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Comment Re:Vladinator (Score 0) 62862

if I'd had a daughter when I stopped really giving a shit about this place, she'd have eaten cum at least once by now.

probably a son too.

but it's nice to hear from/about people other than Vlad. cheers.

Comment NIGGERS AS A SERVICE (Score 0) 62862

It was Simon. He sounded very nervous. No big surprise there, then. After a few moments calming him down, I gave him the address, made sure he knew where he was coming to and that he was coming right away, and hung up. The minutes ticked slowly but my heart still managed to occupy my mouth when the doorbell chimed. Why should I be nervous? The fact was I was excited at the prospect of getting a schoolboy naked in my arms and playing with his young body. I suppose I should admit also to being a little nervous because of the dangers in all this. It's a thrill I crave.
There he stood, on the doorstep, looking as nervous as he'd sounded on the phone, shuffling his feet and fiddling with his fingers. I told him to come in, and closed the door quickly behind him. It seemed necessary to act quickly to prevent the child changing his mind and fleeing into the cold, blustery, wet afternoon. Unseen, I turned the key in the mortice lock and quickly pocketed it, thus at least preventing any escape attempt.

Then, without giving him a chance to say anything which might help him to extricate himself from what was inevitably the most bizarre sexual adventure of his young life, I took his cold clammy hand and led him into my living room, on which I'd already closed the curtains. It was a dark day and this would not look so strange from outside, not that I care much what anyone thinks.

The lovely darling was dressed in a dark blue denim jeans jacket with a black cotton sweatshirt with gold lettering beneath, and a scruffy plain white teeshirt beneath that. On his head was a black, yellow, red and green woolly hat and on his gorgeous hips the tightest pale blue soft denim jeans you could imagine. His footwear consisted of white sports socks with a red band around the ankle and scuffed dirty blue and white trainers. An immature child he might be, but this young boy knows how to dress seductively. I was immediately entranced and stood there in the middle of the room just looking at him, soaking up his stunning appearance.

He stood there nervously, glancing between his feet, the rest of the room and, furtively with head bowed, at my eyes. God, I was so excited, I nearly came in my pants. I moved a step closer, whipped his woolly hat off, threw it on the sofa beside us, and stroked his thick head of unruly hair. “Take your jacket off," I commanded. While he was struggling out of it, my hand slid down over his face to cup his chin, and I took another step forward so that I was right in front of him. He dropped the jacket onto the sofa on top of his hat.

I stroked his cheek with my fingers for a moment while staring into the schoolboy's beautiful big eyes which, I noticed for the first time, are bright blue. Placing my other hand on his back between his shoulder blades, I began drawing him to me. He stiffened momentarily then relaxed as if surrendering to the inevitable. He wanted this, too, although probably for reasons which were meaningless to him. Lowering my mouth to his, I kissed him gently on the lips. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, knowing I would put my tongue between his lips. I did.

As our tongues met, that electric shock ran through us both again. He shivered then relaxed completely into my arms which now encircled him, one hand placed firmly behind his head, holding him to me. As we kissed, I let my other hand move steadily down his back until I reached his superb bottom, so tightly wrapped in those sexy pale blue jeans. I began to fondle his boycunt, to feel the luxuriousness of his fat lovecheeks, and to run the tips of my fingers up and down the warmth of his deep, tight sexcrack .

He put his arms around me too. One hand found its way nervously to the back of my neck and the other held my arm for a while then clasped my waist. He was kissing me as aggressively as I was him. And he'd begun pressing his very hard boy cock into my leg no doubt having felt my huge erection pressing into his tummy. I guided my new loveboy down to the sofa without breaking our kiss.

Side by side now, we rearranged our arms. I still had a hand on the back of his head to stop him getting away from my exploratory tongue but my other hand had moved from his sexy bottom to his pretty cock and he groaned in a very sexual way as I began to stroke it quite hard through the material of his tight jeans.

Simone had one hand on my chest and the other lay loosely in his lap with the tips of his fingers touching my hand as I stroked his lovely boy penis. It was as if he wanted to hold my hand down hard on his boyhood but didn't have the courage. I broke the kiss, a string of our combined saliva hanging between our lips, and immediately began kissing his face, including his eyes which he closed, and down the side of his neck. “You're beautiful," I cooed at him. The boy spoke his first breathlessly whispered words since entering my house. “Thank you, Sir."

He'd remembered my order about how to address me. This boy is going to make a very good sexslave. I wanted to keep moving things relentlessly forward until I had the boy completely nude and taking my penis inside his body (as is my right but, of course, he doesn't really know this yet), I fought back the urge to talk to him, ask questions, and find out why a boy of fourteen would want to do this with a man my age. Time enough for that later but, for now, it was good enough that he was being a good boy and letting me play with him.

I moved both hands to the hem of his sweatshirt and teeshirt, both of which hung scruffily outside the waistband of his jeans, and pulled them sharply upwards. He knew I was going to undress him whatever he wanted. He'd surrendered his adolescent pride to me. My baby was going to give me his lovely young body. The sexy child lifted his arms up straight, allowing his shirts to slide off them. I tossed them on the floor and looked at his bare chest and tummy.

His pale pink nipples, normally very flat, had begun to harden both from exposure to the air and from his turbulent mix of excitement and fear. The boy's bellybutton was an inviting little hole, quite deep. I ran my hands over him, feeling his soft, smooth boymeat. My fingers traced his beauty, all over his chest and flat belly and his entire back ending with my fingers in his hair at the nape of his gorgeous long neck. The boy's face is not the prettiest but his body is a pervert's dream.

I kissed him again, my tongue licking around inside his mouth. My left hand went back to his big cocklet to squeeze and stroke it, eliciting moans of pleasure from my lovechild. My right hand, however, immediately went to work on getting at my real desire, the teenage girlyboy's bottom. I slid my fingers under the waistband of his pale blue jeans and, despite the tightness of the belt holding them up, I managed to get my entire hand inside both his jeans and his pants where the tips of my fingers could feel the exciting swell of his gorgeous buttocks and the even more enticing V of the entrance to his darling lovecrack. I was on the verge of exploring my schoolboy's cunt.

Excited as she was, Simone remained passive, letting me do whatever I wanted, it seemed, but still too fearful and nervous to actually do anything herself. That was OK with me, for the moment, anyway. Whilst continuing to feel what little I could reach of the beautiful child's back sex organ, with my other hand I unbuttoned its jeans and pulled down the zipper. He was looking into my eyes with a big, doelike expression. I was close to raping him and had to fight for self-control. The last thing I want to do just at the moment is to frighten this lovely boy. I need to spin my web around him and that will take a few weeks of confidence-building.

The looseness of his jeans now enabled me to move my hand further down onto his arse and to get my other hand inside his pants to play with his throbbing cock. It was maybe five inches long, about an inch round and hard as hell. It was hot and throbbing. The lovely childwhore moaned into my mouth as we continued to kiss, long and deep. He arched his back, pushing his hard boysex organ into my hand. He desperately wanted to cum. I reached around to feel his babies which were every bit as hot as his cocklet and hard as nuts, full of babyspunk for me.

Arching his back, my baby inadvertantly helped me in my exploration of his cunt. I was able immediately to slide my hand round his lovecheeks and to feel their fullness, their beautiful shape and the depth and narrowness of his sexy lustcrack between the big bottomcheeks. I gently pressed my forefinger in between his lovecheeks and found his cunthole, tiny, warm and dry, puckered fully closed. In one fluid motion, I took hold of his cockmeat and began to gently wank him, and I pushed my finger a little way into his lovehole.

He backed off, breaking the kiss with a sharp intake of breath. He looked into my eyes with a strong hint of fear showing there, mixed with incomprehension and maybe a little disgust. “Don't worry, sweetheart, I won't hurt you," I lied, cooing gently. I do fully intend to hurt my new boylover but not yet. I think he realised that having his cocklet stroked gently and his bumhole fingered equally gently was making him very horny. “Do you want me to make you feel really good, baby? Do you want me to make you cum?" “Oooh yes, Sir, yes please, Sir," he whispered.

“You've got to do something for me, first, Simon." “What, Sir?" “Stand up and take all your clothes off so that I can look at you in the nude. Then I'll make you have the best cum of your life." “Yyes, Sir," mumbling. I removed my hands reluctantly from his lovely body and he used both his to lever himself up off the sofa. Standing directly in front of me, he wriggled and pushed his jeans and tiny white cotton briefs down his gorgeously smooth, thin legs to his ankles.

Leaning forward, I unfastened the laces of his trainers and helped him out of them, then pulled his little socks off. With the clothes pushed out of the way, there stood before me a nude schoolboy. He looked uncomfortable with his nudity, with being bare in front of a strange man. Strange is the operative word! And there's nothing this strange man likes more than a bare bitch standing in front of him looking nervous.

I made the boy stand there, shivering just noticeably, more from his nudity than from the temperature, while I ogled his lovely adolescent body. His lovely little cock stood out at ninety degrees, hard as a rock, with his beautiful balls tight beneath it. He has a little dark blond pubic hair around his lovely boyhood. It's soft and downy. Otherwise, the babe is completely hairless. His pale skin is soft and taught. Apart from his face, he is a gorgeous piece of young cunt. I'll punish him for the face one day, very severely. But, for the moment, I need to earn his trust and, anyway, I want to make love to him as often as possible for the immediate future. Wouldn't do to upset him too early on.

Reaching out, I stroked his body from his chest down over his flat belly to his cocklet which I curled my hand around very gently and stroked up and down slowly, eliciting more moaning and shallow breathing from my childlover. With my other hand, I felt him from the backs of his calves up his thighs to his fat, young boybottom which, one day very soon, I will begin spanking frequently. He's very sensitive around his boycunt and didn't seem to know whether to push his body into the hand behind him or the one in front, holding his lovemeat.

“Turn round and show me your bottom, sexy Simon." He turned. I leaned forward and kissed his cheeks and that exciting crack of his, where the big bumbabies rub together. He shivered as I did this. It obviously excited him so I decided to go another step further down the road of debauching this apparently naïve and very lovely schoolboy. I pushed my tongue in between his sexcheeks and began to lick his beautiful arse. God, he liked that and, within a few seconds, he was squirming, began to breathe raggedly, and started playing with himself, filthy boy.

I didn't want my new slave making himself squirt his cum so I made him sit back down on the sofa with his legs wide apart and crooked at the knees, feet flat on the cushion. After quickly stripping off (when he saw my enormous, raging hard cock, considerably more than twice the size of his, he drew a short, sharp breath), I got down on my knees and went back to work on his boycunt with my tongue but, this time, I licked all the way up from his tiny little vagina, over his perineum and his darling babies, and up the spine of his penis to his foreskin. I love boys with foreskins. They're so much more fun than the other kind, and much prettier to look at.

In less than a minute, Simon was close to orgasm, and I slid my lips down over his baby lovemeat. I took it all in my mouth very easily and began licking and sucking on it, working my mouth up and down with my lips tight around his boyhood. His breathing became shallow and he didn't know what to do with his hands. While I had one of mine wrapped around his succulent lovecheeks, I took hold of one of his hands with my free one and held it firm. He tightened his fingers which were intertwined with mine. They were hot and clammy. His other hand went reflexively to my head, probably wanting to hold it firm so that I wouldn't stop sucking him.

Then he stiffened, arched his back, and with an explosion of breath, he spunked into my mouth. Fuck, some little boys make a hell of a lot of spunk. I recall that I did. I got a real mouthful and, knowing how urgent it feels to really empty one's balls, I tightened my lips harder around his little shaft and went on sucking, dragging my lips and tongue up and down him, and he went right on spunking. There were ten ejaculations and still he went on spasming even though, now, a few mere drops spurted from his gorgeous knob.

I didn't swallow any and neither did I let his copious lovejuice spill from the corners of my mouth. I just held it safe while I moved up his young body and pushed my lips against his. Now used to the idea of kissing me, the naïve kiddy parted his lips to accept my tongue. He got my tongue alright, and a mouthful of his own slimy lovefilth. In shock, he swallowed most of it. So lovely to watch a boy swallow his own cum. The rest of it got kissed and licked around in both our mouths before I drank it. I broke the kiss but he lifted his mouth to mine and began kissing me again. We were nude and in each other's arms. It was so erotic to have this lovely young boy naked in my arms, his skin pressed against mine, so warm and smooth.

Humping his lovely body round to lay the length of the sofa, I knelt astride his chest, my huge cock pointing right at his young face. “Wank me," I commanded. “Gently, boy." “"Stroke my balls, pretty boy. Gently." His warm, small fingers barely went round my cock but felt so good gently stroking up and down my shaft. I was very close to shooting and knew I'd have to either control it, if I could, or just squirt all over his face. In fact I did want to shoot my cum all over the boy's face but, first, I wanted to experience its hot young mouth around my godhood.

Pushing my cock forward to Simon's face, I touched my huge knob to his thin but sensous lips and commanded “Suck my cock, pretty boy." He opened his mouth just a little, clearly afraid to take my immense penis in his small mouth. But just that little opening was all I needed and, with brute force, I shoved the knob in between his cuntlips and teeth. I felt his gorgeous wet tongue beneath my cockhead. Unable now to stop me, Simon had to accept the rest of what I wanted to give him. I pushed further until a couple of inches of my shaft followed the knob into the boy's facefuckhole, his lips stretched widely around me.

He was already very frightened, breathing furiously through his nose, and looking dolefully at me with his big beautiful blue eyes. He had both his hands on my thighs and didn't seem to know whether to just hold me or push me off him. Like I said, I don't want to frighten him away so I was gentle and moved my cock slowly in and out of his mouth with a maximum of only four inches inside his deliciously wet cunthole. It was only a matter of maybe another minute until I was beginning to spasm at which point I pulled my cock from his lovely mouth and took hold of it.

Wanking furiously, I spat all my cum on his darling face. It splashed everywhere, ran down his neck, clogged in his pretty hair, went up his nose, gobs of it on his eyes, some even spurted straight into his still open mouth. What a beautiful sight he was with my manfilth all over his face. After I'd stopped ejaculating, I lay down on top of my darling and kissed him again. With my fingers, I repeatedly scooped my cum from his face, neck and hair, putting my fingers into his mouth each time. “Suck." He sucked my sperm from my fingers and even ran his tongue over them. He swallowed all of his new master's cum.

“Did you like doing that, Simon?" Yes, Sir." “Do you like me making you cum, babysex?" “Yes, Sir." “Do you want to come here often and do it again?" “Oh yes, Sir. Please, Sir." “Do you like sex, Simon?" “Yes, I like sex, Sir." “Have you had sex with anyone else before?" “N.. well, only with another boy at school, Sir." “Do you have sex with him lots, Simon?" “Yes, Sir." “Would you like to bring him with you one day?" “Maybe, Sir." This was an interesting discovery and may turn into a nice opportunity for watching two boys have sex, a lovely private show, and then play with them both together. But I didn't want to push too hard just yet. I changed the subject, slightly.

“Have you ever had any kind of sex with anyone else, Simon? Like, you know, just touching and feeling and looking?" “Yes, Sir, my d" He went silent and his face went deathly white. Here was something interesting. He was going to say `dad'. Again, I thought it best not to push. “What about girls? Do you like girls, Simon?" “Yes, Sir, I love girls." “Do you have a girlfriend?" “No, Sir." “Would you like to fuck a girl, Simon?" “Oh god, yes, Sir!" “Have you ever seen a girl in the nude, sweetheart?" “Only my sister, Sir, and sometimes my mum."

“Would you like to see nude girls on my computer, Simon?" “Oh yes, Sir, I'd like that. you have games on your computer, Sir? We don't have a computer at home." “Yes, I have games and, if you're a very good boy, I'll buy games that you like and you can come over whenever you want to play them. But you have to do things for me, Simon. Understand?" “Yes, Sir. What things, Sir?" “Oh, things like taking your clothes off and letting me look at you in the nude and kissing you and cumming on you. Stuff like that. OK?" “Oh. OK. Yes, Sir. That's alright."

I let him play games on the computer for an hour or so and refrained from interfering with him any more, even though it was hard keeping my hands off him. We parted with another long, deep kiss and a promise he would come back after school on Monday. I'm planning on working my way up to deflowering his lovely bottom next weekend.

Comment I am nailing one of my wife's friends tonight (Score 0) 62862

She has recently reached sexual liberation and was kind of putting it out there when she went hiking with me and the wife a couple weeks ago. So I threw game, and she's into it, and we're (this is awesome) having a glass of wine at a bar across the street from her house tonight.

I am "cautiously optimistic", and by that I mean I bought more rubbers even though I had some already.

Comment Simon spends the day (Score 0) 62862

I've been feeling very sexually aggressive just lately, probably because of my conquest of a young boy and domination of a young woman. I have the urge to go out and find something pretty to torture and sexually murder. A gorgeous little blonde childwhore of about 7 or 8 would do nicely. Yesterday was a Saturday so Simon was able to spend much of the day with me. He arrived at half past ten wearing a pair of the tightest pale blue jeans imaginable. The shape of his already very hard young boy sausage, the beauty of his big bottomcheeks, nothing was left to the imagination. As usual, I was stunned into momentary silence at his gorgeous, succulent sexuality (despite his not especially attractive face). “Hi," I croaked. He smiled (he has a heartmelting smile), said softly “Hi." I took him in my arms and kissed his lovely 14 year old mouth. “Come up to the study, babysex. I've got a big present for you." “Really?" His eyes lit up and he took off up the stairs in front of me. I'm sure he was purposely exaggerating the sensual motion of his fabulous boycunt for my benefit.

Wrapped in shiny, bright dayglow pink paper, it was big and it stood on the coffee table, the very place where, the day before, both Michelle Legge and Simone himself had danced nude for me. “Open it," I croaked, breathless from trying to keep up with the boy's youthful race up the stairs. My lovely little girlyboyfriend crouched down in front of the table, picked up the box, felt its weight, examined it on all sides, even underneath, then put it gently back on the tabletop and began to rip the paper from it. As soon as he saw the logo `Playstation II' he drew in a theatrical breath then squealed with delight “Oh thank you, Sir. Thank you. Thank you." I think I guessed right. He doesn't get much in the way of presents at home, nor love and attention, nor much of anything else except verbal and maybe even physical abuse.

“You'll find a pack of games in there that you can plug in, as well. I'll leave you to play while I do some things. Want a coke?" I got him a coke, lovingly brushed his soft young cheek with the back of my hand as he beamed lovingly up at me from his knees on the carpet, and then left him alone for well over an hour. In fact, it was rapidly approaching twelve o'clock when I walked into the study and found my sexy boy sprawled on the sofa completely lost in whatever game he was playing. I saw that I had to do something drastic to attract his attention from its earsplitting electronic noise, music (if you can call it that) and hyper visuals.

Turning on the puter, I called up the video showing the darkhaired babe having her big breasts skewered and set it to play over and over with the volume up. The soundtrack is crap but the dubbed in screams are quite pleasing. Even that didn't work until I went to Simon and gently but firmly turned his face to look at the computer screen. His mouth dropped open. Suddenly the playstation was forgotten and I could, with a thankful sigh, turn off the appalling racket coming from it.

While Simon sat goggle eyed watching the beautiful young cuntwhore crying out in abject pain as the skewers are pushed through her big lovely tits, I began stripping his clothes off him. He was lost in his own mindblown, sadistic boy thoughts and didn't seem to notice that he was being undressed apart from helping by holding up his arms for his sweater and teeshirt to be pulled off, and lifting his sexy bottom off the seat while I tugged his amazingly tight jeans and then his little white cotton boypanties down his thin, hairless legs.

“Please, Sir, can I see Michelle again?" “My slave bitch in the stinging nettles?" “Yes, Sir. Please, Sir." I called it up and while he watched, open mouthed and idly wanking himself, I stripped off. I began fondling and stroking Simon's lovely body and kissing his neck just below the right ear. “Will you really let me play with her, Sir?" “Yes, Simon, my pretty darling, I will. But only if you're a very good boy for me." “I'll be a good boy if you let me play with Michelle, Sir. I'll do anything you want, Sir."

“We can watch more videos and stuff later on, Simon. I want you to come to bed with me now and I've got more presents for you in the bedroom." “Really?" “Yes. Come on, sweet boy." He let me lead him completely nude, his darling fully erect and pointing up at me, to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of my big double bed, told the boy to stand in front of me and said “You have to earn your presents this time, beautiful. Dance and wiggle for me, and stroke yourself all over. Turn round and round so I can see all of you." Even though Simon is getting used to doing this for me, there is still an unmistakable aura of embarrassment about the luscious child when he dances and wiggles to please me and this makes me so excited I could burst.

After four or five minutes of watching this beautiful, submissive boychild performing like a stripper, I reached across to the nighttable and picked up a plastic carrier bag containing a whole bunch of things which were really for my amusement rather than his. I knew he would be shocked by them, especially when I told him to put them on, and I was really looking forward to this sexy moment.

“Sit on my lap, babysex." He sat, my huge cock pressed hard against his soft, silky, warm thighmeat. From the bag, I produced a tiny pastel pink cotton thong, bright pink ankle socks, a pair of brand new pink and white trainers (which I'd double checked would fit him), a small lacy pink thigh garter, a big, dark pink glass bead to go in his sweet little bellybutton, four pale pink plastic wrist bangles and two matching clip on earlobe buttons, a necklace of little plastic pastel pink beads, a transparent plastic tube of metallic pink, blue and silver sticky glitter, half a dozen foot-long lengths of pale pink ribbon, a little circular flat plastic container of blue eyeshadow with a tiny built-in brush, and a plastic tube of bright pink lipstick.

He sat looking down at the embarrassingly girly things piled in his lap, his mouth open, incomprehension written on his face, his cocklet shrivelling. “I want you to wear them, Simon. I want you to put them on and let me look at you in them." “B..but I'm..I'm a boy, Sir. Boys don't wear pink things and lipstick, Sir. That's for girls," disdainfully. “I love you, Simon, and I want you to be my very own girlyboy. And, if you want me to go on loving you and giving you nice presents and letting you use my computer, and especially if you want to play hurting games with my Michelle, then you'll put these things on and let me see you in them." I was, for the first time, being quite stern with my boychild lover. It was needed at this moment.

“B..but someone might see me, Sir." “I promise no one will see you dressed in these things (I lied) and I will ask you to put them on only when you are here. I want to see you looking sexy. I must tell you, Simon, that men like me adore nothing more than a beautiful boy like you dressed up like a girl. I want you to be my girlyboyfriend. To please me. Will you be my girlyboy, Simon? Please?" His shoulders sagged and he repressed a sigh as the realisation sank in that the only way he'd continue with me was to do this and anyway, he must have reasoned with himself, it wouldn't do any harm and nobody would see him. Home and dry.

“OK, Sir. What do you want me to put on first?" “Let's start with the thong, babysex." Within five or six minutes, a rather plain-faced adolescent boy had been transformed into a tweenage princess. He looked gorgeous and the effect was stunning. The pink ribbons tied in his full head of hair, his now deflated, soft cocklet peeking out from behind the tiny patch at the front of the thong and his full, firm, round bottyglobes perfectly dissected by the spaghetti-like string at the back which actually disappeared between them. The bead in his pretty navel. The soft pastel pink plastic things against his pale white skin. The erotic-looking shiny bright pink gloss on his narrow but sweet lips. The effect of the eyeshadow and the glitter on his pretty cheeks. He was beautiful and my balls were aching so much. I vowed to buy more such things to dress my girlyboy in. Maybe a tiny pink skirt with flared pleats, sexy little high-heeled party sandals, halter neck tops, hair beads, one of those tiny little backpacks girls like to wear, perhaps in bright pink, stuff you see horny little pubescent girly princesses strutting about in.

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to surreptitiously start the video camera concealed in the shelf across the room. “Now dance for me again, Simone. Like you did earlier, turning round and round for me." He began to wiggle and dance. Oh god, my spunk was rising. “I'm going to call you Simone, sweetheart, when you're dressed like a girl for me. Oh god you're beautiful, Simone. So fucking beautiful." I took him in my arms and kissed him. He put his arms around me too. I pulled my sexy babygirl down onto the bed with me and we kissed and cuddled, I feeling his lovely body all over, he feeling embarrassed still about wearing girl's things, worse – pink girl things.

But soon my kissing him with my tongue deep in his baby mouth and my manipulation of the darling between his legs and his pretty babies had him erect and feeling horny again, his boyballs full of thick, hot creamy spunk. Now he lay on his back on my bed and I was leaning over him savouring the prettiness of the child in all his pink, girly things. “Pull your thong down, Simone." He wriggled out of it, moving sensuously like a teenage girl. “I love you, Simone. Do you love me, too, babysex?" “Yes, Sir, I you, Sir."

“Do you want to fuck me again, Simone, my baby?" “Ooh yes please, Sir? Can I?" “Yes, sweetheart, but first I want you let me fuck you, pretty baby." “B..but you're t..too big. It'll really hurt me, Sir. Noo..pleease, Sir. Please don't furck me, Sir," he sobbed. But, Simone, just twenty minutes ago you said you'd do anything for me if I let you play with Michelle Legge. Didn't you?" “Yes, Sir," he sniffled. “And you just told me that you love me. Didn't you, baby?" “Yes, S..Sir." “Well, sweetheart, little girlyboys who love a man always let their men go up their bottoms. It's just like a man fucking a girl in her cunt, Simone. And I promise you it won't hurt like when your dad pushed his willy up you, babysex. I'll be very gentle and, although, it will hurt a little at first, you'll soon get used to it. After a while, you might even like having my cock up your boycunt, Simone."

“Yes, Sir. OK, Sir." “Good girl. Open your legs a little for me, darling, and tell me you want me to fuck you." “Please, Sir, will you f..fuck me, Sir?" From the nighttable draw I grabbed the vaseline, pulled off the lid, chucked it on the floor, scooped out a little with my forefinger, threw the little jar after the lid, and greased my baby's tight little cunthole. I lay down on top of him and gently nudged my knob into his succulent beauty. At last, I was going to fuck him, take his virginity, watch him cry for me. He looked up at me, nervously biting his lower lip, tears welled in the corners of his pretty blue-shadowed eyes. Apprehension showed in his face.

“Tell me you love me and you want me inside your cunt, Simone." “I love you, Sir, and I wa..want you inside my c..cunt, Sir." I pushed gently into him. Repressing the urge welling up inside me to brutally rape this child, I chose to be as gentle and loving as I could. I don't need to frighten him just yet. Time enough for hurting the little cuntboy later on when I've got him properly trained and fully under my control. Damn, he feels so good inside. So soft and warm and ecstatically tight. Holding down that urge was getting more difficult by the time I had three inches of my concrete-hard fuckmeat up his gorgeous little bottom.

The pretty girlyboy was sobbing softly, his left cheek on the pillow, the fingers of his left hand curled tight shut and crooked in his open mouth. He was biting down on them with his pearly white teeth. Traces of glitter and eyeshadow rubbed off onto the linen. I'd reached the point where I needed to get more cock inside the child, perhaps another two or three inches, before I could start fucking his tight little anus. `Oh bugger it,' I thought (no pun intended), and gave an almighty shove.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!" he screamed. I yanked his hand out of his mouth, turned his face to me, and pressed my mouth down on his, absorbing his crying into my mouth as I began to tongue kiss him long and hard. I stroked his cheek with one hand and gently masturbated his boycock with the other. His crying soon subsided and I began then to stroke, as gently as I could up and down in his delightfully tight cunny. After two or three minutes of stroking his face, his cock, and working mine up and down inside his lovely body, he actually began to respond. His cock hardened in my fingers and he licked my tongue with his.

I ended the kiss. “You're very beautiful, Simone. I love you very much. And I love being inside you." “I you too, Sir." “Do you like me inside you, Simone? In your boycunt?" “I..I don't know, Sir. It still hurts, but not as much. It just feels sort of funny like I need to go to the toilet, Sir." We both laughed. I began kissing him all over his face as I started to thrust in and out a little faster then faster still until, shouting “OH GOD YOU FUCKING LOVELY LITTLE CUNTBOY!!", I sicked my cum up the 14 year old schoolboy's beautiful tight rectum, up into his boy uterus. It felt like I'd never cum so much in my life.

Half an hour later, Simon's behaviour was like it had never happened. Playing happily with the playstation thing, he allowed me to fondle and kiss him. He even forgot about wanting to fuck me until I reminded him. I felt it was important that he never come to my house without having an orgasm. Before he went home, we agreed that the playstation would remain at my house because he and I both feared his mother would think he'd stolen it or something and start asking difficult questions. I arranged with him to come back on Monday for an afternoon by himself with the playstation and then on Tuesday to spend the whole day and I promised I would try to make sure Michelle would be there too. A promise I am determined to keep.

Comment Re:GOOD MORNING, GENTLEMEN (Score 0) 62862

In bed, Ginny immediately assumed a position she knew I liked. On her belly, face in the pillow, bottom up, legs almost closed. I liked the feeling of those big bumbum cheeks against my belly as I pressed down on her lovely smooth back. I was inside my whore's body in seconds and humping slowly, saying all the love words. Between phrases, I was silently mouthing words like 'and later I'll be using your kid sister, you fucking gorgeous filthy whore'. It was so erotic. After about ten minutes of riding my bitch, I put my face down next to hers to kiss and lick her mouth and tongue (we also liked gently biting each other's lips) and saw, to my anger the whore had passed out. Sleep check. Nothing. Of course, whilst angry, I was keenly excited I could go straight to the other body. Tonight was to be my first time inside Kate Harris and I was glad I could get right to it. Feeling reassured by last night's performance, I didn't bother with any precautions other than a sleep check on Kate who was lying on her side with her legs straight, the easiest position for nocturnal rape. It's good also for the extra pressure on your penis from the whore's closed thighs. Before anything, I wanted to feel Kate's sexy mouth around her master's lovesausage. I discovered I could open her mouth exacty the same way as I did Ginny's and pushed my rapemeat deep inside. It was deliciously warm and slimy and I was able to get my knob right into her throat without choking her. I did not only fuck Kate's mouth, I had sex in her throat. I was actually very tempted and close to sicking up my lovefilth into her mouth but wanted to save myself for fucking her uterus so I pulled out. After another close-up examination of the girl's bottom and cunt, I got on the bed behind it and gently but firmly pushed my erect fuckmeat between its legs. I hadn't been so hard since I'd used Ben's little bottom. With one hand I opened Kate's lovely wet cuntlips and prised them apart. Holding the cunt open with my fingers, I used my other hand to guide my penis into my girlfriend's little sister's young body. Starting gently to fuck up and down inside Kate with her luscious bottom pressed against my stomach, I put one arm around her from above and wriggled the other under her neck so I could get a boob in each hand. I said 'Kate, Kate' wake up' directly into her ear, just to be sure. Nothing. Encouraged, I began to fuck harder, soon reaching the young slut's cervix. The feel of touching the whore's uterus with my cockhead spurred me on to fucking it harder still. Soon I was ramming my penis up and down that heavenly, tight wet sex hole and stabbing the fucktoy's uterus each time. Meanwhile, I was playing with Kate's big, milky bobos, squeezing and wobbling them and pinching the nipples. It didn't take more than about four minutes for the sperm to bubble up from my swollen testicles and, as I wanted to prolong this, I stopped moving for a few seconds with my glans pressed against Kate's babyhole. I pushed really hard and broke through into her uterus. The extra pressure of that tight narrow opening on my prick made me explode into the cow's luscious body and I tried to climb on top of her to get a bit more of me inside her. Well, of course, there wasn't any more of me to go inside (at moments like these, I regret not having one of those gigantic fuckpoles you see sometimes, you know, fourteen inches long and six inches around). But the move meant I could see Kate's sexy face and her horny hair cascading around it and for the duration of my squirting inside the body of this sleeping beauty (felt like forever) I licked and kissed her lovely mouth. Although rape of a conscious, struggling and crying victim is eminently more preferable to sex with a cunt who is sleeping, I have to tell you that fucking Kate that night was one of the best ever. I vomitted into her uterus and all over the inside of her sexy twat what felt like a quart of sperm. Probably it was just a couple of tablespoonsful, but the orgasm was one of the most penetrating I've ever had.

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