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Comment Really, About the laptop (Score -1, Redundant) 258

Now, with proper formatting!

The website for the One Laptop Per Child project is

And the Wiki:

RedHat is developing the OS for it, and the first prototype has been released last may.
First generations of the laptop will actually be more expensive, around $156, the $100 pricetag will be ... off memory, somewhere in 2008.

Core electronics: * CPU: AMD Geode GX2-500@1.0W(datasheet)
* CPU clock speed: 366 Mhz
* Compatibility: X86/X87-compatible
* Chipset: AMD CS5536 South Bridge (datasheet)
* Graphics controller: Integrated with Geode CPU; unified memory architecture
* Embedded controller (for production), ENE KB3700: Image:KB3700-ds-01.pdf
* DRAM memory: 128MB dynamic RAM
* Data rate: Dual - DDR266 - 133 Mhz
* BIOS: 1024KB SPI-interface flash ROM; LinuxBIOS open-source BIOS
* Mass storage: 512MB SLC NAND flash, high speed flash controller
* Drives: No rotating media Display:
* Liquid-crystal display:
7.5" Dual-mode TFT display
* Viewing area: 151.6 mm × 113.4 mm
* Resolution: 1200 (H) × 900 (V) resolution (200 dpi)

(sorry about parent)

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