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Submission + - SPAM: Mobile Programmers

An anonymous reader writes: Along with the launch of the smart device iPad , a variety of mobile applications were also on its way to the market. At the current age of developed technology
  and innovation more and more new applications are into the stream to join the bandwagon of making its luck in the ecommerce of programming, designing and emarket. With the increasing demand
of mobile apps, the demand for mobile app designers has also gone up. These designers help in designing and programming of the applications in a way suitable to the users.

Mobile phones are being used expansively by people from every walk of life. As a result, countless developers and mobile programmers have become popular in the mobile industry. They keep on the
  mobile applications development catering to the various needs and demands of the consumers. The innovative and developed mobile applications for Android, IPhone and iPad
  help in the enhancement of the functionality of these devices.

Mobile app programming has authorized the users to augment the performance of their devices in order to accommodate to their business as well as personal needs and requirements.
  The developed and improved performance as well as added functionality of these Smartphones has augmented the competence, competitive advantage and output of a large number of businesses.

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Submission + - Software patents: Broken system or needed for innovation? (

eburnette writes: "This week I'm debating legal expert Steven Shaw on the pros and cons of software patents. Steven argues if we didn't have patents "there would be a radical contraction in software development". I'm arguing that the patent system is a minefield for developers that is "broken, unfair, and ultimately self-defeating". I know many Slashdot readers have strong opinions on software patents so I'd like to invite them to come vote and help me pound Steven's arguments into the, er, I mean, engage in an intellectually stimulating and thoughtful discussion."

Submission + - Summoning The IT Bogeyman For Fun And Profit (

snydeq writes: "Deep End's Paul Venezia discusses an erratic constant of the IT workplace: the IT bogeyman, who can turn on you at anytime. 'It could be something as simple as a desktop or server that suddenly refuses to power on or to boot properly, yet when inspected, it performs perfectly. Then it fails again for no apparent reason days or weeks later. Usually the only way to break this cycle and banish the ghost in the system forever is to dump the hardware in question,' Venezia writes. 'But in IT, the bogeyman has an equally devious doppelganger: a manufactured, synthetic twin brought into existence when a problem is suddenly "fixed" with an imaginary solution. This mirror of the real bogeyman is immensely useful to vendor support services, which may summon him at the slightest provocation.'"

Submission + - World's fastest switch isn't really a switch (

snowdon writes: The race for low-latency in finance and HPC has taken a major turn. A bunch of engineers from Australia have "thrown away the air conditioning" in a traditional switch, to get a 10G fibre-to-fibre latency of less than 130ns! Way faster than more traditional offerings. This lady would tell you that it's equivalent to just 26m of optic fibre. Does that mean we just lose money faster?

Submission + - Oops! Chinese Censors accidentally block Shanghai Index (

Vulcan195 writes: "Now this is amusing in so many ways ...
Today (June 4 1989 ... i.e. 6/4/89) is the 23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Naturally, the Chinese Censors were working overtime to block anything that made remote or oblique references to that event.

Well, sometime during the day the Shanghai Composite Index dropped by 64.89 points ... triggering the wrath of the censors!

You can guess what happened next ... Searches for “Shanghai Composite” were blocked!"


Submission + - Researchers Find Methods for Bypassing Google's Bouncer Android Security (

Trailrunner7 writes: Google's Android platform has become the most popular mobile operating system both among consumers and malware writers, and the company earlier this year introduced the Bouncer system to look for malicious apps in the Google Play market. Bouncer, which checks for malicious apps and known malware, is a good first step, but as new work from researchers Jon Oberheide and Charlie Miller shows, it can be bypassed quite easily and in ways that will be difficult for Google to address in the long term.

Oberheide and Miller, both well-known for their work on mobile security, went into their research without much detailed knowledge of how the Bouncer system works. Google has said little publicly about its capabilities, preferring not to give attackers any insights into the system's inner workings. So Oberheide and Miller looked at it as a challenge, an exercise to see how much they could deduce about Bouncer from the outside, and, as it turns out, the inside.

Oberheide and Miller set up some fake Google accounts and began submitting apps to Google Play, the new name for what was originally called the Android Market. They wanted to get a sense of the kind of environment that Google uses to analyze apps, see what weak spots the system may have and then look for methods to use them to bypass Bouncer entirely. One of the apps that they submitted contained some functionality that called out to a server that the researchers controlled once it was in the Bouncer environment. The app gave them a remote shell on the system and the ability to issue commands and see what was happening as Bouncer was analyzing the app.

Comment They should mount a camera on the front too (Score 2) 652

As looking at the source of the statistics just as many kids are harmed and killed by frontovers as well as backovers.

Also, they should install a camera inside the car so parents don't forget to leave their kids in the car as 16% of kids are killed from Heat Stroke and over 50% are harmed from being left in the vehicle.

Comment Useful (Score 2) 301

If your email server does not have rDNS records then it's very likely half your mail is not getting delivered., gmail, hotmail, etc all require rDNS.

Blocking on invalid rDNS, invalid or missing A records and not following proper smtp protocol is helpful on a email gateway. However, if you are a relay for clients you'll have problems.

Comment Re:That's my big issue with them (Score 1) 1799

1) What are your problems?

- AT&T wants to buy T-Mobile
  - Day traders sucking money out by rapid nanosecond transactions and then blowing it on coke and hookers
  - The supreme court decision about corporations are people
  - Unlimited contributions to campaigns by PACs.
  - Monsanto
  - Having an economy based on consumerism

2) What shall we do about them?

- Not allow AT&T to buy T-Mobile
  - Regulate day traders better. The fact you have a server located closer to the stock exchange should not be an advantage
  - Corporations are not people
  - Limit campaign contributions by PACs
  - Ban the use of genetically modified seeds. Buy local. Grow your own and share.
  - Support your local economy. Read more books. Watch less TV.

Comment Re:Get some integrity, guys! (Score 2) 235

I think what he meant was if NH has less people then why can't CA balance the budget.

But a quick look on wikipedia shows NH gets most of it's income from property taxes. CA has always had trouble with that income stream due to prop 13. The burst of the housing bubble made it worse. With folks not spending all that much sales tax revenue has declined.

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