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Submission + - "Outsourcing: Job Killer or Innovation Boost?&

dingDaShan writes: Business Week has an article about the findings of two Duke University Studies.
"Among the key findings is that while labor cost remains the main driver for hiring engineers in India, China, and Eastern Europe, the scramble to find tech talent is catching up fast. While less than 40% of companies cited "access to qualified personnel" as a key driver in 2004, that number now is close to 70%."
Additionally, the studies suggest that there is a shortage of science and engineering degrees in the US:
"The issue no longer is cost but availability of talent. The data is very clear on this," Lewin says. "A significant talent gap has risen between 1995 and 2006, and that's a problem for companies that depend on engineering talent."

Submission + - Writely and Google Spreadsheets Merged

dingDaShan writes: Writely, the WSIWYG Editor that Google acquired has now finally been integrated into Google's system and is available with Google Spreadsheets: The Google Docs and Spreadsheets What's New Page details this further. At a glance, there is a collaboration feature, an online repository of documents, and a way to use Google search to find documents.

Submission + - Google's View on Copyright vs. Baidu's View

dingDaShan writes: Slashdot has posted several stories about the potential evildoings of Google, but this statement, from the Official Google Blog, gives a different side of the issue. Google does respect copyright, as opposed to the Chinese search engine Baidu, which blatantly ignores copyright restrictions.[Baidu mp3 section] The mp3 section of the Baidu page allows one to easily download copyrighted material. Furthermore, one can not help but notice the similarities between the interface designs of Baidu and Google. Many Slashdotters are opposed to DRM, but what is the alternative?

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