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Submission + - AMD Releases R600/700 3D Documentation (phoronix.com)

dfn_deux writes: "In a follow up to the 2D and 3D driver code AMD released in December of 2008, AMD has today released its R600 3D specifications to the general public.

The R600 3D register guide is 166 pages long and covers R600 shader instructions, R700 shader instructions, shader textures, and various other registers needed to program a 3D graphics driver. This register guide is targeted solely for driver developers and is not anything for end-users. If you are interested in the R600/700 3D register guide, it can be downloaded at X.Org. This register information was what AMD and Novell had used to write the initial 2D/3D open-source code, so this guide should be fairly complete and allow their new open-source stack to grow. Within a few months we should see a modest open-source R600/700 3D driver beginning to appear in the different desktop Linux distributions. Phoronix has been told by AMD that soon they will also be releasing a new programming guide."

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Submission + - Breathalyzer source code ruling upheld (bradenton.com)

dfn_deux writes: "In a follow up to a 2005 story where Florida judge, Doug Henderson, ruled that breathalyzer evidence in more than 100 drunk driving cases would be inadmissible as evidence at trial. The Second District Court of Appeal and Circuit Court has ruled on Tuesday to uphold the 2005 ruling requiring the manufacturer of the Intoxilyzer 5000, Kentucky-based CMI Inc, to release source code for their breathalyzer equipment to be examined by witnesses for the defense of those whom are standing trial with breathalyzer test result being used as evidence against them.

"The defendant's right to a fair trial outweighed the manufacturer's claim of a trade secret," Henderson said Tuesday.

In response to the ruling defense attorney, Mark Lipinski, who represents seven defendants challenging the source codes, said the state likely will be forced to reduce charges — or drop the cases entirely.

"What this really means is that outside corporations cannot sell equipment to the state of Florida and expect to hide the workings of their machine by saying they are trade secret. It means the state has to give full disclosure concerning important and critical aspects of the case."


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