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Comment Re:Explain the downmod then (Score 1) 195

See subject: Nobody disproved my points (they're easily proven FACTS is why) so I'll do as I please & watch "your kind" RUN DRY of 'downmodpoints' as always, lol... too bad for you & "your kind" ('soros losers', lmao).

I've already told you that I'm not a moderator. I don't have mod points to waste.

* :)

I'm sorry to see that you have a bump on your head. Yes, that would explain a lot.

Also - do yourself a favor before you play "SiDeWaLk-ShRiNk of /.' - get a psychiatric sciences degree, a formal examination of myself given in a professional psychiatric environs & a license to practice it 1st before you make a BIGGER FOOL OF YOURSELF showing your "delusions of grandeur" @ being a psychiatric pro with WEAK off topic illogical ad hominem attacks that fail vs. me (just like your downmods ALWAYS do).

Let me guess... you're an L. Ron Hubbard fan.

P.S.=> You're easy to kill - you do it to yourselves everytime thinking you can "push me around" when I shit ALL OVER YOU easily negating your bs... apk

So what?

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 90

There is no uni degree in Germany that requires english or proper english, why should it?

Out of the three or four languages Europeans are supposed to learn English isn't one of them? No wonder the Brits left the European Union in a huff. ;)

On the other hand, what do you find wrong in his sentence?

How it was written contradicts the statement that the OP graduated from a university. He came across as being a graduate of American public schools, which is what a university education is supposed to fix. If you run the text through a readability measurement, it comes out at the fourth grade level. I never went to high school, I got an A.A. degree in General Education, transferred and got kicked out of the university in my junior year, and I later went back to get an A.S. in Computer Programming with a 4.0 GPA. Despite not graduating from high school or the university, I write at the 11th grade level. The average American reads at the seventh grade level.

Comment Re:Bogus downmods anyone? lol... apk (Score 1) 195

Doing unjustifiable downmods to hide truth on YOUR PART is weak & you know it

I don't moderate on Slashdot. That makes your statement FALSE.

* So fuck off, ok?

You need to something about your anger issues. Venting in public is not healthy.

P.S.=> ANYTHING I wrote is easily substantiatable fact - which just KILLS "your kind" doesn't it? Yes & that's why you tried to "hide it" w/ downmods (which I can post in UNLIMITED FASHION easily to get you to "run dry" of those unjustifiable downmodpoints - lol, you can't even WIN AN ELECTION - do you think you can win vs. me? NO way)... apk

I'm a moderate conservative. We're difficult to kill.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 195

Serious question: is any of the money used to pay for the lawsuits and recounts actually taxpayer money? I thought it all came from Stein's campaign (donations).

From what I've been reading, there are direct costs and indirect costs. The donations are paying for the direct costs. The taxpayers are paying for the indirect costs of the extra people that the counties may need to hire to get the recount done in a timely fashion, especially if the ballots are being counted by hand. The recounts have to be done before the electors meet in two weeks.

Comment Re:Billing address? (Score 1) 87

Maybe getting the card numbers (card, code, expiry) is just phase I of weakness with limited applicability for in-person transactions. Nobody asks my address at the electronics shop when I have a $800 TV in my cart.

And perhaps they have other databases that allow them to correlate incomplete card numbers with names and addresses to create useful online transactions where they info can be asked.

IMHO, the only useful solution to this is two factor RSA-style authentication. Go ahead and know all the card info, but unless you can guess the random digits it would be worthless. Pity that fraud doesn't cost VISA and merchants can build most of their costs into product pricing.

Comment Re:No safe-guards? (Score 1) 87

Why not just build 2 factor authentication into the card itself? They could offer a card with an in-built RSA token or a way to use a smartphone app for cards without token hardware.

Something tells me this is something we should have, but given the sparring and profiteering over getting chip enabled terminals in the US (I'm STILL swiping at many terminals). I suspect that it's not the two factor part that keeps it from happening but the terminals and merchant software costs combined with a bunch of middlemen who figure that fraud deterrence for merchants and consumers isn't their problem since they make merchants eat it, who then make consumers eat it in higher prices.

And then there's the spreadsheet guys, who predict transaction fee revenue drops from failed transactions and doom-and-gloom of lost sales pitched to merchants.

Comment Re:3D editing is hard (Score 1) 206

I think 3D modeling software is a big reason 3D printing hasn't been the home revolution.

I've been using computer based 2D drawing software since MacDraw in the 1980s and have used it for drafting home improvement projects, woodworking projects and floor plans. I've downloaded Sketch-Up a few times and always found myself baffled quite quickly, even tinkering with generic rectilinear shapes.

And even drawing some boxes or other regular geometric shapes doesn't get you very fair in a world of tapered curves, irregular shapes, etc, let alone the same needing accurate scale and tolerances down to the millimeter.

And it's not that it's impossible, either, but it's got a wicked learning curve over 2D just doing the drawings let alone the phase where you have to consider how you design will actually be output by the thing making it.

Strangely it's almost the blade-and-razor model in reverse. In theory, they should give you the razor handle (the easy to learn 3D design software) for free so that you'll buy the 3D printer and supplies, but I suspect that in terms of cost, the easy to use 3D modeling software is the actual expensive part and the 3D printer should be the cheap part. It's kind of like 2D design software -- an annual contract for Adobe Creative Cloud is almost more expensive than a decent color laser printer.

Comment Re:Step 1: take famous API name, like NPAPI (Score 1) 28

Or create an app with the same name of an obscure library file, get the repository to remove the library file, piss off the author of the library file, and break the Internet at the same time.


Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 90

How's your Spanish and Mandarin?

I used to speak Restaurant Spanish when I worked at The Old Spaghetti Factory as a spaghetti cook and backup cook for three years. As for Mandarin, I like steamed rice and double orange chicken at Panda Express.

Remember, it is better to sit quietly in the corner having everybody think you're a moron than to open your mouth and remove any lingering doubt.

Unfortunately, I look like a moron and there is no lingering doubt about that. I've learned over the years to play into that perception by letting people think I'm a moron and let them set their expectations for me at an incredibly low level. Whenever I excel at something that should be impossible, they are shocked and awe at my abilities.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 2) 90

If you can't determine the meaning of words or phrases within the framework of the context in which they're used you're the one with issues and nobody gives a shit about your arbitrary mere opinion, get it?

I read and understood what the OP wrote just fine — after I read it two or three times. For someone proclaiming to have a university education, I find it disturbing that person would write like a Millennial speaking out of his ass.

Comment Re:Thanks, Donald! (Score 2) 90

Believe it or not, they're now grooming Chelsea to be the next political Clinton operative.

If she's follows her mother's footsteps by running for Senate, serving time as a Senator (her mother served for eight years), and then running for president, I don't have problem with that. I just don't see her running for president in 2020 or 2024 with the Clinton baggage train following her. Undoubtedly, one of the Bush kids will have to run against her.

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