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Submission + - xkcd Creator Randall Munroe Nominated for Hugo (

ewhac writes: "Easter Sunday saw the release of the nominations for the 2011 Hugo Awards. Among the many distinguished names was Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd, nominated for the 2011 award for Best Fan Artist. The 2011 Hugos will be presented at WorldCon 2011 in Reno in August this year. (Be sure to fill out and return your ballot!)"

Submission + - Amatuers spy on US spy plane (

arshadk writes: "The X-37B has generated intense interest, long before it ever left the ground. Boeing originally developed the 29-foot unmanned craft — a kind of miniature Space Shuttle — for NASA. Then, the military took over in 2004, and the space plane went black. Its payloads were classified, its missions hush-hush."
"You can even see the space plane for yourself: The X-37B is traveling in a slightly elliptical orbit more than 200 miles up, swooping from 43 degrees north latitude to 43 degrees south."


Submission + - Tiny Core Fraud on Source Forge - A Slippery Slope ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Tiny Core page on source forge was not added by anyone from the Tiny Core project itself — but simply by someone trying to solicit donations from themselves with someone else's work! And Source Forge refuses to take the page down.

Submission + - WikiLeaks cash-for-votes exposé rocks Indian ( 1

mage7 writes: While the world's attention seems to be focused on the events unfolding in Japan and the Middle-east, Indian headlines are being dominated by the latest WikiLeaks' revelations.
The newly leaked cable (dated 17 July 2008) suggests that India's ruling Congress party bribed MPs, in order to secure their votes for a controversial nuclear deal between India and the US. Among other details, It describes how a senior Congress aide showed a US embassy official "chests of cash" allegedly containing about $25 million to pay off MPs ahead of the vote. Another Congress insider told a US official about how the Minister of Commerce and Industry formerly "could only offer small planes as he can pay for votes with jets."


Submission + - Wikileaks sparked Arab revolution, says MI6 (

EnergyScholar writes: "Former British intelligence chief Sir Richard Dearlove credits Wikileaks with helping spark revolution in Middle East, in an off the record speech someone serreptitiously videotaped. In previous stories about the Middle East revolution there were several conversation threads in which people asked whether there was evidence that Wikileaks had helped spark the Middle East revolutions. This is my first story posted to Slashdot, but it's safe to say it won't be my last on this topic. Interested readers should follow the phrase "disruptive compliance" for information about the origins of Wikileaks. "What sort of Hacktivist applications shall we write?" Indeed!"

Submission + - Egypt's Mordor becomes a torrent of leaks

Weezul writes: In what Egyptian ex-pats are calling the Egyptian Bastille Day, protesters stormed the Egyptian state security services on Saturday 5 March, freeing victims of torture there, detaining security personnel, and have started publishing secret documents on facebook and twitter.
An Egyptian Twitter poster wrote "I almost can't believe I'm witnessing this. We're inside the fortress of terror, our very own Mordor..."

Among the more amusing discoveries has been a room full of sex tapes, including Arab royals like Kuwait's Princess.

Submission + - Virgin Media UK Begins Throttling P2P Traffic (

Anonymous Coward writes: "UK Internet Service Provider (ISP) Virgin Media has announced that it will begin throttling both P2P and Newsgroup traffic at "Peak" times it has emerged.

The ISP which advertises itself as "The fastest in the UK" and offers speeds of up to 100mb has said it needs to throttle file sharing traffic to prevent slowness in other areas such as online multiplayer gaming.

Trialing of the new traffic managment plans commenced on March 2 and will only apply to Upstream traffic, therefore download speeds will be unaffected. The clamp down will apply on top of the existing traffic shaping Virgin Media has in place and will affect all packages, including the previously unmanaged 100mb deal.

A message on the Virgin Media site read

"After the successful out of hours trial of our combined upstream and downstream file sharing traffic management policy we will be trialling this new policy between 17:00 and 00:00 for one week starting on Wednesday 2nd of March.

Between these times P2P and Newsgroup upstream traffic will be managed in a similar way to our current downstream traffic management. If the trial is successful we'll launch the new policy immediately.

We're interested if you could tell us how this affects your gaming experience over the next few days and if you see any general improvement in latency and ping at peak times."

The move comes as a surprise to many as Virgin already manage traffic between 4pm and 8pm. Virgin Medias website details their file sharing traffic management policy and says;

"We moderate the total volume of file sharing traffic on our network between 5pm and midnight on weekdays and midday and midnight on weekends. This policy, which applies to all broadband packages, is restricted to Peer to Peer ("P2P") applications and Newsgroups (which are commonly used to distribute large amounts of data). This policy does not impact any applications other than Peer to Peer and Newsgroups, so things like watching iPlayer, online gaming, making calls via Skype, downloading music tracks from iTunes or streaming them from Spotify and sending an email or normal browsing are unaffected."

So there you have it, Virgin Media ARE the UK's fasstest Broadband Provider, but only because they decided what you can do and when you can do it.

Source: UniteTheCows"


Submission + - Researcher create computer that fits on pen tip (

CWmike writes: Researchers at the University of Michigan announced Wednesday that they have created the first prototype for a millimeter-scale computing system that can hold up to a week's worth of data when implanted in something as small as a human eye. The computer, called the Phoenix chip, is just over one cubic millimeter in size and was designed to monitor eye pressure in glaucoma patients. 'This is the first true millimeter-scale complete computing system,' said Dennis Sylvester, a professor at the school and one of the researchers on the project. Within the computer is an ultra low-power microprocessor, a pressure sensor, memory, a thin-film battery, a solar cell and a wireless radio with an antenna that can transmit data to an external reader device held near the eye.

Submission + - Windows drops below 90% market share (

jbrodkin writes: Windows' market share has dropped below 90%, with all versions of the operating system now being used on 89.7% of PCs and other devices including smartphones and tablets. Some observers have pointed out that Windows actually dropped below 90% long ago according to some stat tracking organizations. But the latest 90% barrier crossing, reported by Net Applications, is still a significant one as it demonstrates Microsoft's failure to counteract Apple and Android in the world of mobile devices. When excluding smartphones and tablets, and counting only PCs, several counting organizations still put Windows at more than 90% share.

Submission + - Students uncover Facebook data leak vulnerability (

An anonymous reader writes: Two students, Rui Wang and Zhou Li, found a vulnerability which allowed malicious websites to access a Facebook user's private data without permission.

According to Rui and Zhou, who made a video of their exploit in action, it was possible for any website to impersonate other sites which had been authorised to access users' data such as name, gender and date of birth.

Most worryingly, they could also post messages to users' Facebook profiles, seemingly coming from authorised connected websites.

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