them toss out their own government because they think it sucks. You know, say like eastern Europe and Russia?

At this point, it should be pretty obvious that the US isn't really interested in what other countries do with their governments as long as they don't engage in wars of conquest or wholesale slaughter of their own people, so I just wonder what this person is thinking.

Comment WAY not binding (Score 1) 195

More over, if I recall correctly, Any part of a contract being illegal invalidates the whole thing. Some contracts or TOS agreements will have text in them to the effect that says in jurisdictions where clauses are null and void, that they are to be disregard those specific clauses to weasel past that.

Comment In 2009 (Score 5, Interesting) 360

In 2009, when microsoft did their "Elevate America" training FOR AMERICANS, the Slashdot Collective complained, loud and clear...

I am guessing the Hindustanis will not complain so loudly, if at all...


this was my comment in 2009:

"Lets only hope That RedHat, Suse and the FSF come up with similar programs, both in breadth and # of persons reached.

That way, the computer Illiterate can choose what technology to learn, and are armed and ready when the ceconomy picks up in three years time...

And let's also hope that Microsoft, RedHat, Suse, the FSF, Cisco, Juniper, IBM, Oracle, Sun and the gang rememeber that this is a GLOBAL crisis, and launch similar programs worldwide....

Bridging the "digital divide" will only be good for America and for the World


Comment Upgrade to windows 10 (Score 1) 110

As I have said in prevoius posts, Do a full backup of your system that allows Bare-Metal recovery. Then do an In-Place update to Win10. Now your machine's "fingerprint" is in Microsoft's database.

Restore your previous OS. Voila! Free upgrade, and you can keep using your older OS.

But, while I am no expert in accesability, none of the problems that NVDA lists are unsurmountable, as there are workarounds.

EDGE BROWSER: InternetExplorer 11 is still included and installed in Windows10, is just not the default. Just make Explorer the default and bury EDGE as deep as you can (without uninstalling), and instruct your user to use it. Or, install an alternate browser that is compatible with NVDA. Once NVDA solves the EDGE problem, use it if you want/need.

Windows Store APPs: DO not install any, hide the pre-installed ones, install suitable replacements. Instruct your user to NOT use the Windows Store until NVDA fixes the problem.

PDF Reading: Is a special case of the former, as in Windows10, the default PDF reader is a Windows Store APP. Just install Adobe Acrobat Reader, change the defaults and bury the default reader as much as you can (without uninstalling).

Best of luck

Comment Loyalty to people not companies (Score 5, Insightful) 765

More to the point, a company can (and will) fire you w/o notice if they feel like it. Why should you not be able to 'fire' them in the same fashion?

Companies are sociopath entities that are only as good to you as they least friendly person to you in any position of power. They don't care anything about you or your well being. People within the company might, but the company does not, it exists to make money. You might owe people loyalty, but never a company.

Comment Re:BLOAT (Score 1) 93

Yes, More bloat on the Browser and LESS functionality. From the summary:

Along with the new changes, Google has removed the ability to tweak settings for resolution, bitrate, and quality when casting a tab

I used to use the GoogleCast beta add-on, so I had even more finegrained control over parameters, including acceptable delay/jitter.

Not that is gone.


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