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Comment re:Remember when people ran their own mail server? (Score 2) 383

It was 2001. I was working for an isp in the midwest, in the noc. Start seeing '/var/spool/mail ballooning out of control, filling up the f@#$ partition' errors coming from a mail server in Idaho. Login to machine to investigate, see that approximately 40 users of a common domain (hosted domain for email) had forwarded a 9MB .avi not only to everyone that shared their domain, but several other local users who also began spamming people with this thing. It was that damned video of the guy fishing for salmon that gets in a fistfight with a bear.

Comment Re:Not making money = wasting money (Score 1) 141

I do a lot of dinking off at work, mostly coding utilities we can use in-house. The boss department merely nods and congratulates on these things because of the man-hours I save by investing the companies time I save for taking a 30 minute task an trimming it down to 3 minutes. I do not get paid extra for this, but the time it saves allows us to to do our jobs in less time. I would encourage folks in the SMB market to let the smart guys (that have been there a while) take a few hours to automate some things that will save people time. If a long drawn out procedure can be automated and require less attention it is going to profit the company.

Comment If it looks like a duck (Score 2) 545

It's interesting that Microsoft has long been strong-arming hardware vendors into REQUIRING that they sell their machines with an OS(oh, any OS is fine *wink* *wink*). Now apparently they want to make sure you can't take Windows off of the device. This isn't so different from encrypted bootloaders on android devices.

Now that these mobile devices have advanced to being full blown computers in every sense of the word, they are still not referred to as such. They are not even referred to and single-purpose/special-purpose computers. They are referred to as consumer electronic devices or mobile phones. People are used to consumer electronics and mobile phones being proprietary devices, this is normal and accepted. There is still the pervasive idea that with desktop computer or a notebook computer that the machine is the PROPERTY of the OWNER of the machine. "This is my machine and you can't tell me what I can or can't put on it."

They idea of buying a laptop computer that you cannot, WILL NOT, run anything but the operating system shipped with it is just weird. If people aren't thinking of the device as a computer, but merely a telephone or a gadget, this idea doesn't seem weird at all.

Comment Re:Microsoft-Novell Exorcist Moment is Coming! (Score 0) 348

In the grand scheme of things Microsoft simply doesn't offer a product that truly competes with GNU/Linux. They bank on implementing proprietary methods and protocols to do things that people have already been doing. If it's put in a nice package and accompanied by some sort of guarantee that it will work (relying largely on clout) out of the box on a level where you don't need actual programmers or systems analysts to make it work, the execs will approve the purchase. Unfortunately what turns out to be a FUD over Functionality sales model ends up making sales.

The SCO vs. IBM debacle was merely an experiment (also in part funded by Microsoft) to see what one could get away with by exploiting a flawed patent system. Why should a company pay indemnity fees (extortion, protection money) to use technology that doesn't contain anything that actually belongs to Microsoft? This is IMPLIED risk if you don't pay up. The stigma and FUD benefits only the ones who continue to push it and in turn impedes technological development through fear and exploitation. In the end the lawyers win, the sharks win, and progress is stifled.

If you want to theorize on a tail wags the dog theory, just look at the multitude of work that is being contributed to the open source community by Google and Microsoft alike. Are they using Monsanto's 'Roundup Ready' business model to poison the genome of their rivals? I'm just going to shut up and put my tinfoil hat back on now.


Submission + - Road kill "toad jerky" is highly toxic ( 1

sciencehabit writes: In their relentless invasion of Australia, poisonous cane toads often hop along roads, where their flattened, desiccated husks are a familiar sight during the long dry season. Nobody gave much thought to the fate of the little mummies' toxic compounds—months baking in the sun should render them harmless, researchers assumed. Not so, according to a new study, which shows that, like murderous ghouls, road kill cane toads can haunt the wilderness long after death.

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