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Comment Re:What's the point of Western Union? (Score 3, Interesting) 110

I've discovered that quite a few folks in the US think that an offer to pay them via bank transfer is a sure indicator that I'm trying to scam them, or seeking to hack into their bank account.

Not to mention all the places in the US that *require* payment via cheque or other paper instrument. WTF? Is it still, like, 1975 there? Seriously--I've not written a cheque in close to 20 years, but on a recent visit there, I was obliged to buy some money orders because that was the only alternative they'd accept other than me coming in personally with a big wad of cash!

Comment Re:All about the fight (Score 1) 477

Trump's speeches were warm and inclusive, saying essentially "we're in this together, we can win, we can do better".

LOLWHUT?? Only if you're a WASP who wants to ignore/shut out anyone who isn't.

(Disclaimer: I certainly qualify as a WASP. But I'm not so blind as to fail to recognise that a very large proportion of the rest of the world isn't.)

I don't think anyone on the left has a clue how ineffective their campaign of crying, whining, and insulting is.

I think a very large proportion of Americans have been conditioned to regard any facts that they don't care for as "lies" and/or "insults".

Comment Re:How large?!? (Score 1) 300

The journalism curriculum needs a lot more basic science in it.

The problem wasn't in TFA, it was in the submitter's headline and the consequent lack of editing or fact-checking that it received from a Slashdot "editor." I'm unsure whether that bespeaks more of a need for basic science/math education among Slashdot submitters or a need for a Turing test for Slashdot editors to see if they're just bots approving random submissions based on flamebait keywords. I'm pretty sure I could just completely fabricate a story titled "Trump iPhones Zuckerberg's Laid Off IT Workers and Stallman To Net Neutrality Android Is Awesome" and see it sail through unchecked.

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