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Submission + - Orwell removed from Kindle

dlapine writes: "What's the difference between an ebook and the dead-tree edition? Seems that the dead-tree versions are harder for the publisher or middleman to recall. On July 17th, Amazon bowed to pressure from the publisher and electronically deleted versions of George Orwell's books, remotely and without warning to their customers. A refund was provided, but the irony involved in silently pulling 1984 from the electronic bookshelves of Kindle users is immense. "Congratulations! Your account has been increased to 0 books by George Orwell."

Still want to buy that Kindle?

More information here: some-e-books-are-more-equal-than-others"

Submission + - Mediacom Loses SBG Local TV Stations

dlapine writes: "As of midnight, 1.5 million subscribers to Mediacom cable tv will lose access to 24 local TV stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, due to ongoing dispute between the cable company and the station operator over access fees. SBG stations no longer available through Mediacom include NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, CW & MNT. The stations affected all offer free broadcast services, and will continue to do so- it's just that the SBG has denied Mediacom, and only Mediacom, the continued use of their channels for cable delivery.

This is potentially interesting to us slashdotter's, beyond the obvious, "I see can't Deperate Housewives" ranting and "Honey, where'd I put the rabbit ears?" search. This is the first time that a large cable network will be denied use of broadcast stations from a large supplier for monetary reasons. What does this imply for Internet TV? There's also the other issue that SBG can be considered to have a conservative agenda, from it's current and past actions. Does the loss of 1.5 million viewers on a conservative conglomerate imply that the media is once again liberal?"

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