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Comment Re:Good thing you have a choice (Score 4, Insightful) 537

In the old days you you stepped out of the bar to make a call - the landline phones were typically in the corridor leading to the washrooms, because the bar was too noisy for voice calls, or you might have had to look for a public phone box in the street. And guess what! Stepping outside the bar (and the Faraday cage) would still work!

Comment Re:Dork Article (Score 0) 369

The trouble is, Cortana is consistently effective at doing whatever search you don't want. If I want to do a general web search, it doesn't show me web results, it just shows me apps that are vaguely similar (whether I have them installed or not). But if I want to run a program I already have installed, instead it will take me to the web page to install that app. You think Cortana is a waste of space and time for file and folder search? Then you can bet your sweet bippy that's all Cortana will do for you.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 2) 622

Here in the UK, all respectable dealerships check vehicles over thoroughly and offer a warranty (if they do end up with a clunker on their hands, they send it off to auction rather than risk getting a bad name). Buying new is largely a status (or company fleet) thing; nearly-new second hand is the smart move.

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense.. (Score 1) 201

Here's the thing: There's a supply and demand problem with nutjob violent white supremacists. They're always brought up in debates like this but the supply of them is just not big enough to satisfy it. Your response is typical of course, as is being in denial about the problem in general.

Well, let's see. Here in the UK there have been two terrorist killings in the last 10 years. One was an Islamist killing and one was a white supremacist killing. In the USA there's been the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting, the Charleston church shooting, and if you count antisemitism with white supremacism you also have the US Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting and the Overland Park Jewish Community Centre shooting.

Yep, there's a supply and demand problem sure enough -- there's a massive oversupply.

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense.. (Score 2) 201

If we're going to abuse statistics, it's worth pointing out that if only 1% of Muslims support Jihadists, that's still a good 10 million people.

And if just 1% of white people are nutjob violent white supremacists, that's 10 million of them. Are those of us in the USA and Europe as suspicious of white people as we are of Muslims?

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense.. (Score 3, Insightful) 201

I'm more interested in how people who call themselves Muslim actually live their lives than whether that conforms to someone else's understanding of what true Islam is. And none of the Muslims I know seem remotely interested in killing me - some of them have had plenty of opportunity, but clearly can't be bothered. Maybe I've been lucky in the Muslims I've met, but there does seem to be quite a divergence between (your) theory and practice.

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