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Comment Porn habits, really? (Score 3, Insightful) 415

Ensuring that I'm not posting as AC to help drive this in...

Just because sex and nudity is considered taboo and only for deviants by all of the repressed Mericans, doesn't mean that everyone will be embarrassed by making it visible. Some of the other stuff may help discredit, but not the porn.


Submission + - Debate On China Hack Attacks: Play Offense Or Defense? (

kierny writes: How should U.S. businesses respond to allegations that the Chinese government has been waging cyber espionage using advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks since at least 2006? Shawn Henry (who was America's top cyber cop at the FBI) and John Pescatore (who was America's top cyber security analyst at Gartner) debate the question of whether businesses should focus on information-sharing, identifying their adversaries and providing this information to law enforcement agencies; or whether the attacks should instead drive businesses to not waste time trying to ID their attackers (leave that to the government), but instead focus on better defending against all attacks by shoring up their defenses.

Submission + - This is a one piece 3D printed crossbow (

An anonymous reader writes: Lots of interesting things are being made (or printed) using 3D printers. Take this crossbow for example, printed entirely in one piece, including the trigger and catch. The only part that was not printed was the string.

Submission + - Backdoor Found in HP LaserJet Pro Series Printers (

hypnosec writes: US-CERT has warned users about a backdoor present in HP LaserJet printers that would allow remote attackers to gain unauthorized access to data. A total of 10 models of HP’s LaserJet Pro series of printers are affected by this vulnerability. The printers can be accessed through a telnet session without requiring a password thereby giving remote attackers access to unencrypted data. According to the advisory, users who own the affected printers should update the printer’s firmware to patch the vulnerability.

Comment Nope, just following normal procedures. (Score 1) 232

"Several people I know in the mid-Atlantic region have been ordering generators and stocking up on flashlight batteries and easy-to-prepare foods."
Emergency supplies are always on site, including satellite phones (for some reason the idiots in charge think they'll work in a hurricane) and generators undergo monthly testing.

"Are you in the projected path of the storm?"

"If so, have you taken any steps to prepare for it? (Are you doing off-site backup? Taking yourself off-site?)"
Automatic nightly incremental backups to a server that is automatically backed up to SAN, which has an off site mirror. Combine that with good vendor response times, and you're set.


Submission + - The depraved, insane games lurking in the underworld of Steam Greenlight (

An anonymous reader writes: Steam Greenlight's been up and running for a few months, and there are now hundreds of pitches for games on the community site for fans to vote on. Some of them are impressive, high concept 3D games, and as this article points out, some of them are most definitely not. You can find everything from jousting dishwashers to civil war simulators where you play a fish trying to topple Gaddafi — and if enough people vote for them, Steam will actually put them up for sale.

Submission + - Irony Alert: Nigeria Increasingly Targeted by Cyber Criminals (

Curseyoukhan writes: "Symantec says the land of countless bankers, princes and businessmen who all need your help accessing their funds, is becoming a huge target for cyber criminals. Apparently the Nigerians can't learn from their own actions: “The problem is that Nigeria does not really appreciate the magnitude of cybercrime and how it can derail an economy," says the Symantec's regional chief for Africa."

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