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Removing CO2 From the Air Efficiently 487

Canadian scientists have created a device that efficiently removes CO2 from the atmosphere. "The proposed air capture system differs from existing carbon capture and storage technology ... while CCS involves installing equipment at, say, a coal-fired power plant to capture CO2 produced during the coal-burning process, ... air capture machines will be able to literally remove the CO2 present in ambient air everywhere. [The team used] ... a custom-built tower to capture CO2 directly from the air while requiring less than 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity per tonne of carbon dioxide."

Submission + - Google Researching Alternative Energy, RE<C ( 1

dhardisty writes: "I know slashdot is overrun with Google news, but this is good news nonetheless. Google plans to get into the business of finding limitless sources of energy, announcing Tuesday that it 'intends to develop and help stimulate the creation of renewable energy technologies that are cheaper than coal-generated power... The initiative, which Google is calling REC, using mathematical symbols to denote "renewable energy cheaper than coal," will be based in Google's research and development group.'"

Comment Re:The cult of Global Warming (Score 1) 249

My point is this: Cutting our planes' emissions will do nothing but place further financial strains on us, leading to a relative inability to compete with other countries less concerned about the illusory monster of global warming.

Since you're keen on models, do you have a model showing it will be a long term economic disadvantage to cut emissions? The fact is, most changes geared toward reducing global warming involve either 1) increased efficiency or 2) use of alternative, less-polluting energy. Given that fossil fuels are a limited resource, this is something we'll have to do eventually anyway, and we may as well be ahead of the curve.

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