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Comment It's great to get a lecture from someone dead wron (Score 1) 189

Passwords should be long to be secure, and they should *allow* for upper and lower case, symbols, and numbers.

The key is length. A "complex" short password is easy to own and hard to remember. A "simple" long password is easy to remember and nearly impossible to own.

The only drawback is entry with limited input systems.

Comment Re:Comment (Score 1) 317

" Again, are you going to force them to hire actors that they don't want to hire?"

When I can prove they don't want to hire because of age, especially when a role and script generally call for such a character? GOD FUCKING DAMN RIGHT I WOULD.

Did you forget what a fucking bona-fide occupational qualifier is, sir?

Comment Where no cable has gone before (Score 1) 156

McCoy: Good God, man!

Kirk: I don't care how you do it, Bones, just fix the damned video.

McCoy: I'm a doctor, not a damned cable monkey!

Spock: Fascinating. This router has no jacks.

Chekov: It's a couragous router. Inwented in Russia.

Uhura: This is not a federation signal. I can't make anything out of it, sir.

Sulu: Faraday shields up. It's good to be Takei, bitches.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 463

"Why do people with genes from West Africa (but who live all over the world in different cultures) make up the top 95% of the top sprint times? It isn't because they grew up sprinting."

I love your anthropological fail. They most certainly did grow up sprinting, as nomadic hunter tribes.

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