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Comment Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure (Score 1) 42

My favorite Silicon Valley startup book is, "Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure" by Jerry Kaplan, about the first pen-based handheld computer in the late 1980's that got screwed over by Microsoft ("Why aren't you using Windows?!"), Intel ("Why aren't you using the 386 processor?!"), Apple ("We invented that with the Apple Newton!"), and IBM ("We don't know what we're doing but sign these forms anyway!").

Comment Re:Nothing, nothing happens (Score 1) 183

It isn't that hard, it should take less than a minute.

True. But if you fix it for one person, everyone else you know wants you to fix it them as well. I've gone through that fixing PCs in the 1990's. When I announced that my going rate was $300 per hour, no one wanted to pay me and stopped bugging me about their PCs.

Comment Re: theodp (Score 1) 179

You know, if you actually tried being good at your job and working hard, you might be able to make more than $25/hr at a real job [...]

With 10 paid federal holidays, 20 PTO (Paid Time Off) days, and an extra month of pay as a Christmas bonus last year, I'm making $30 per hour.

[...] and not have to find ways of scamming $50 a month in advertising revenues.

Asshats like yourself have been driving people to my personal blog (click the Homepage link above my comment), where they can visit my author website, author profiles at Amazon and Smashwords, and social media channels like YouTube and Twitter. For the extra ad revenues and ebook purchases for this month, I thank you. Keep up the good work!

Comment Re: LinkedIn, what about career changers? (Score 1) 179

Well, at least we won't have put up with you much longer.

I'm planning to live until I'm 120-years-old. Since I don't smoke, drink and keep my pants zipped, I'll probably outlive you.

At three hundred and fifty pounds... you're not going to make it through your sixties.

That's what they said when I was 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-years-old.

Rage harder, keyboard warrior, that deflated prune you call a heart can't burst soon enough.

I haven't had high blood pressure in 30+ years and my heart beat on the treadmill is 132 BPM.

Comment Re: theodp (Score 1) 179

Wow. $50/month is all the incentive you need to troll Slashdot?

I'm actually tracking $75+ for this month and $100+ per month looks quite doable. For planning purposes, $50 per month is a conservative number. That amount will also offset the cost of my monthly subscription to The Wall Street Journal. ;)

No wonder you are such a fat slob. Try standing once an hour instead instead of rolling those ham hocks to the candy drawer.

Just kidding, we know you eat it by the bag before it gets to the drawer.

My work office doesn't have drawers and the overhead has a bag of sunflower seeds. I don't allow food in my home office.

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