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Comment Re:Big deal : no spyware for me, thanks. (Score 2) 74

Last time I looked, they were the only ones making laptops without those goddawful shiny glossy screens (been using Thinkpads since IBM's T21).
First thing I do is format and install the OS of my choice anyway. Not that that excuses preloading crapware on their machines.
I do need a new laptop though -- would love some recommendations for Linux-friendly brands.

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 1) 160

If you don't follow the law you will get in trouble.

If you were to change the word driving to drilling or perhaps had pharmaceutical companies say "the FDA is subject to delays so we decided to sell out drug anyway" would Uber supporters say "thats ok - regulations are stupid!"

Unfortunately the answer is "probably"

Comment Re:You want a family friendly internet? (Score 1) 294

"free from pornography, gambling, extreme violence and other content inappropriate for children"

And I want a user friendly internet, free from governments, corporations, extreme advertising and other content inappropriate for ANYONE.

Cameron, please, for sanity's sake: Stop talking. Or, better, stop breathing.

Sure wish I had some mod points to give you today.

Comment Re:Yes. Next question? (Score 1) 127

Seriously, the rush to electronic voting after the 2000 Presidential election was just a bad idea all the way around -- and, frankly, most IT people with any experience were saying so. It is vastly, vastly harder to change physical media than to change electronics.

Which of course nicely, nicely explains the rush to electronic voting after the 2000 Presidential election.

Comment Re:The Nobel Prize Committee blew it (Score 1) 276

That award has pretty much 0 to do with real achievement. It is a political power play. Up until Obama got the peace prize I though otherwise. How can you get the prize for having not DONE anything... At least at this point they could point at something and give him one...

You're confusing the Nobel Peace prize, which is as you say political in nature (interesting you picked on the Obama prize, stupid as it was, but missed Henry Kissinger's peace prize, is certainly ridiculous) with the Nobel prizes for scientific merit.

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