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Comment Re: What kind of stupid ass reporting is this?! (Score 2) 176

I think what the poster was suggesting is that including 3rd party app crashes in this statistic in the same way as battery failure may be a bit misleading given the overall theme... For instance did they add weight to the fact that iOS has more apps for which to crash and that people use their iOS devices more than people use Android? This could be important so maybe a weighted per app MTBF would be a better approach. Or anything else as arbitrary as the original study. Now that I think about it, perhaps replacement should count as failure...

Comment Re: Perl (Score 1) 414

i suppose users of a language that forces its users into a "one way or the hughway" mentality might be a little intimidated by flexability and power. I bet those users might even think that the language they use has the absolute correct way to express everything and all other languages do not. And version 3 will even be more righter!

Comment Re: Tax Inversion (Score 3, Interesting) 456

Stocks wont work very well if you start getting punative on the holder. Besides driving people away from investing in the market, it would become a weapon to drive undesired investors from a company. Just imagine next year when your 401k causes you to go bankrupt just trying to pay the estimated taxes on one of your holdings that you probably didnt even know you had. Or did you mean to narrow the definition to mean "other people than yourself"?

Comment Re:You think Hillary is tech-smart? (Score 1) 452

Her email fiasco already tells us that Hillary Clinton is merely a user of technology, not a developer

And you expect her to know the difference between 'Encryption' and 'Backdoor'??

Controlling access then mass deleting email is out of the Clinton's Whitehouse playbook. Making everyone think she doesn't know what she is doing is the strategy for getting away with it. I don't personally believe she can program anything, but I would not use any of this as evidence that she doesn't know how. Also "Backdoor".

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