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Comment Chinese only do this for one reason (Score -1) 34

If Chinese have invested in Tesla you can be sure it's not with the goal of making money from an investment. They are going to get their people in the company and then those people are going to rob Tesla blind of technology. Then Chinese firms will "invent" the technology and Chinese people will cheer for the home team.

Comment Re: Austin 16 minute commute? (Score 1) 171

Who lives in Stockholm and pays less than $1500/month for an apartment? (Or did they exclude second hand rent, which is 300% of list price?)

Stockholm isn't exactly cheap, granted, but if you're paying that much for a flat there, you're doing it wrong. My mortgage + maintenance for a 105 kvm (almost 1100 sqft, which is huge for Stockholm) 3BR ("fyra rum + kök") is about half that, it takes about 5 minutes to walk to the nearest stop on the Tunnelbana and it's about 15 minutes to ride the train from there to Centralen.

ProTip1: You do NOT have to live on Kungsholmen or Södermalm to have a nice home in a nice neighbourhood with easy access to downtown. I'm right next to Nacka Reservatet, too.

ProTip2: The rental market in Stockholm is the most completely fucked up I've seen anywhere, and I've lived all over the US and 4 other countries. Buying is heaps cheaper, and that way you get equity as part of the deal.

Comment Re:They are concerned about lost tax revenue? (Score 1) 351

You can call it just a superstition if you like but psychologists, sociologists, and economists have made connections between Christian tradition and a healthy society. I'm not saying following every Christian belief will bring an ideal society, only that we've seen Christian societies excel where others did not.

I'm not gonna mod you down, but I will lay a big [citation needed] on you.

Comment Re:Let's see if I have this right (Score 4, Insightful) 534

Coming up with something would require planning, negotiation, and "horse trading" skills. Trump is not known for any of these skills.

Oh, come on. I think the President is a buffoon but even I still recognize that if he has one legitimate claim to competence in any field is it "negotiation and horse trading." I have no doubt that he is genuinely good at it.

The real problem, as Trump is painfully beginning to discover, is that running a government involves a kind of negotiations that are exponentially more difficult and unsatisfying than business negotiation. Here's why:

In a business negotiation, one of the most vital factors is the fact that (generally speaking) you can always walk away. You're trying to buy Company X or real estate Z and your negotiating partner wants an unreasonable price or unacceptable conditions that there's no breaking the impasse over? Walk away. No deal gets done, but the world keeps spinning on its axis just fine with no real consequences. (Mostly.)

But in government? You don't get a debt ceiling increase passed, you don't get to walk away while the government stops paying its bills and torpedoes the world economy. You don't get an acceptable deal with Iran over its nuclear program, you don't get to walk away and just let them build nukes. You don't get a Middle East peace agreement that you want, you don't get to walk away and remove the US from the region while wholesale slaughter starts. There are real stakes in much of what the government does and no option to just walk away.

So I think that while Trump is undoubtedly good at negotiations, he's having to do them in a completely new environment with a different set of variables and new stakes. And with a 35% or whatever it is approval rating, he doesn't have as much leverage as he's used to. All in all, it's pretty much a perfect recipe for anyone to fail at being a negotiator even if they're otherwise good at it.

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