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Comment Re:Death of symbian? (Score 1) 81

I can't talk about developing applications, my opinion is from a user's perspective. Never had any issues with UI or lag on my 5130v2 which, after 5 years, died by being crushed under my car's wheels. And the 105 that i got for $20 does its job as expected

Comment Death of symbian? (Score 1) 81

It'll be sad to see the demise of nokia's symbian-based phones. For those of us who're still not using a smartphone, the symbian no-frills mobiles have the best UI and quality than anything else on the market..

Comment Audience? (Score 1) 2219

Fuck off we're not your "audience", the users contribute to this site a thousand times more meaningful and interesting stuff than the hidden ads and the rest of the shit you're posting from time to time. And when everyone and their dog says this new beta site sucks, it's time to back off and apologize, not post some shitty "we hear you" message. Really change that arrogant attitude

Comment Re:Classic Slashdot (Score 1) 131

I bet they've hired permanently some web designer and in order to justify his salary, they force down our throats a yearly redesign. I needed lots of time to adapt to the current one, but this new beta is the most shitty, generic, uninteresting layout I've seen in a long while on the web, and that includes generic, template based corporate sites. I don't know though if it's the layout or the continuous shitty stories and misleading summaries-titles that make it to the front page, that'll make me eventually abandon ./. Slashdot has become the synonymous for yellow journalism in the tech field. Send your emails to and let your voice be heard, they won't bother reading this comment section (i doubt they'll bother read the emails too..)

Comment Re:Name? (Score 1) 388

This. As for misdirected email, i had a similar problem a couple of years back when someone decided to use my email (no real name) for his facebook account. As it seems email confirmation is optional and the guy made a full profile, added friends etc xD

Comment Can't wait (Score 1) 156

I really hope this doesn't turn out to be what the 3D trend has become for movies. Contrary to other past attempts for VR headsets, now there's both the hardware and the knowledge available to build something revolutionary that actually *works*. Plus JC is on-board so expectations are very high.

Comment Re:It will work out fine (Score 1) 292

This. Plus the device is an atrocity. Did the author of the article think he'd wear such a stupid looking thing and pass unnoticed? Now if (or when) they manage to implement this technology on normal eye glasses, it will be a different story overall

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