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Comment Re:Most Important Websites... (Score 5, Informative) 123

Did you ever Altavista search "linux games"? If you were looking for Linux games you would have found this site, along with Happy Penguin (I think they started as separate sites - could be wrong on that), and Tux Games. Eventually Loki Games got things really rolling, and now we have Steam.

Freshmeat would be the obvious other place to search for Linux games. The TuCows Linux site wasn't very reliable.

Comment Re:New to computers (Score 1) 718

I've been MS free for over a decade and my parents and brothers for about 3 years. Debian and then Ubuntu.

Had this page included some illustrative video about what comes preinstalled with each system in a little walkthrough this A or B page may have been more fair. They could also include a primer to cloud services. I think grannies might consider Ubuntu if they saw how well it suits their needs.

I think the "new user" point makes sense coming from Dell. They sell software and would like to offer consumers the gratification of buying something that will work on their new computer. I think this works both ways. The consumer wants to buy Office, an awesome CPU-munching anti-spyware app (who doesn't), and a handful of games.

Dell customers who take Ubuntu home will be left holding their discs in their hands. I remember (and worked) at CompUSA when it was possible to buy CorelOffice and Loki games off the shelf. Those days have passed and with todays generation of console, Flash, mobile, and HTML based games ... and OpenOffice, who needs them. People would happily keep their $100-$500 Office dollars if they knew about Google Apps.

I still have the worst luck picking mid-consumer grade printers off the shelf that work under Linux without hitting the net first. I thought all Brothers were safe and I bought my mom the one that wasn't - now it is a coaster.

I think any programmer - not just "open source" programmers would benefit from the Ubuntu choice. Did they really have to spotlight the Games menu?

Social Networks

Submission + - Meetup ignores customers, continues with changes

An anonymous reader writes: Social group platform provider recently offered organizers (paying customers) the option to test a new layout voluntarily on their Meetup site. The overall opinion of the new layout has been negative, to say the least. Yesterday,'s CTO Greg Whalin made the announcement on the company's blog that the new layout will become mandatory for all groups on March 10th (2-day notice). This has led to a series of nasty forum posts, many indicating much disappointment with The announcement has prompted some groups to leave for other social group platform providers such as Yahoo or Facebook. An advocate for Meetup Organizers has stepped forward and started a new Meetup group called "Members Against the New Layout Transition on March 10th" which opposes's decision and requests the postponement of the March 10th change.

Submission + - Bill Gates backing a Perpetual Motion Machine? ( 1

Pedrito writes: CNN has an article about Bill Gates backing startup Terrapower. Whatever you may think of him, Bill Gates is a pretty smart guy, but from reading the promotional material and specifically, this line, "Unlike light water reactors, the TWR can theoretically run forever without ever needing any additional enriched uranium..." One has to wonder, is Bill Gates putting his money into a nuclear perpetual motion machine?

This Is Your Brain On Magnets — Or Maybe Not 59

conspirator23 writes "Jon Hamilton of National Public Radio brings us a story about 'voodoo correlations' in fMRI studies that seek to learn more about emotional states, personality, and social cognition in the human brain. Many of us outside the scientific community have been treated to fascinating images of brain activity and corresponding explanations about how the images reveal which portions of the brain are engaged in certain kinds of thinking. But these images are not actual snapshots; they are visualizations of data generated by repeated scans during experiments. Flaws in the statistical methods used by researchers can result in false images with a variety of inaccuracies. Yet the images produced are so vivid and engaging that even other neuroscientists can be misled by them."

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