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Comment I've been quite impressed with the Gear fit 2 (Score 1) 232

You can set what alerts you and what doesn't, it is a great fitness tracker, GPS, etc... You can respond to text messages, or reject phone calls from your wrist. (Handy when cycling) The "find phone" feature helps me when I can't remember where I set my phone last. I only charge it when I'm in the shower, but the battery easily lasts a couple of days. It's water resistant, but me personally, I wouldn't take it in the ocean. It's lightweight, and small, but can still display a map of my rides. If you get the right face (there's even an LCARS face), it's quite pleasant to wear. I thought it would be a fad, but I'm sold now. I'm not a huge fitness nut, but still really enjoy wearing it.

Comment I'd have kept it if not for constant notifications (Score 1) 29

Downgrading to an S7 Edge ruined my world. (o.k. I'm being a little over-dramatic here but it did make me sad)
The note 7 screen was beautiful, and bright. Made iPhone users Jealous. It didn't scratch like my S7 (it's only 3 weeks old and has several scratches in the screen! It's in a case!)

The first one I had, I can confirm, they had a hot running phone, that battery was trash. The 2nd one was ice cold, ALL THE TIME, even fast charging, even fast charging streaming a movie over wifi, playing audio over bluetooth. My s7 Edge runs noticeably hotter. I'm not doing anything different. The battery lasted for what felt like an eternity on the note. I do hope they bring it back soon. I use my SD card extensively or I would have moved on to a Pixel, but the S7 was the next best phone for me. Maybe next time eh Samsung?


Verizon Changes Its Mind and Will Kill Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 on January 5th ( 96

Verizon has just announced that it plans to roll out Samsung's upcoming Note 7 update, which permanently stops the recalled smartphone from charging and disables its wireless radios, on January 5th. Only last week, the leading US carrier took a controversial stance when it said it would "not be taking part in this update because of the added risk this could pose to Galaxy Note 7 users that do not have another device to switch to." From a report on The Verge: The company was particularly concerned about nuking the Note 7 during the holiday travel season, something that its US rivals also seemed to take into consideration when scheduling a roll-out date for the update. AT&T is waiting until the very same day. Sprint will release it on January 8th. And T-Mobile's going first among major US carriers on December 27th. Verizon still seems to think it's making the right decision pushing things off a bit for the same reasons. "We want to make sure you can contact family, first responders, and emergency medical professionals during the holiday travel season."
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Facebook Is Clamping Down On Fake News, Partners With Fact Checkers To Flag Stories ( 415

After weeks of criticism over its role in spreading fake news during and after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Facebook said today it is taking concrete steps to halt the sharing of hoaxes on its platform. From a report on Slate: The company announced on Thursday several new features designed to identify, flag, and slow the spread of false news stories on its platform, including a partnership with third-party fact-checkers such as Snopes and PolitiFact. It is also taking steps to prevent spammers and publishers from profiting from fake news. The new features are relatively cautious and somewhat experimental, which means they may not immediately have the intended effects. But they signal a new direction for a company that has been extremely reticent to take on any editorial oversight of the content posted on its platform. And they are likely to evolve over time as the company tests and refines them. First, it's trying to make it easier for users to report fake news stories. The drop-down menu at the top right of each post in your feed will now include an explicit option to report it as a "fake news story," after which you'll be prompted to choose among multiple options, which include notifying Facebook and messaging the person who shared it.

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